The Auspicious Nights

Chapter 180 - Missing Her.

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It's been three days since he last saw her. He had no idea that her face would be a constant in his mind.

It wasnt love. That, he was sure of. Neither was it lust. It was something else. Something deeper which he couldnt place a finger on.

He didnt mind giving it a name either. Sut felt weird without her presence. The scarf she had sneakily wrapped around his neck never came off.

He only ever took it off when he showered. The ice prince had questions which he needed answers to.

Did she specifically choose the scarf for him? Or did she decided to give it to him just because she could?

If it's the former, then, he needed to reciprocate by giving her something else. It was considered courteous that way.

Something else was on his mind. It irked him how she knew where to find him while he knew not how to reach her.

It has been days since he saw her. What of something happened to her? What if she was ill? As a friend, shouldnt he pay her a visit?

He threw the little stick in his hand away in exasperation. Was he even considered a friend?

Everything began as a game. One he had suggested. Maybe if he had given her what she wanted from the beginning, he wouldn't be in this situation.

But then, if he had done that, he would be bored and deep in his dark memories. Her presence in his life had somehow overshadowed his sad memories.

The memories that haunted his sleep and plagued his thought. In their place was a smiling face laying in a field of flowers.

Her contented look has stuck with him. No matter what he was doing, just the thought of her in that state elicited a genuine smile from his lips.

He could have gone to explore on his own. It had been his original plan. Sadly, he no longer found it appealing.

Things were more beautiful and precious when done with others. He wanted her to be there with him when he goes to explore.

Quite a lot to ask for. He barely knew anything about her. Sut suddenly made a decision. He wanted to know more about her.

Maybe someday in the future, he could get back here to pay a friend a visit. Speaking of a friend, he thought of making her something.

A gift he would give her a sa thank you for the scarf and the flower. Just as she had intended, her thoughts have kept him busy these past days.

He wondered if she did it on purpose and kept away. If that was her plan, she had succeeded. He was fully invested in her now.

He wanted to know more about her. Sut looked around the place and set up a barrier. He wanted to use his ability for once to craft something unique.

His hands moved in a circular motion effortlessly hardening the ground beneath his feet into frozen ice.

It covered just the area under his feet. The prince retrieved a knife out of his pocket and cut out a small square.

He began to shape it. His fingers twitched and turned as he carved some pattern into the square that was come to life, little by little.

After what felt like hours, the only thing left in his hand was a small figurine of a cat made out of ice.

Due to the whiteness of the ice, its shape was not visible. With a snap of his fingers, different colours paints appeared before him.

He looked around until his orbs fell on the azure paint. His gaze shone with excitement as he began to paint. Azure, black, silver and violet.

The cat figurine came to life appearing like miniature sculpture. He snapped his fingers once more as blue flames erupted between his fingers.

He placed the figurine on his palm and let the flame cook it. This was to ensure that it doesnt melt.

The crystal appeared more shiny the more the flames toasted it. Once he was done, he looked at it with a satisfied smile on his lips.

It looked perfect. Just like the owner. Sut's hands touched the necklace hanging on his neck.

His gaze held an unmasked feeling of nostalgia as he opened the locket he always wore. Inside was a picture of the person he cherished the most.

His mother. Though they never got around to meeting her, she meant a lot to them. He removed the chain from the locket and used it to make a necklace out of the figurine he just created.

The locket disappeared into his pocket ashe placed it away. His actions made little sense even to him.

As to why he would use such a precious item for his gift, he had no clue. All he knew in that moment was that, it was something he wanted her to have.

Unlike what most think of him, Sut was a very sentimental and sensitive guy. If someone gave him a little happiness, he ensured that he gave them back a thousand folds.

The little kitten might not know it but she brought back his smile. His charismatic self was slowly coming back to life.

Thus, he felt like giving her something he considered precious to himself. Something made by his hands from his heart.

He looked forward to meeting her again. Maybe this time, if she asked for anything, he would give. As long as it didnt involve killing someone.

That was how much it meant to him to have her around. " I wonder what you are upto kitten?" He spoke out loud to no one in particular.

Meanwhile, Samia had just bid her family goodbye. The elders were leaving today leaving them to their fates.

She hardly left home since they arrived. This was because she wanted to spend as much time as she could with them.

None of them knew when they would get to meet again. For this reason alone, she temporarily set aside her heart's yearning to spend time with family.

Angelo was once again back on his feet. With Samira around, she was more than happy to stay indoors. Even Jibril looked happier.

Albeit the worry and the fear of the unknown that plagued their minds, nothing could take the good time away from them. It was something they felt grateful for.

Unlike Lily and Samir, they actually got to see their parents again. They had each other's backs as always.

Samia was impressed by the firm foundation of unity and love her family was based on.

It came as no surprise seeing as everyone of the adult had something to tell. Their parents weren't the best. Their families weren't the most loving during their youth.

Nit wanting their children to suffer the same fate, the parents choose to create a beautiful and tranquil environment for their growth.

Something samia will always be grateful for. She wouldnt know what she would do if her parents were anything like her aunt Zamarad's or uncle Shahzad's.

It must have been hard for them. That aside, she was currently on a mission. Someone was on her mind. She has missed his very being.

Now that the parents were gone, she wanted to pay hima visit and embrace him. She was well aware of her feelings.

It wasnt love. Not just yet. What she felt, however, was more like an attachment. She felt comfortable with the man around.

A sense of familiarity would engulf her whenever she was around him. As though she belonged with him.

This was what drove her to believe that she only wanted him because he was one fine devil. She liked his addicting scent.

Even his stoic expressions and aloof nature was a turn on for her. What can she say? She liked them wild. Just like herself.

The girl, though only seventeen had imagined how her future partner would be. She wanted someone who will indulge her mischievous nature.

She imagined him to be more adventurous if not at par with her. She had even thought that he would be a hopeless romantic and a vixen .

One she would thoroughly enjoy to devour. She thought he was all that beneath his stoic face.

As she made her way towards the forest, she made a stop at the flower stall. This time, she knew what she wanted even before she looked around.

She picked a single flower that would symbolize her feelings without having to voice it.

She had missed him. Not long after, she stood outside the place the man had made a home out of.

He had even made a fence to her delight. She giggled at how resourceful and articulate he was in setting up a place for himself.

Her heart flagellated in her body as she excitedly opened the door. Sut froze in his steps as he saw the girl's bright smile.

This time, he could no longer maintain his stoic expression. His features softened as his lips stretched into a smile.

She didnt give him the chance to speak as she jumped into his awaiting arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she burried her head in his neck.

Her eyes automatically closed up at the bliss she felt. He felt like home. He smelt like home. So intoxicating.

When wasnt the only one taking in the other's scent. He did the same with her too. His heart relaxed for the first time in days.

She shyly retrieved the flower from her jacket, still clinging onto him and handed it over.

Sut opened his eyes. His heart skipped a beat once more. A pink camellia. He wasnt alone after all. She had been longing for him as well.

His hold tightened on her waist. " I have missed you kitten." His voice came out heavy and hoarse.. So sexy it made the girl shiver.

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