The Awakening: Bio-genetics

The Awakening: Bio-genetics


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Set in the city of Tokyo, Japan. The world ended after the explosion of a Chemical Plant alongside a virus, leaving the remaining survivors of Tokyo to retreat to an underground base, governed by the Prime Minister of Tokyo, the outside world inhabitable to them.

Young Kimura Hiro, a victim of the incident (Black Storm), wakes up blind in an underground base, along with a group of kids quarantined in the same room away from the rest civilians. They are told of the shocking disaster and 100 of them, sole survivors of a virus responsible for wiping half of humanity, their cellular structure altered by it making them faster, stronger, and different from the normal average human beings.

All hope turns to the bio-genetics as a means of reclaiming the surface (The outside world), but a much greater threat awaits them on the surface, unlike anything they have ever seen.

What lies in store for the Bio-genetics?

Find out as you experience the thrilling dark adventure of the Bio-genetics, through trials and harsh cruel reality, as they strive to reclaim the surface lost to them.

A/N: This book is anime based... containing series of action, military, romance, and suspense, if you are into these... then this is the right book for you.

WARNING! Mature Contents, Strong Use Of Language, Bloody Scenes.

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