Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Taken Away

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It had become part of Miles’ routine to drop Tang Yu off at school. He would stop somewhere nearby, allowing Tang Yu to walk to school without being seen with him.

However, he himself would not go to school today. Instead, he watched as Tang Yu walked into the building before heading in the other direction.

Tang Yu received a message from Miles after class. He said that he had something to do today, so she had to find another home.

Just as she had stepped out of the school gate ,Tang Yun and Tang Qi ganged up on her, trapping her between themselves before dragging her into their car.

“Tang Yu, you’d better be obedient and behave yourself!”

Tang Qi gave her niece a stern warning in the car.

Tang Yun’s mother, He Xin, had also arrived. Tang Qi was driving in front while Tang Yun and He Xin sandwiched Tang Yu between them in the middle of the backseat. She tried to escape, but her efforts were futile.

Tang Yu steadied her emotions and pretended to be afraid as she said, “Uncle, Auntie, Yun ‘er, where are you taking me?”

Her uncle snorted coldly. “Tang Yu, who asked you to be so disobedient? You’ve left us with no choice but to bring you to go see Davis this way!”

Tang Yu shouted back at him, “Uncle, why are you in such a hurry?”

Tang Yun secretly pinched Tang Yu. “Cousin, I warned you yesterday. Are you finally afraid now?”

Tang Yu’s back was in pain from Tang Yun’s pinching. It was probably bruised.

She couldn’t help herself as she cried out in pain, “Tang Yun, are you jealous that I can marry a rich man like Davis that you’re pinching me so hard?!”

Tang Yun’s face darkened at Tang Yu’s words. They had just felt wrong to her.

He Xin smilingly asked Tang Yu, “Yu’er, have you finally thought things through?”

Her husband looked at Tang Yu from the rearview mirror.

Tang Yu lowered her head in fear. “What else can I do? Tang Yun’s words from yesterday had scared me. I quickly ran over to the hospital to see dad, but he was still in the intensive care unit. I couldn’t see him at all.

“I’m afraid that my father will actually leave me. What if I don’t listen to you and marry that old man? Uncle, will you really stop father’s treatment?

“I have no choice but to compromise and marry him.

“Uncle, you will save my father then, right?”

Tang Yu’s voice felt like a plea. The way she looked at Tang Qi was full of helplessness and pity.

They were clearly the words that Tang Qi had wanted to hear the most. However, he felt suspicious.

Why did he feel as if Tang Yu was just mocking him?

No, it must have been his imagination.

Tang Yu was a pushover, someone who was easy to handle. He did not have to worry about what tricks she could pull.

“Yu’er, uncle was just trying to scare you. Your father is still my biological brother. How could I really do anything that would potentially harm him?

“I had no choice but to let you marry Davis. My company is small, so I can’t take out a million dollars at once, but Davis can!

“Although he is 50 years old, he is still very young and charming. You will surely be captivated by him when you meet him later.

“Moreover, Davis is rich. In another 30 years, when he dies, won’t the Carr family’s assets be yours?

“When the time comes, I’ll even need you to promote me!

“So, just be obedient. This way, not only can you save your father’s life, but also potentially live happily for the rest of your days. Don’t you think so?

“Uncle wouldn’t do anything that would harm you. I’m only thinking about what’s best for the both of you!”

Tang Qi spoke sincerely, as if he was really an elder who cared about his niece.

Tang Yu cursed in her heart: F*ck you!

She clearly saw through Tang Qi’s deceit.

If Davis was really such a good man, why hadn’t he made Tang Yun marry him instead?

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