Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Meet Davis

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If Davis was truly such a charmer, why hadn’t he just let Tang Yun marry him?

Tang Yun’s academics were only decent. After graduation, who else would want her in their company? She would likely only be able to help out with the family business.

Tang Yu, on the other hand, had always gotten straight A’s every year. Every semester, she would even receive scholarships and medals in every major competition. Companies would obviously be lining up for someone as outstanding as her after she graduated.

Tang Yu thought that although Tang Qi was her father’s biological brother, and he had taken care of the father daughter pair when they had first come to London, her father’s debts had long since been repaid after all these years.

If it hadn’t been for the sake of directing some business over to Tang Qi, would her father’s business only have remained this small?

Moreover, on one occasion, when her father had gotten into an accident, Tang Qi had taken control of the business temporarily. In that span of time, Tang Yu did not even see a single dollar going back to the pockets of her father.

He wanted to annex her father’s business, right?

This was the logical conclusion that Tang Yu had arrived at in her mind, but she didn’t want to make any further assumptions, and thus stopped there.

“Uncle, I understand.”

Seeing that Tang Yu had put on a guilty expression, Tang Qi nodded in satisfaction.

Tang Qi’s family bought a fresh new set of clothes and shoes for Tang Yu at the mall before taking her to meet Davis.

Tang Qi spent a lot of money in doing so, roughly amounting to 50,000 yuan.

Tang Yu naturally put it on with peace of mind and happiness. Tang Yun looked at Tang Yu from the side, cursing at her in her heart. Idiot! She was about to be sold, yet she was still so happy!

Tang Yu was indeed very happy as she had realized that she could make Tang Qi’s pockets bleed a little more.

“Uncle, aunt, when are we going to look at my wedding dress?”

Seeing that Tang Yu had been blinded by material greed and was now looking forward to getting married, Tang Qi completely let go of his suspicions.

“Ask your aunt to arrange a time. Davis is not an ordinary person. Your aunt will buy you a good dress. This will be our investment in you!”

Tang Yu happily agreed.

“Then my father’s place…”

“Don’t worry. You will meet Davis tonight. We have already confirmed the date of your wedding. The follow-up treatment at your father’s place will also be arranged. I will not leave my biological brother to die.”

Tang Yu sneered in her heart as she thought to herself.

‘Yes, but you sold your brother’s only daughter. If she had not agreed to this, you would have threatened to stop the treatment.’

What a disgusting hypocrite!

Tang Yu wore a touched expression on her face and soon arrived at the hotel.

Tang Yu was still sandwiched between Tang Yun and He Xin. The four of them arrived at a private room.

As soon as they entered, Tang Yu saw a man who was not too old, but definitely not young. His appearance and temperament could have been considered elegant, if not for his hands, which were currently smothering the butt of a waitress. On his face was an infatuated and obscene smile.

Tang Yu felt a chill run down her spine. What kind of pervert was this?

Seeing that they had entered, Davis immediately pushed the poor girl away. He even smacked her as if he had not yet been satisfied.

“You can leave. Remember the name card I gave you!”

Davis winked, and the girl walked out flustered.

“Oh! You must be Miss Tang, right? Oh my god, you’re so beautiful! You’re a hundred times more beautiful than the photo I saw!”

Davis stood up, walking to get closer to Tang Yu. He held Tang Yu’s hand and kissed her on the cheek.

Tang Yu resisted the discomfort and smiled. “Hello, I’m Tang Yu. You must be Mr. Davis Carr, right? I didn’t expect you to really be as handsome as what my uncle said!”

She blushed, revealing a shy look.

Davis stared at her with satisfaction. This girl would definitely be suitable to be his thirteenth wife.

He just didn’t know how long this weak and delicate girl could withstand his ‘love’ in bed.

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