Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Let’s Get Married

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Miles sat down beside Tang Yu.

“It’s okay. It’s fate that we met again.”

Tang Yu felt that he was really a gentle and kind person.

He had not been rude last night, either. She blushed, coughing awkwardly. “I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t expect the wine to be drugged… But you didn’t lose out either. It was my first time. I’ll treat it as compensation for you!”

It was not that Tang Yu valued her chastity that much, but instead, she had just never met a suitable lover.

Unexpectedly, she would end up giving her first time to a complete stranger.

Miles looked at Tang Yu strangely. Did she not know that he actually had not made a move on her?

What a convenient misunderstanding.

“Miss Tang, is there anything I can help you with?”

Tang Yu waved her hand. “Miles, I know you are kind, but I don’t think…”

Miles’ expression was solemn. “If you don’t tell me, how will you know that I can’t help you?”

She didn’t know why, but Miles’ sudden appearance had given her a strange feeling, as if… she was suddenly at ease.

Well, he would only be a stranger in the future, so what was there to be afraid of?

Let’s just treat him as a vent!

Tang Yu told Miles everything. Of course, she did not tell him about Song Huating as she did not think it was necessary.

If Song Huating ever returned, she would have nothing to do with him.

She had almost become an emotional mistress. Tang Yu could not convince herself to have any more fantasies about Song Huating, or even feelings for him.

Miles seemed to be deep in thought as he listened to her venting, “So, your father became seriously ill and was hospitalized, needing a million dollars for the medical bills. Your uncle then encouraged you to marry a fifty-year-old man, forcing you to do what you did last night and turn to your rich classmate for help. Yet he lied to you and only gave you ten dollars? “In the end, you felt so desperate and betrayed that you just came here and wept?”

Tang Yu felt that his conclusion was very clear.

“Yes, that’s how it is. Sigh… I can’t think of a way out. Maybe I should just listen to my uncle and marry the old man…”

She thought of the future, feeling hopeless.

Miles looked at her exquisite and perfect side profile as he watched the gloom in her eyes.

He was reminded of her watery, love-filled eyes last night.

Such a sexy, romantic, and innocent young lady would be forced to marry an old man.

A blooming flower, forced to wither early.

Miles said, “Miss Tang, why don’t you marry me? I’ll give you a million dollars.”

Tang Yu stared blankly at Miles, unable to react.

He simply smiled, awaiting her answer

She shook her head. “Mr. Hawk, how would you have a million dollars? You clearly…”

He replied, “There was an accident last night which was why my appearance was like that at the bar. This is how I normally look.”

Tang Yu was embarrassed. “But we are just strangers. How can I casually…”

Miles interrupted her. “Miss Tang, my mother left me this million to get married. As long as you marry me, won’t it be perfectly settled?”

“This way, you won’t have to marry the old man, I’ll have a wife, and your father will be saved. It’s a good deal isn’t it?”

She had imagined that a situation like this was something that could only happen when pigs fly. Yet, now that it was happening, she hesitated.

“But, we don’t know each other well…”

He reached out to her. “My name is Miles Hawk. I’m twenty four years old this year. 191 centimeters tall. I’m currently a doctorate student at Carville University. I don’t smoke nor do drugs. I drink occasionally, and I don’t gamble. I don’t visit prostitutes. I don’t have any bad habits either, and most importantly, I don’t have an S&M fetish.”

Miles gave a rushed introduction. He stared at Tang Yu, patiently waiting for hers.

She braced herself. “My name is Tang Yu. I’m twenty years old, 167 centimeters tall. Currently a senior at Carville University… I don’t have any bad habits, and I don’t have an S&M fetish either… So we’re from the same school, huh.”

He was actually a PhD student?

And he’s only twenty four!

She hadn’t expected Miles to be a top student!

Tang Yu’s heart was confused. She had taken a bet last night, but she had been betrayed.

Understandably, she was now afraid that the same thing might happen again.

However… it wasn’t as if she hadn’t gained anything from last night.

If she hadn’t made the bet, how could she have met Miles?

As the famous saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Unless there were dead ends, how could she encounter the light of hope?

Tang Yu took a deep breath, calming herself as she stopped hesitating. The opportunity was right in front of her eyes, and it might never come again!

“Miles, let’s get married!”

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