The Master of Uradan

The Master of Uradan


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The life of the son of a nobleman was not as happy as others could think. With a loving but always away father, a mother who had forgotten about his existence, and a brother too busy learning to become the next heir, Rohan had the habit to live alone.

One day, he decided he had enough and chose to live in the secondary mansion of the family, accompanied by his butler and some guards. Since his goal was to become a Warrior to follow the path of his father, he chose to train with the guards each morning when he was only 10 years old. Followed years of training, until the day to become a warrior, a mana user, had finally come.

But it was only the beginning of his story, and even though it was easy to understand that he was a genius in the warrior path, life, was truly never easy.

Follow the tales of Rohan, roaming a world of magic populated of many races as he learn the hard way about them all. About the darkness of the humans; the haughtiness of the elves; the greediness of the dwarves; the craziness of the orcs; the shrewdness of the goblins; the deviousness of the demons; the foolishness of all living beings.

Follow his journey as he became the Master of Uradan, a world of demons that only he could go as he will, and as he become the most powerful warrior and the most terrifying wizard of the whole world.

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