Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 110 - Reunion (Grand Finale)

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Chapter 110: Reunion (Grand Finale)

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“He’s my immediate superior.” Carlisle shook off Miles, snorted arrogantly, and exposed the truth mercilessly. “Among the SSS-level mercenaries… Those who know his identity are basically all dead.”

“You’re almost there.” Miles revealed a ‘kind smile’.

“If I had known that breaking off the engagement would turn into a terrorist incident, I would have definitely given up.” Tang Yu looked at their wounds, feeling sorry for them.

“You’re giving up on me for such a small matter?” Miles hugged her and coaxed softly. “I don’t agree, Xiao Yu.. For you, I would not hesitate even if I had to destroy the world. Come with me…”

Miles brought Tang Yu to another room. Here, she met someone familiar.


What surprised her even more was that her mother was also there!

“Xiao Yu!” Her father hugged her tightly. “You’ve suffered a lot all this time. Are you married and pregnant now?”

“Yes, I’m doing very well…” Tang Yu hugged her father and felt extremely emotional. What she had experienced was not important. The most important thing was that her family was together. Miles walked behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, making her feel extremely warm.

“Dad, Mom, have you reconciled?”

Tang Yu’s father lowered his head in shame. “Everything that happened back then was a misunderstanding. It was all thanks to Miles that we cleared up the confusion.”

Tang Yu looked at Miles, perplexed.

He smiled and said, “I investigated uncle’s background and found out that he was the medical supplier that had disappeared in San Francisco back then. In order to take Hawk’s supply away, the Hook Gang had deliberately arranged for a woman to be entangled with your father. This caused the divorce.”

“So…” Tang Yu was disappointed.

Father Tang nodded. “That woman was actually not pregnant with my child at all. She deliberately pretended to be pushed down by your mother and faked a miscarriage. Everything was a misunderstanding.”

Tang Yu lowered her head. She could not help but feel bitter in her heart. After so many years, she still remembered the anguish and pain in her heart at that time. She had seen her mother push that woman with her very own eyes. That woman had lost a lot of blood, and she had been the only witness. From that day on, she couldn’t sleep every night. She was worried and conflicted. In the end, she had testified in court against her mother

“Mom… I’m sorry…” Tang Yu finally spoke the words that had been buried deep in her heart for many years. Just like she had done as a child, she threw herself into her mother’s arms.

“As long as you’re healthy and happy every day, that’s good enough.” Her mother revealed a gratified smile.

“Yes, our family is together again.” Father Tang patted their shoulders. “You even found such a good husband. He’s young, promising, responsible, and loving. I believe he will be a good husband and a good father.”

“Wait a minute…” Tang Yu looked at her father in astonishment. “What kind of person do you think he is? Responsible? Loving?”

Miles smiled smugly at the side.

Father Tang said with certainty, “Isn’t that right? He is the president of the world’s Top 500 companies, owner of the Imperial Group, the president of the World Disabled Children’s Help Foundation, and even a key founder of the laboratory of global medicine…”

Tang Yu quickly interrupted him. She really couldn’t listen to this anymore. “I know, I know…” He really was awesome… He was even the head of the Hawk family.

Ten years later.

Tang Yu shouted angrily in the courtyard, “Who stuffed the rocket into the chimney?!”

In the manor, the sounds of children laughing could be heard.

The eldest, Fred, the second child, Torres, and the twin sisters, Jenny and Ginny.

And the one hiding behind the bushes…

“Bad dad!” Tang Yu grabbed Miles by the ear, pulling him out. Just as she had been about to lose her temper, a water gun attached to a robot’s arm sprayed a stream of water onto her face.

“Oh… Mom, I’m watering the flowers!” After saying that, Torres screamed and ran away.

“Miles! Throw all your robots away!” She roared into Miles’ ear.

“I only bought the parts. I didn’t build the robots, they built all of them!” Miles hugged his wife.

There was nothing that a hug couldn’t solve. If it didn’t work, then he would give her a kiss.

“Miles… Control yourself…”

“I can’t control myself. Who asked you to be so beautiful? What a beautiful wife I have here.”

Miles carried her as he walked toward the room.

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