The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 97 - Candlelit Dinner

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A few days later, Li Jingran's birthday arrived as expected.

That day, Xu Wanwan came home early from school and made a big birthday cake based on the cake recipe that she had practiced beforehand.

Aunt Zhang was also busy helping out. She said emotionally, "Miss Xu, Mr. Li would be very happy to see this when he comes home."

"Really?" Xu Wanwan had never celebrated anyone's birthday with anyone before, so she was a little worried that she had not prepared well.

"Of course. Director Li usually celebrates his birthday alone. With you accompanying him this year, he will definitely be happy."

Xu Wanwan asked casually, "Does mister not have any friends?"

"Mister has been living in seclusion all these years. He doesn't like to participate in social activities, so..."

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips.

Li Jingran was actually quite lonely.

Her eyes lit up very quickly. "It's fine now. I'll celebrate his birthday with him."

If Li Jingran wouldn't mind, she could celebrate his birthday with him in the future.

After working hard all night, Xu Wanwan and Aunt Zhang cooked a huge spread of delicious food together.

There was a well-made birthday cake on the table. Under the candlelight, it seemed to have a special atmosphere.

Aunt Zhang stood to the side and wiped her sweat. She smiled and said, "Miss Xu, how are the candles we prepared?"

Xu Wanwan looked up and was a little embarrassed. "Is this a candlelit dinner?"

There was a retro-looking candlestick on the table. The red candlewick had a different charm to it. She could even imagine what the scene would be like after the lights were turned off.

Aunt Zhang clapped her hands. "Yes, it's a candlelit dinner! I knew that young people like to be romantic, so I prepared these."

"..." Xu Wanwan gently touched her forehead. "Aunt Zhang, candlelit dinner is usually enjoyed by couples."

Aunt Zhang also became a bit embarrassed. "Then why don't I cancel it?"

Xu Wanwan looked at the time; it was already past eight o'clock. "Forget it. Mr. Li will be home at any time."

"Butler, turn off the lights now. We'll wait at the door for Mr. Li to arrive home."

The Butler also supported Xu Wanwan in celebrating Li Jingran's birthday, so he immediately ordered someone to turn off the lights.

At a quarter past eight, a group of people stood guard at the pitch-black door. Xu Wanwan clenched her fingers nervously when she heard footsteps coming from outside.

After a busy day, Li Jingran's attention was not at home, so he did not notice anything unusual.

He opened the door as usual but found that the room was pitch-black.

He frowned and suddenly heard a sweet and soft voice——


Following this shout, the lights in the room were turned on instantly. The servants stood in neat rows and shouted politely, "Happy birthday to you, sir!"

Standing at the door, Li Jingran looked slightly stunned.

He had never liked these formal things, so he had completely forgotten his birthday.

The girl standing at the door held a bunch of blue stars in her hands, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly. "Happy birthday!"

Seeing her serious and cute look, Li Jingran couldn't help but chuckle. "Thank you."

"No need, no need." Xu Wanwan quickly grabbed the man's arm and pulled him in. "I made a lot of your favorite dishes today. Have a taste."

Li Jingran followed behind her, a hint of surprise in his deep eyes.

Under the flickering candlelight, there was a birthday cake. The food on the table was delicious, and the atmosphere was a little strange.

He sat across the table in an elegant manner and looked at the things prepared on the table. He couldn't help but ask, "Did you make all these?"

Xu Wanwan nodded. "Yes!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she thought of something wrong and quickly said, "Not exactly. This candle was prepared by Aunt Zhang."

"You won't mind, right?"

"No." Li Jingran's thin lips curved into an arc.

The lighting seemed ambiguous and secretive. Xu Wanwan's side profile was hidden under the dim candlelight, full of mystery.

Li Jingran did not like to celebrate birthdays, but he felt that everything was fine today.

The two of them were enjoying their meal when the bell outside the door rang.

Xu Wanwan was surprised. "It's so late. Who's here?"

"Oh, right! Is your friend here for your birthday too? I'll go open the door!"

Xu Wanwan put down her chopsticks and smiled as she went to open the door.


A tall and slender young woman was standing outside the door. She was wearing a sexy red dress and holding a cake in her hand. Before she could finish her sentence, she looked at Xu Wanwan and raised her eyebrows. "Hello, I'm here to celebrate Li Jingran's birthday."

Xu Wanwan hesitated for a moment and quickly moved aside. "Mr. Li is inside."

The woman glanced at her and walked toward the hall in her high heels.

Xu Wanwan closed the door and followed her.

"Jingran, long time no see." The woman walked up to Li Jingran and smiled with confidence.

Li Jingran's eyes darkened. "Who told you to come?"

"I've been back for a while. Uncle and Aunt always urge me to come and see you." Zhou Lin placed the cake in her hand on the dining table, blocking the cake made by Xu Wanwan.

She naturally sat next to Li Jingran and said with a smile, "It's your birthday today, so I naturally have to come."

Li Jingran's expression was cold. "I don't like these. You'd better go back."

Zhou Lin was a little embarrassed, but she still sat there and didn't move.

Xu Wanwan stood beside the two of them, not knowing where to go.

"Come here," Li Jingran noticed the girl beside him and said lightly.

Xu Wanwan walked to the dining table hesitantly, but she sat opposite Li Jingran.

Only then did Zhou Lin look at the girl in front of her. "Jingran, is this your maid?"

Her words were like a thorn, stabbing into Xu Wanwan's heart.

An embarrassed look appeared on her face. She had especially worn home clothes for cooking, so she did not look so delicate.

Li Jingran gave Zhou Lin a cold look. "What do you think?"

"I didn't expect you to be so nice to a little maid." Zhou Lin raised her beautiful eyebrows and teased him. "It seems that you have changed a lot over the years."

Li Jingran's anger was low, and the chill on his body was getting stronger. "What are you doing here today?"

"Jingran, we haven't seen each other for so long. Don't you have anything you want to say to me?"

Li Jingran's attitude was still cold. "No."

"But I have something to say to you." Zhou Lin rested her chin on her hand and curled her red lips into a flirtatious smile. "After all, we were engaged before."

The more Xu Wanwan heard, the more she felt that it was inappropriate for her to stay here.

She immediately stood up and said in a low voice, "Then I won't disturb you."

After saying that, she wanted to escape from here without looking back.

"Little maid, I can see that Jingran likes you very much." Zhou Lin did not avoid it at all. A hint of mockery flashed in her eyes. "But you don't know him."

"Next time, don't wear sloppy clothes. Wear more perfume. Otherwise, the smell of oil and smoke on your body will smell on Jingran.." Zhou Lin's tone was light, but her eyes were full of hostility when she looked at Xu Wanwan.

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