The Villain's Redemption

Chapter 360 - Hellio

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"Hey! Aren't you going to thank the prince for saving you?"

A man blocked her way. He pointed at Anna, "The Prince just save you, lady."


"It's alright, Abiel." Prince Asahel, the first prince of the Briwen Royalty, walked toward her. Then he held his hand in front of her. "Everyone knows me by my given name, Asahel. Please call me, Hellio."

"Your highness…" the Prince's attendant, Abiel, tried to interrupt but Asahel just held his hand, stopping his attendant's words.

"It's alright, Abiel. The Lady has been through a lot. I believe you are Annabel? May I call you Anna?"

Anna looked at the man's physical appearance. She was always someone who loves good-looking people and she could say that this man looked angelic. He had blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and a very symmetrical face. He had a kind smile and a gentle gaze.

No wonder the previous Anna fell for this guy.

However, something like this is only considered So-So by Lily's standard. Knight Mo Li was obviously more good-looking than this guy. And that Knight…

Hold on, why was she thinking about Mo Li again?

"Aren't you going to shake the prince's hands?"

"Oh." Anna looked at Abiel before she shook the Prince's hands. Abiel should be the son of a beta. She could smell it from him. However, despite the man's imposing height, he isn't that strong compared to Prince Asahel.

The thing is, everyone knew that the First Prince Asahel was a weak Lycan. Compared to his brother, the second Prince Gerrard, Asahel was seen as the weaker one.

What they don't know was the fact that Asahel was intentionally hiding his strength behind his gentle smile.

"I apologize for my manners." Anna calmly said. "Please call me Annabel, your highness first prince Asahel."

"Hellio is better."

"I would rather not call you that, first prince Asahel," Anna said, her face devoid of any expression. Compared to her calm demeanor, Asahel and Abiel looked like they swallowed someone bitter.

How could she call him like that when the first prince graciously offered his nickname?

The first prince wanted to be close to her but she swiftly decline! Anyone in this kingdom would fight for the Prince's attention, but Anna refused to be his friend.

"I will take my leave," Anna added, leaving Asahel and Abiel speechless. Of course, she didn't really leave.

'Robot, I need an invisibility,' she said. She had a few invisibility talismans left in her space. When she arrived in a secluded area, she immediately made herself invisible and followed Asahel and Abiel towards the Prince's room.

The building where his room was located was ten times better than the headmistress's office. It was about five times the size of that office, too!

Of course, this was already expected, considering Asahel was a prince.

"That b*tch! Should I just kill her?" Abiel immediately said the moment they walked inside the room.

Luckily, Anna didn't need to go inside to hear what they were saying. She used another talisman to be able to see them, even if she was standing outside of the room.

"She is stronger than you," Asahel said. He sat down and waited for Abiel to pour him some tea before he continued. "She might be stronger than me."

"That's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible Abiel. She is that man's daughter. Isaac could become one with his wolf. There is a possibility that Anna could do that too."

"I already checked the archived where everyone's ability was recorded. She was not there."

"Isaac… "Asahel sighed. "Not even father would dare question that man's words. There is no way of knowing if he lied about Anna's ability."

"But, we sent spies to shadow pack and every one of them said that Anna is not that strong."

Hearing this, Anna rolled her eyes. Abiel was an epitome of stupidity. All brawn, but no brain.

If she was strong, did they really think that her father would train her along with everyone else?


Her father trained her in the forest behind their packhouse!

Her father created an underground training space in that forest. Not even her mother knew about this space.

Even if they try to find it, they won't be able to because one needed her hand and blood to open that secret training ground. Speaking of that training ground, she was already planning to go to that place soon.

"We need her on our side," Asahel said. "Gerrard had been steadily increasing his influence in the past few years. It did not help that he became good friends with Mo Li. "

"I understand. Then… do you want me to… do that?"

Anna heard a long silence before Asahel spoke. "No. I doubt our people could defeat her. If they cannot defeat her, then it would only mean that we are wasting the lives of everyone."

Another silence followed.

"I want to know the details of the Shadow Pack… massacre."

"The King made sure to keep everything a secret."

Asahel snorted. "Sadly, not one of the packs would even care to ask for the details."

"I heard the scene was so gruesome… the bodies were… chopped into pieces. When they arrived, the fire already consumed half of the bodies. And until now… they still couldn't find Isaac's corpse."

"Do you think Isaac would have survived that massacre?"

"I haven't seen the scene so… "

"Tell me your thoughts, Abiel. Do you think… Isaac survived the massacre?"

"Forgive me, your highness, I would like to speak my mind."

"Go on…" Asahel said.

"Well, I don't want to be accused of treason, but from my initial analysis, there is a high chance that it was His Majesty the King himself who killed Isaac and the Shadow pack."

"Why would you say that? Father needed Isaac and the shadow pack's strength to control the other pack."

"This is nothing but mere conjecture. After all, only the king would have the strength and power to obliterate a powerful pack like the Shadow Pack."

Anna frowned when she heard Abiel's words. She too thought that the one who killed her pack was the King. However, Asahel's words also made sense.

The King is feared because of the Shadow Pack.

Why would he kill the pack that is making him strong?

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