The Doctor Who Loves Me

The Doctor Who Loves Me


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In his arms, she found her home, and she wanted to stay in that home forever.

Stand up. Yera hissed, eyes narrowed at Xander.

It's already up. Xander smirked and leaned against the headboard of the bed. 

He lifted an eyebrow and with a grin added, Perhaps you need.... skin to skin proof?

Disbelief flashed in Yera's eyes. It was quickly replaced with anger. You pervert!

You took advantage of me, he teased. His eyes slowly trailed down her lips towards her neck and with his hoarse voice said, Or would you like me to remind you... what you did last night?

He was Xander Yang whose hope of marriage ended when he was diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction. Smart and stubborn, the Doctor CEO of Yang Globals group was a very bubbly and loveable person but a difficult man to handle. 

However, meeting a certain Deyna Song turned his world upside down. How could his dysfunction vanish when he was around her? What kind of magic does this feisty woman hold?

Meanwhile, Yera Han had it all. Aside from being the youngest surgeon in the world, she was also the ruthless heiress of the Life Hospitals Group. Smart, Beautiful and Cold. She was revered as the ice queen capable of bringing back the dead with her hands.

However, fate took everything away from her… her love, her property... She was left with nothing and lived as Deyna Song. How could she allow fate to make her dance in its palm? She was Yera Han and she vowed to take all that was hers back!

They took everything away from her and now she was left with nothing but vengeance...

Then came this doctor following her around offering a marriage alliance? How could she think of getting married when her everything was at stake!