Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed's Broken!

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Sound Performance Began!

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Tang Yu was still in a daze in the taxi.

Things had escalated to this point, and it seemed like she could only take a gamble and go along with the flow.

She looked out of the window, noticing that a car was following her. She knew that they would not give her money easily if they did not get their desired results tonight.

Tang Yu glanced at the man beside her again. Fortunately, he was still honest after getting into the car.

But… How should she deal with him later?

The entire journey was filled with an awkward silence

Reaching the hotel, the both of them entered a room.

Li Hui must have spent a lot of money on the room. The room and facilities prepared for her and Huo Jun were very luxurious, and everything was available.

As soon as she closed the door, Tang Yu looked around the room, making sure that there were no surveillance cameras. When she was done, she turned around before slamming the man against the wall.


Why was he so tall?

Tang Yu, who was just 167cm tall, had to raise her head to look at the man’s blurry face.

Was he 190cm?

The man lowered his head, looking back at her in surprise

Why was she in such a hurry?

He had the wrong idea.

Tang Yu did not wait for the man to speak before whispering, “Sir, I was forced to do all of this! Can you act with me please? I’m willing to pay you!”

The man stared at Tang Yu in confusion. “Act? Pay? Beautiful, didn’t you invite me for a one-night stand?”

As the man spoke, his large hands were already sliding down Tang Yu’s slender waist.

She slapped the large hand away and said in a serious tone, “I know I’m beautiful, but one night stand? I can’t do something like that! Judging from how poor you are, if you act with me, I’ll give you 5,000 dollars. How about that? It’s a good offer right?”


Tang Yu was stressed by the million dollar bet.

Yet when she thought about how the money could save her father in the intensive care unit, she couldn’t resist the offer.

The doubt in the man’s eyes only grew stronger. “But why are you doing this? Could it be…”

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll start first!”

Tang Yu grabbed the man’s collar and pulled him towards her. She lowered her head as she pecked the man’s chest.

He moaned, widening his eyes as he looked down to find the petite Asian lady in his arms.

What was this woman trying to do?

Before he could even figure it out, what happened next was something he would never forget in his life.

Tang Yu pushed the man onto the bed before jumping onto him.

The bed creaked as she leapt onto it. Tang Yu opened her mouth, crying out, “Ah… Be gentle… I hate it… Don’t…”

The man was dumbfounded. Was this a performance?

Then, she sat beside him and started making sounds that sounded as if she was a voice actress.

“Here… here…”

“AH… mmm…”

“You’re awesome…”

“Don’t lick…”

“Oh! Oh! It feels so good!”

“Come in gently…”

“AH – slow down… Wuuuu…”

As she moaned, she began gasping for breath as she grabbed the man again. The man let out a heavy ‘hmph’!

Tang Yu glared at him. Under her threatening gaze filled with murderous intent, he wouldn’t dare to resist her and spoke slowly, “Oh! Baby… You’re so tight…”

Tang Yu gave the man a look of admiration, secretly giving him a thumbs up.

This kid was quite talented!

Then, Tang Yu continued, “Ah… faster… faster!…”

“Ah… You’re so big… So good… Ohh!”

“AH… so good, more, I want more!…”

Huo Jun and Li Hui were listening through the door in the corridor. Huo Jun was so angry that he slammed his fist on the wall.

Li Hui held his hand and said comfortingly, “Jun! Don’t be like this! Listen to that lustful and lascivious woman, she doesn’t deserve your heart at all!”

Huo Jun kept on listening to the indistinct voice coming from the room and didn’t want to stay any longer.

“Let’s go!”

He turned around, leaving in a huff. Li Hui hurriedly followed him and comforted him all the way, while belittling Tang Yu into the dust.

Tang Yu had a premonition, and quietly got off the bed, sneaking to the door.

She looked through the peephole. They had finally left.

She took a deep breath in relief.

Turning around, she saw the man staring and smiling at her.

Of course, this made her feel awkward, but this had been the only solution she could think of.

“Thank you. My name is Tang Yu, I’m Chinese. What about you, sir?”

The man also smiled. “My name is Miles Hawk, an Englishman. Has the person who followed you left?”

Tang Yu knew that he had guessed it, so she said, “Yes, they asked me to do this. I really had no choice but to trouble you…”

The man nodded. “It’s okay, it’s my pleasure.”

Tang Yu wanted to thank the man for not exposing her earlier. Seeing the red wine beside her, she opened the bottle to celebrate.

They poured a glass for each other. Tang Yu said, “I wasn’t lying when I said that I would give you five thousand dollars. When I receive my money, I will definitely pay you!”

In other words, she had no money now.

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