Tempting My Rented Boyfriend

Tempting My Rented Boyfriend


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Betrayed by her Ex and Bestie, Eleanor decides to take revenge on them. On the day before the cheating couple's marriage, she goes to a bar and picks a rented boyfriend.

On the day of the cheating couple's marriage, she embarrasses them in front of the media and the public for cheating on her and for pushing her family business to the verge of bankruptcy.

After dealing with them, she decides to save her company from going bankrupt. Eleanor decides to strike a deal with Emerson's empire.

When she met the Prince of Emerson's she is stunned. The Prince of Emerson's is none other than her Rented Boyfriend!

What will happen to her when she met him face to face?

Can she be able to save her company?

To know more join the journey of Eleanor's Tempting My Rented Boyfriend.

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