Weapon seller in the world of magic

Chapter 154 - Mark Goes On A Shopping Spree

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"System, Open Character stats"

Name: Lu Zhen (Mark Spencer)

Rank: 5

Strength: 0.5

Intelligence: 5.2

Defense: 1.2

Agility: 1.6

Vitality: 2.1

Resistance: 1.1

Charisma: 9

Luck: 7

Bloodline: Blizzard Pegasus

Attribute: Lightning, Ice

Spirit path: Summoner

Ether quality: low

Ether energy: 2014

Special Skills: Ultimate Defense I, Ultimate Defense II, Thunderblast

Bloodline skills: Absolute freezing, Ice bolt

Assistants: 2 (Allen Spencer, Alina Spencer)

Lifespan limit: 175 (150 years left)

Available credits: 74,350

Net worth: 136,670 gold coins, 24 silver coins

Total Debt: 31586 gold coins, 1582 ether crystals (low)



Dismantling: Dismantle any object that belongs to the host and exchange it in equivalent credits.

Sage eyes: Allows the user to inspect any non-living thing or living thing and find their details.

Thunderblast: Summon a lightning bolt from the heavens to strike down the enemy with 150% attack power. Cost: 50% ether. CD: 60min.


Ultimate Defense I: By Default, the store is invincible under the heavens and cannot be damaged by anyone under the Demigod realm

Ultimate Defense II: Within the store, the host cannot be harmed by anyone under the demigod realm. The host cannot also be dragged outside against his will.


Absolute Freezing: Freeze your surroundings for 120 seconds. Range: 200m. Cost: 10000 EP. CD: 30min.

Ice bolt: Conjure any number of ice spears with your ether energy at any time to launch them at your enemies with 100% power. Anything that gets pierced will be frozen. Cost: 20% ether. CD: 0 sec. Note: User can launch only one spear. Range: 200m


Single-shot Pistol; Revolver; P365 (10 rounds); P226 (20 rounds); R.I.P. 9mm; Light tank – Sd.Kfz. (Panzer); Eight types of Grenade; Falling block rifle; Contender; M-99 Sniper Rifle; Rocket launcher- Pzf 3-IT600; Self-propelled Howitzer- Pzh 2000; Chimera-SMG.


9mm; R.I.P. 9mm; 7.9mm; 12 gauge; 0.50 BMG; 0.204 caliber; 40mm; 110mm HEAT warhead; 7.62mm; 155mm HEAT;


"74 thousand? That many credits? How did I miss this?" Mark gasped in shock when he saw the stats.

He started recollecting his recent memories. "Ah, that's right. I got 8k from a recent breakthrough, then, 5k from taming the legendary realm beast king, another 50k from acquiring a beast emperor from that egg, and 10k credits from this emergency…

Let's use them for something. Just a few hundred credits more and I can buy an advanced attribute. With 75K credits, I can buy Space Attribute. Who knows I can even receive a beast that lets me teleport to Imperial city directly.

Or maybe, in the future, once I acquire unique skill from the lottery wheel, I can probably travel to other realms."

At first, Mark was excited at that thought but then, he threw away such fantasy thoughts and returned to reality, "let's be practical. I should buy something that will help me get stronger, not add another power.

Should I buy a skill? Nah, I already have enough of them. 

Maybe, I should convert them into gold coins? 75k would give me around 375k gold coins. Adding with the remaining, my wealth would cross 500k but what is the use of having wealth more than necessary?

Then, should I just save it until I increase my ether points to 100K? Nah, I had only roughly 2000 now. It will take a long time unless I use high-quality crystals but they are too rare. It is too wasteful to use them, now. I'll have to wait until I upgrade my ether quality.

How about an accessory like the ring of luck? Something that boosts my stats? Hmm…" Mark fell into thoughts for a while.

In the end, he decided to spend them.

"System, open the store"

A holographic screen with five options appeared before him. Bloodline and unique weapons are still grayed out and are unavailable.

He stared at the remaining three, "Item" "Skill" "Attribute"

He clicked on the item section right away.

While scrolling down, he found something useful and bought them.

*Ding! You bought a basic strength pill. 500 credits have been deducted.

*Ding! You bought a basic strength pill. 500 credits have been deducted.




*Ding! You bought a basic strength pill. 500 credits have been deducted.

Mark spent 5000 credits to buy 10 basic strength pills. It was so that he can be qualified to handle the recoil force of the M134 minigun and Chimera SMG.

"Okay, next…"

He went to the accessories section.

Originally, when he bought the ring of luck for the first time, he was still a civilian and didn't know how amazing the effects of those accessories were. Mark thought they were just too expensive.

It was only after experiencing the percentage increase buff he realized that they were indeed worth the price.

"Let's see…" he started clicking on each item to check their effects.

"To increase magic power by a whole realm, I need at least 20% of boost in intelligence stat. 

The highest grade in the accessory section, platinum will give a 50% boost but it would cost me 100,000 credits. I might need 31k credits more to buy it. Even if I exchange all the gold coins, I can't buy them now.

I guess I'll have to adjust with the gold grade. 25% will improve my stats to 6.5. It won't affect my summons but I can make it useful by using M134 minigun and the attack helicopter."

Amulet of Magic

Grade: Gold

Description: An amulet that increases the magic power of the wearer.

Effects: 25%

Price: 15000 credits

After making a decision, he clicked on purchase.

*Ding! You purchased an Amulet of Magic (gold). 15000 credits have been deducted.

"54k left…"

He scrolled further and at the bottom of the list of accessories, there's another item that interested him.

Glove of Creation

Grade: Gold

Description: A hand glove that increases the success rate of weapon creation.

Effects: 25%

Note: The percentage refers to the original success rate of the creation.

Price: 15000 credits

"So, for ammo with a 60% success rate, I will get an additional 15%, huh. It's worth."

After reading the details, he purchased it right away without a second thought.

*Ding! You purchased the Glove of Creation (gold). 15000 credits have been deducted.

No other accessory interested him at the moment. After a quick thought, he went back to the pills section.

"I can't depend on just improving magic power. I need to worry about defense too. For how long I will have to hide in the battle tank, helicopter, or in the store? One day, I might have to depend on myself too."

Making a decision, he proceeded to buy defense stat pills. 5000 credits for 10 basic defense pills; and 32000 credits for 8 intermediate defense pills.

With that, his vast amount of credits depleted to a mere 2350. It's like he almost 350K gold coins just to improve the sturdiness of his body.

Now that he was done with his shopping spree, he sat on the ground and took out the basic strength pills from the inventory. Just like the intelligence pill, the strength pill is also pitch black in color and is a little bit squishy like fish oil capsules.

He swallowed one after another, ten times in a row, raising his strength to 1.5 points.

After that, he proceeded to swallow the defense pills. 10 basic defense pills improved his defense by 1 point. And 8 intermediate defense pills improved his defense by 2.4 points.

In the end, it reached 5 points.

Mark stood up on his feet and looked at his body. He expected something like abs but there are no visible changes. When asked about the system, the latter replied that it is his bones and the inner parts of the body that became stronger, not the exterior skin.

He couldn't understand why can't the system just give him a good physique but then again, he wasn't the type to go and work out, and even if he wants to, this world doesn't have gyms.

The old way of running around, swatting, crawling under the fences, pushups, sparring, things like that are too military-like in Mark's opinion. So, he just opts for the shortcut way. Using pills to increase his strength. Fortunately, the system-made items don't have any side effects or requirements. So, it was the most preferred way for Mark.

After he was done with the pills, he wore the pendant with a black gem around his neck.

He usually wears Daopao (Taoist robe). So, it is easier to hide the amulet from being discovered.

As for the black glove, it will attract attention if he wears it casually.. So, he kept it in the inventory and decided to use it only when he is working.

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