Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Really Putting On A Fake Show?

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“Miss Tang, I don’t need money. Perhaps I could ask for your contact number instead?”

“Of course!”

After he had helped her so much, she would gladly give him her contact information.

After a few glasses of wine, both of them suddenly felt a little hot.

Tang Yu fixed her collar as her gaze suddenly fell on the man’s face.

The man’s eyes could not be seen clearly, but his nose bridge was straight, and his lips thin and red.

It was said that a man with a big nose had a big member.

While a man with thin, red lips supposedly had strong libido.

Was he that kind of man?

What was she thinking? Tang Yu’s mind was a little muddled.

She stared at the man’s mouth the whole time, swallowing her saliva.

Miles could not help but gaze at Tang Yu’s face.

He had to admit that she was probably the most captivating Asian girl he had ever met.

She had a mysterious aura that kept pulling his eyes towards her.

Just as their eyes were blurred and their mouths were stuck together, they suddenly snapped awake.

Tang Yu pushed Miles away. She covered her mouth in disbelief.

What had she done?!

Miles was also in a daze. He realized that something was wrong before looking at the bottle of red wine that they had drank.

Tang Yu had also noticed it.

Could it be that the red wine was drugged?

Li Hui had wanted to give this to Huo Jun?


Tang Yu cursed furiously in her heart.

She started to lose her sense of reason as her body grew hotter and hotter.

She threw Miles onto the bed and sat on his waist with her legs crossed.

“It’s so hot…”

Tang Yu’s eyes were misty, and slightly watered. They were moist and beautiful.

Miles, who still retained some of his rationality, spoke. “Miss Tang, wake up… Oh!”

Tang Yu had already taken off his glasses as she lowered her head to kiss his face.

She herself was not even aware of the man’s true appearance

She found Miles’ lips. Lowering her head, she sealed the mouth that was desperately trying to wake her up with her lips.

Her tongue searched the insides of Miles’ mouth, seeking its target.

She was just very hot and bothered.

There was a strange feeling coming from underneath her body. It felt as though there were countless bugs crawling all over her. The itch that had started from the bottom of her heart was starting to spread throughout her body.

Tang Yu began to take off her clothes violently before proceeding to pull Miles’ shirt off.

Miles had no choice but to go along with her. With his hands raised high as he readied himself to take off his shirt, she lowered her head and pressed him onto the bed again.

Her small mouth kissed his lips again, biting him without any rhythm.

Miles felt Tang Yu’s soft breasts pressing onto him through the last, thin layer of clothing. His crotch had begun to expand rapidly, growing erect.

D*mn it!

Seeing that things were about to get out of control, Miles bit the tip of his tongue hard.

The stabbing pain instantly numbed his entire body causing him to be more than half awake, knocking some sense back into him.

“Miss Tang, wake up!”

Miles did not hesitate anymore. He got up and carried Tang Yu to the bathroom.

He placed her in the bathtub. Before she could even react, he opened the shower, causing cold water to immediately drench Tang Yu.

She screamed, the cold water helping her regain a trace of consciousness.

She hugged herself as she curled up in the bathtub, shivering.

In this state, she looked so small, yet so adorable.

Miles could not help but reach out to pat her head. “Miss Tang, are you alright?”

Tang Yu raised her head, her boiling hot cheeks could not help but to press against the man’s palm.

“It’s so uncomfortable… I.. Miles… I want to…”

She was already infatuated.

A desire that she had never felt before overwhelmed her and completely drowned out her rationality.

Miles took a deep breath before staring fixedly into Tang Yu’s eyes. Before her lust-filled eyes, his steady willpower complete collapsed

He threw the showerhead into the bathtub and strode in. He scooped Tang Yu up before seating her on his lap.

He lowered his head to find her small mouth and sealed it with a kiss. The tip of his tongue touched the tip of her tongue. They kissed each other as if they had been lovers for a long time.

The kiss made a clicking sound.

Tang Yu’s already muddled consciousness only had one thought at the last moment.

Ah… so this was what a kiss was like.

It was really wonderful. She almost wanted to swallow him whole…

Under Miles’ guidance, Tang Yu eventually caught on with the kiss. Their lips and tongues chased each other, licking and sucking each other.

His hands had unknowingly unbuttoned her bra. A pair of large, supple breasts fell into Miles’ hands.

He lowered his head and looked at them drunkenly . He could not help but open his mouth to suck one of the pink tips.

His other hand did not forget to gently knead and fiddle with it, either.


Tang Yu subconsciously raised her head, breaking into a moan.

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