The Devil's Sweetheart

Chapter 463 - My Heart, Your Shelter. My Arms, Your Home

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Evelyn was busy talking with the wedding planners suggesting a slight modification of decor on the walls. She heard a familiar voice call her name from behind. ''Looks like you are too busy to notice me.''

Evelyn turned around. ''Ethan!'' She cheerfully smiled. ''When did you come?''

''Took twenty hours to notice? I have been wandering in this place since yesterday. You need a little break.'' He grabbed the silver leaf decor from her hands. ''Let me help you. How do I do this?''

''You don't need to_''

''I insist.''

''Fine, stubborn man.'' Evelyn showed him a demo. Ethan did as Evelyn told. In between, Ethan questioned, his voice barely a whisper so that it reached only Evelyn's ears. ''A month ago, I saw an old picture of a girl in my dad's cupboard. She must be around ten to twelve years.''

''So, you investigated?'' Evelyn calmly asked, gluing the last piece of silver leaf on the wall. Evelyn knew Ethan would eventually get to know the truth, but this escalated way quickly.

''Honestly, I didnot find the need to.'' Ethan looked at Harley, joyfully receiving the guests, standing next to uncle Fredrick. 

''What are you going to do? Tell your father, and take her back?''

''If I wanted, I would have done it on the day I found the truth.'' Ethan chuckled. He could have forcefully taken his sister, and Ethan knew by the next second, her life would be nothing but an unhappy fate. Taking her back into his family is bringing her into a vulture's den. ''Can my dad still hope?''

''She died.''

''Was it my mom?''

Evelyn neither nodded nor shook her head. 

''I understand.'' Ethan squeezed his eyes shut, a shudder passed down him. His mom is a monster. ''Thanks for taking care of my sister. She got a caring mom, and father, two protective brothers.''

''Three.'' Evelyn squeezed his hands. ''You are, and always be.''

Ethan's eyes welled up in tears.

''Look at you, crying like a baby.''

''FYI. I found my long-lost sister. Am I not supposed to cry.''


''Ethan! What are you doing here?'' It was Jasper. ''Whose sister are you talking about?''

''No one. Why did you come here?''

''Devin agreed to tonight's party. I need your suggestion on the drinks. Let's go.'' 

''MIL, FIL is looking for you,'' Jasper informed Evelyn before he began dragging Ethan.

''MIL, FIL? What are these shortcuts? Can't he call address properly?'' Evelyn scoffed.

Ethan asked as they walked. ''Did Devin sneak into the room....''

''Got kicked out again. Leena must have glued to the mirror. She is not even replying to his texts.''

''When Narcissist Leena come to the surface, nothing else matters. I feel for Devin.'' At last, Ethan got salvation. Exactly ten days back, Devin invited him to his home. Sorry doesn't bring back the trauma he caused her, but with a great heart, she accepted him. That's all he needed for this life.


With a lollipop on her mouth, Wendy slurped, making a loud sucking sound. Mandy stood beside her. A mocking smile escaped from her lips as she watched Jane, Kyle, and Reese assisting the hairstylist. Heather, and the rest of the aunties, helped the makeup artist. 

''Hey, Reese,'' Wendy screamed, startling all the women in the room for the nth time. ''The makeup artist asked for the watercolor crystal vine.''

''Wendy!'' Reese yelled. ''I will kill you if you scream another time,'' Reese handed the crystal vine to the makeup artist.

''Can somebody throw this lollipop out?'' Morvena spoke up.

''Don't get on my nerves, blondie.'' 

Meanwhile, Leena never once took her eyes away from the mirror. Jane and Reese repeatedly told her to check her poor husband's texts, but Leena sat there admiring herself.

The wedding gown Leena was wearing was a charming shade of Macaroon cream. Although Leena's belly didnot show up, Heather suggested the designer design the dress a little loose to let her breathe. Despite that, it hugged her curves perfectly. The dress undulated from the waist, creating multiple layers, with silver flowers, arose from the waistline down the gown.

Her makeup was minimal, just like she liked. Her front hair framed her face, and the rest of the hair was secured by a crystal vine. An angel descended from heaven, a phrase worth the beauty.

The door was pushed open, and Evelyn rushed into the room. ''You still haven't gotten_'' Her voice muffled at the sight of her daughter-in-law. Her mouth opened and closed, for she was at a loss of words.

''OMG! My daughter-in-law! You look gorgeous.''

''I know, right.'' Heather proudly said. ''We are almost done, Eve!

''No, no. Everybody, please don't listen to my MIL. Take your own time.'' Leena quickly replied, stopping their thoughts of rushing her look over. ''Although God has spent extra time in sculpting me...'' She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Unable to resist, she blew a flying kiss through the mirror. ''I am giving a chance for the sculptors like you people to discover me.''

''I bet the Greek God Narcissus possessed Francis's body on that night.'' Evelyn turned to Heather with a serious face.

''And you should be given an award for discovering so much about myself that I don't even know.'' Francis roared at Evelyn as he entered the room. 

''Does he have snake ears?'' Evelyn grumbled. 

''Why do you get caught by him all the time.'' Heather giggled.

''Care to repeat what you_''

''Francy!'' Getting up, Leena approached him, a smile on her face. 

Francis's anger faded. Father and daughter's dramatic hug was about to happen when mother came in between them like a villain. ''No hugs until the wedding is completed. The dress is delicate. Leena, take your seat.''

Francis sighed, taking a step back. He stood there watching his baby's joyful smiles until the girls left the family of three.

''I know you are holding up. Let your tears out.'' Heather whispered, standing beside Francis.

How did she guess? Was I that obvious?

''How do I look, Francy'' Leena would have twirled around if the dress was designed with one layer.

He smiled, gently kissing her forehead. ''I am proud of you, Leena.'' In these two months, he has dreamed of this day many times, taking her hand, walking down the aisle, but the reality felt wonderful. The radiance and the joy she was wearing welled up his eyes. His mind got flooded with the old memories of the little girl he would drive to the school, carry her in his arms, play with her, and many more. Time sure flies fast. The little girl has grown up into a beautiful woman today. 

''Thank you, dad.'' Never witnessed but heard her Francy cry many times during her accident, but today, she saw them.

''Regardless of you have grown up to be someone else's queen, you will always be our little princess,'' Heather let out a happy smile, contended. Her daughter found a happy home.

''Love you, mom.'' She linked her hand onto Francis's left arm and rested the other on her mother's arm to walk down with them.


Soft violin music played in the background. Hundreds of sugar maple trees were suspended from the ceiling, creating an arch that flowed above everyone's heads. The resort dimmed with the lights as a crowd of girls dressed in princess gowns appeared, holding the fireflies filled jars, and handed them to the wedding guests. Every guest raised the firefly high above. The lights from the fireflies flickered the beautiful sanctuary.

A soft melodious voice of a woman slowly sank in...

Falling in love with you, 

Take my hand, take my whole life too,

For I can't help falling in love with you...

The crowd gasped as a cute dog dressed in a pink frill dress slowly appeared, walking towards the altar with a small basket securely held in between her teeth. Another gasp escaped as Cutie arrived, scattering the flowers down the ground from the flower basket. 

A proud expression rested on Wilbur's face. He has been searching for her since she sent Elsie to blow the bouncy balloons on him. ''Bratty girl, still I love you.''

Moments later, a big gasp escaped collectively from the crowd as the bride appeared. 

Devin forcefully stopped the movement of his eyelids from blinking. A goddess, stunning in her white dress, radiating against all the greenery of the venue. He had an image of what she might look like, standing there in her wedding dress, but seeing her smiling in front of him, blew all of his expectations out of the water. He has been trying every possible way to sneak into the bride's room, but the woman stood at the door like a Hades Cerberus dog. 

When Leena started walking towards him, unknown emotions started flowing. It was not because of how beautiful she looked. In his eyes, she is always beautiful. 

Their eyes met. Leena smiled at him, reflecting her eyes. A killer smile of hers wounded his eyes. Her heart skipped a beat again. She thought about everything they had been through and how it all led to this moment. The wedding was real. Their love was real. 

Francis placed her hand into Devin and went back to the front row. To Devin's surprise, his father-in-law didnot throw a tantrum today.

Down the grandstand, the family and friends seated on the first row, readily waiting for the vows to start.

''Do I really need to vow? You have my heart.''

Leena tilted her head around, hinting that the world was watching him. Devin let out a hearty laughter. ''Drama queen.'' Without announcement, he lifted her, pulling her on his feet.

''And you love that drama queen.''

''Till the stars grow old, and the sun grows cold, I will only love my drama queen. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms, your home.''

It was not a big speech, but the powerful words were enough to tear her eyes. Screw the makeup, Leena burst into cries. ''Just in case zombie apocalypse comes true..'' She sniffed before continuing. ''If you are turned into a zombie, I promise, Devin, I will let you bite me so that I can become one among you and stay with you forever.''

Devin burst into a peal of laughter. ''The ceremony can never end without Leena's signature style.''

Leena's wedding vow broke a cackle among the crowd. Even the celebrant standing next to them couldn't help but let out a throaty chuckle.

''Do you, Wang Devin, take Leena Hayes to be your wedded wife, to cherish in love, as long as you live, to trust, and honor each other, through the best and worst.''

''I do,'' He answered without hesitation.

''Do you, Leena Hayes, take Wang Devin to be your wedded husband, to cherish in love, as long as you live, to trust, and honor each other, through the best and worst.''

Leaning forward, Leena whispered into his ears. ''When I say, I do, I don't mean dishes.''

''Aren't you the one wearing pants in our home..'' He yanked her by her waist and crashed his lips against her even before the celebrant announced to kiss the bride.

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