The Devil's Sweetheart

Chapter 464 - The Devil's Sweetheart

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Six months later...

''Leena, Andrew threw the balloon on my face,'' Kyle screamed.

A long whistle blew twice. Leena lifted a red card high above, pointing towards Andrew. ''Out of the game, Andrew!''

After her wedding, Leena never went on trips and added with the book she was writing, her life has become busy. Finally, the book is completed, and it's under editing. So, she thought of spending a day with her friends and invited them home.

After lunch, Leena suggested a game. At first, it was only between only girls, but Andrew spoiled the plan. Reluctantly, Leena divided into two teams. A big bucket of filled water balloons was placed at each team's playing area, and each player had to knock off opposite team members by hitting them with water balloons except on the face. If the player is hit and the balloon pops, the player is out of the game.

Andrew chose the team name as 'The skull crush bunnies' Leena chose 'Holy banana pants.'

Back to the game, Leena raised the red card. ''Andrew Dawson! You have thrown the ball in the wrong place. You have gone against the rules! You are out of this game. Go, and accompany your loser friends, Devin and Kurt.'' Leena declared. Speaking of her husband, he brought shame to her. The second the game started, aunt Jalapeno threw a balloon at Devin, which popped out.

''She takes every chance to insult me.'' Kurt mumbled.

Andrew's face flushed with rage. ''Reese threw a water balloon on Kurt's face, and it was not against the rules? If I do it, it's called cheating? Are you an umpire or siding on with the girl's team?'' Andrew shouted, taking a step ahead at Leena, although Wilbur tried to pull him back. Arguing with his sister doesn't bring good fate. 

''Liar! I didnot throw it on his face.'' Reese yelled. ''Did I, Kurt?''

''Why do you waste time on him, Reese?'' Kyle lazily added. ''He will not open his mouth.''

Like Kyle predicted, Kurt stayed silent. Arguing with a girl is worse than a world war, in his opinion. Infact, by quitting, he got a chance to watch Kyle in the game.

''You cheater, Leena!''

''You don't have the balls to win, and now you blame me?'' Leena's voice raised hysterically at Andrew. ''Out of the game.'' 

''This is cheating! The umpire is the biggest cheater.'' 

''Watch your words. I can hear you.''

''That doesn't exclude the fact that you are a cheater.'' Grumbling, Andrew made his way and sat beside Kurt and Devin. Three are already out of the game from his team. He would never lose a game in video games, let alone in the field. But with a cheating umpire around, Andrew lost the confidence of winning the game. ''Your wife is a cheating bully, Vincy.'' 

''Everybody knows that,'' Devin said as a matter of fact. He never agreed to play this silly kids game, but Leena made it mandatory. For namesake, he went into the field and came out in a few seconds to look after Leena.

His eyes never left the sight of her. Although Leena is not playing the game, dangers come unexpectedly. The bump showed up significantly in the third trimester. Every day, he is closer to meeting another love of his life. He visited every monthly check-up with her, monitor her food and vitamins intake.

''I am keeping my hopes on Nick. At least, he is playing well.'' Andrew gazed at his team. ''Nicky...right to your left is aunt Jalapeno's back. Throw the balloon.''

'' Jane,'' Andrew shouted. ''She is near you.''

''Aunt Jalapeno, Jane! Out of the game!'' 

''Yes...yes.'' Andrew smiled ear to ear, kicking his legs in the air.

''Nasty butt!'' Aunt Jalapeno sneered at Andrew. ''I will squeeze your bums after the game.''

Andrew gulped. Will he get squeezed by aunt Jalapeno? No way! He will run right after the game ends.

Devin and Kurt pitied Andrew for soaring his hopes high. The winner of the game was decided the moment Leena became the umpire. 

Slowly, as Devin foretold, the game became one-sided. By the time the clock struck zero, the Skull crush bunnies team was left with one player. Holy banana pants had five players. ''I declare holy banana pants as the winner of the game.''

''Yayy!!!'' The girls squealed in happiness. ''We won.''

''You are behaving as if you won in the Olympics, cheaters!'' Andrew scoffed.

After the game ended, everybody spent a little time in the house and started off home. 

After dinner, Devin helped Leena walk to the bedroom. 

''Does your feet hurt?'' He softly asked, taking a grapeseed oil into his hands, and began massaging her feet. He was terrified something had happened when Leena started experiencing throbbing pain and swollen feet, but later, to his relief, he learned it was normal during pregnancy.

''A little.'' Devin is taking care of her like an infant baby. Every night, he would massage her feet, legs, back until she fell asleep. Due to her, he has no proper rest.

''I am fine, Devin.'' She urged him to the bed.

''Let me do it for one more_''

''Please.'' She pleaded. ''I want to talk with you.''

''Alright, madam.'' He complied with her wishes and lay down next to her. Habitually, his hand went to caress the bump. It would take time to adjust once Leena gives birth to the little one.

''I decided the name for my book.'' She tilted to his face.

''Finally.'' Excitement washed over him. Since the day Leena announced writing a book, she has been skimming her brain, thinking of a name, yet she didnot come up with one proper name. ''What's the name?''

''The Devil's Corazon.'' She proudly said. ''How is it?''

''You are the devil?''

Leena bobbed her head.

''I am your Corazon?'' He asked, pointing the finger at him. 

Leena again nodded.

His lips tugged into a smile. ''That's a perfect name. I know a publisher. Leave the editing, publishing, and marketing to me. I will take care of that.''


''Of course, Sweetheart!'' He replied with the same enthusiasm.

''You are the best, babylicious!'' 

Leena felt like a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. As promised, Devin took care of everything, and the editing was completed in a week.

Her book will be released into the market tomorrow. The thought itself excited Leena. The following day, the moment Leena woke up, she opened her mobile to check the status. ''What the!''

 She rubbed her eyes once, twice, thrice, imagining it was a dream, but every time she saw the book's name didnot appear as she wanted to be. 

'''Devin! Devin!'' She pulled Devin's hair until he opened his eyes. ''Five more minutes..sweetheart_''

''Get up, you sly fox!'' She should have known when he volunteered.

Groggily, Devin opened his eyes. ''Let me guess the reason for your sudden madness.'' He pulled Leena to his embrace.''Did you like the twist?''

How much she wanted to pull all his hair off his head.

'' kit..Don't get angry.'' He petted her head like she was a cute little kitten. ''Don't you want my mouth in your_''

Leena smacked his shoulder before he would start his dirty talks. Now that Leena gave it a thought, the title sounds apt to her story. Devin always calls her sweetheart. "Devin..." Leaning forward, Leena kissed his lips. "Devin..." She called him again.

"Tell me, Sweetheart."

"I am in love with the title now." 

"And what's the title?" He softly asked, wanting to hear the name from her mouth.

Like a whispering meadow, Leena's voice wheezed into Devin's ears. ''The Devil's Sweetheart."


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