The Messenger Of Death

Chapter 385 - A THREAT TO COLE

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In several places of gatherings in the 3 plain realms, people and groups with power or some semblance of power, be it political or physical. They all gathered in their various spots of gathering to talk about the near catastrophe that occurred everywhere.

The same thing was in progress in the Claus clan, almost everyone that had some kind of influence in the clan was heading to the White Palace, so was Nana. By the time she arrived at the doors of the inner parts of the White Palace, almost everyone within was seated.

Immediately Nana stepped in, she caught the attention of many individuals in the room. Apart from being one of the strongest cultivators in her generation, Natalia was also the daughter of the current Patriarch of the Claus clan. Either way, those that didn't respect her, feared her. And those that didn't feel any of these now will have such reverence for the future Natalia Claus.

Nana had a lot of men in her clan that has been crushing on her, but none of them had the balls nor guts to step forward and tell her. In fact, they rather not tell other people, because, if the word got out that one of them was crushing on Nana, and she hears about it. Their lives will most likely be hell from that moment on.

Besides all of this, Nana has been scarce for the past 10 years and she rarely showed her face in the clan's territory, even when she comes back home, she only sees those that she wants to see. Now that she had come here, in front of many people, some people couldn't help but look at the most reputable genius of the Claus clan.

Nana spotted her Mother sitting next to Darrel, and then Cole sitting not far off from her parents, he too had his eyes on Nana now.

Ignoring Cole's gaze Nana smiled at her mother before greeting her with a slight nod of her head.

With a room filled with people that were either dawned in a light blue attire or a white one, Nana looked for a seat to occupy, one that wasn't close to anyone that she found annoying. Although in this room, anyone could pick a seat to occupy, there were a few designated chairs. Which is one of the reasons why Nana couldn't pick a seat near her parents.

Nana looked around for a few seconds before she saw someone raising a hand that seemed to be calling to her. The owner of this hand is someone that Nana was very familiar with, but she found him annoying. It was one of her elder brothers that was calling to her, and next to him were her other siblings.

Nana wasn't an only child, instead, she is the last born of her mother. She has 4 elder siblings, 2 boys, and 2 girls, that she refused to acknowledge, so whenever anyone asks about her siblings she tells them that she's an only child.

A lot of people don't know why she refused to acknowledge her elder siblings, some speculate that it is because she is more of a genius than her other siblings and some say that it is because her siblings are jealous of her, however, they were all wrong. The reason why Nana refused to acknowledge her siblings is over something petty. Nonetheless, it is a story to be told another time.

With a blank expression on her face, Nana walked towards where her siblings were seated.

"Natalia, long time no see." Her immediate elder brother greeted her with a wide smile on his face. This brother of hers looked a lot like their mother, with a slim face that portrayed his defined jawline, and brown eyes that were no different from Nana's. He was really happy to see his baby sister, but the same couldn't be said about Nana. She acted as if she didn't hear her brother speak.

All of her siblings had dirty brown hair like Nana's.

"I told you all that it would take a catastrophe to bring this stubborn girl back home." One of Nana's elder sisters said with an innocent smirk on her face. This sister of hers almost looked like Nana if not that she has more flesh on her body, and loved to show off her cleavage.

"Heather, can you not spite her. You know how her temper can be, she might beat you up later." Nana's other elder sister said. With an innocent smile.

'Little Lola,' Nana said to herself.

This other sister, Lola, could be said to be the most rational and calmest amongst the 5 of them. She too looked like Heather and Nana, but she was shorter than the two and looked like she was the youngest amongst them, despite being the eldest daughter.

Nana squinted her eyes at her siblings, they all knew how to strike the right chords to make her snap, her sisters most especially. Despite the youngest sibling, Nana was the strongest out of all of them, cultivation based, including the fact that she stopped cultivating since she left home 10 years ago. Her siblings still haven't been able to surpass her.

It's not that the gap between their cultivation was wide, but the chance to break through a rank. Breaking through ranks in higher cultivation realms was a very difficult thing to achieve. They were all in the same cultivation realm but still, they were still a few steps behind Nana.

"Javi, aren't you going to say hi to or baby sister?" Lola nudged the person that was seated next to her. The eldest sibling, Javi.

Javi was the only one that looked a bit different from his siblings and although he had dirty brown hair that was cut short, and a jawline that was also defined, with black eyes that could mesmerize the hearts of women… he didn't look like Darrel or his mother.

Javi, Lola, Heather, and Xavi, respectively were her elder siblings.

"This is not a place to exchange pleasantries or greetings," Javi stated coldly. He was also the stuck-up sibling.

Nana ignored her siblings and focused on the higher-ups that had just arrived. Apart from her parents, her grandfather was also present.

Some of her granduncles and aunts, then other distant family members that have lived for thousands of years.

However, there were still some important people missing, for example, Nana's great, great grandfather, and some other old monsters that held power in the Claus clan.

The meeting began without the absentees.

They started by talking about how wide and large the catastrophe was, and how it affected them greatly. The way they were suppressed and made now their heads.

A few knowledgeable individuals mentioned that only the Heavens could do such, but this has never happened in the 3 plain realms before.

After asking if anyone had an idea about what the cause might be and not receiving a reasonable reply, they moved on to another question, How they could avoid or survive such catastrophe if it was to take place again, and this time, leaving permanent damages on the Celestial plain realm.

"I believe that we all know that it is impossible to do anything if we are to face such calamity again. I am sorry to say, our clan might perish if we are to face such again. Our only way out is to Transcend the plain realm and make it to the Outer World." Cole spoke up.

The entire hall remained silent after Cole spoke.

"How do you expect us to do something like that?" One of Nana's grandaunts, dressed in a white gown that matches her grey hair, asked. "Those from lesser plain realms have found it easy to ascend, but that privilege wasn't given to us in Celestial plain realm… no one has been able to transcend the plain realms after those couples from the Sky Fox Race." She finished.

"I know that I also know that there's hope, the Heavens won't leave us without hope. Only those that can grab on to this hope have a chance of success." Cole replied.

"Are you referring to the rumor about some boy being the key to the Outer Worlds?" She asked.

"Yes," Cole replied.

"And you want to put your hope and the hope of our clan in such a rumor!?"

"I wouldn't dare to do so if this didn't have some credibility to it."

Nana rolled her eyes at Cole when she heard this. "My disciple isn't the key to anything of a sort," Nana refuted.

Cole smiled at her before saying; "Then can you explain how he possesses a supreme primordial bloodline?"

"If I told you that there are True Dragons in the Celestial plain realm, would you believe me?"

"Preposterous!!" Cole exclaimed.

Every other person in the hall also had a reaction similar to Cole's own, that all thought Nana was just messing with them.

"Not as preposterous as your foolish claim that my disciple is some heretic key to the Outer World!!. Believe me, that boy is my reverse scale, and I swear on my life, if you dare to bring harm anywhere near him, I will make sure that you die a miserable death!!" Nana threatened as she let out a chilling killing intent that was directed at Cole.

Her sudden outburst and threat caught everyone in the hall off guard, including her parents…

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