Sweet Beauty

Chapter 426 - Should We Let That Woman Take Advantage Of Us

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"How can this be called spending money?" Wei Guowei glared at Yu Lian and said angrily, "Giving money to you is not a waste of money. I am willing and I don't want to let you down. It's decided. I will buy a car for you, okay?"

Yu Lian heaved a long sigh. She picked up Wei Guowei's clothes and personally helped him get dressed. "I can't change your mind, you can do whatever you want. I just want you to be happy when you are with me. You can do whatever you want as long as you feel happy."

Wei Guowei was very happy to hear this. He really enjoyed the feeling of being pampered by a young girl.

By the time he arrived home, Jiang Huifang had already changed into black silk pajamas and was lying on the bed. She's not wearing anything inside and everything can be seen clearly.

Seeing her like this, Wei Guowei knew what she was up to.

Wei Guowei was no longer a fit young man. He had just returned from Yu Lian, so how could he still have the energy to do it with Jiang Huifang.

Although he had stamina, he was not in the mood right now. He was too sleepy. He turned his back to Jiang Huifang, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

Jiang Huifang scolded Wei Guowei for eighteen generations in her heart, then she crawled to him and lay on his body. "Guowei, are you asleep?"

Wei Guowei hadn't slept yet, but he really didn't want to care about Jiang Huifang. If he responded to her now, she would definitely pull him into something, so he closed his eyes and played dead.

Seeing Wei Guowei ignoring her, Jiang Huifang decided to tease him, but no matter what she did, Wei Guowei still did not respond to her.

Jiang Huifang lay back on her bed, confused and irritated. She pulled the blanket to cover herself. In the darkness, her eyes were wide open, but she couldn't hold back the sadness in her heart. Tears flowed quietly from the corners of her eyes.

She knew how much of a bastard Wei Guowei was.

This was the first time he hadn't returned home in all the years he'd been with her.

How could the heartless man have the mood to deal with her when he had a young girl outside.

The more Jiang Huifang thought about it, the more miserable she became. If Wei Guowei really didn't want to divorce her, how would she live her life in the future?

• • • •

Wei Guowei was too well-behaved these two days and didn't go out. In the end, he couldn't take it anymore and found an excuse to go out.

Wei Xiaoqing immediately dragged Jiang Huifang with her as they followed Wei Guowei from behind. They quietly watched him pick up Yu Lian with his car.

This wasn't Yu Lian's house. She wasn't foolish enough to dare to meet an old man at her parents' house.

She arrived by cab and stood at the side of the road to wait for Wei Guowei.

Seeing the two of them hugging each other, Jiang Huifang was so angry that her face turned green. "Shameless. Really shameless! Look at how that bitch hugging him in public. Isn't she afraid that someone will poke her spine and scold her?!"

Wei Xiaoqing said angrily, "Mom, that's enough. Hold back your anger."

There was so much bitterness in Jiang Huifang's heart. Snorts and tears streamed down her face.

Wei Xiaoqing drove her car and followed Wei Guowei's car slowly from behind. Finally, she realized that he had parked his car in front of the BMW 4S store.

Jiang Huifang immediately exploded. "He's not going to buy a car for that bitch, is he?"

Wei Xiaoqing, who was always calm, couldn't hold it anymore. She said with a dark face, "Apparently, dad is really generous. He bought us a cheap car, but he bought this woman a BMW. He really loved that bitch."

Seeing Wei Guowei and Yu Lian walking hand in hand, especially Yu Lian's smiling face, it really stung Wei Xiaoqing's eyes.

She quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and said to Jiang Huifang beside her. "Mom, let's go."

"What?" Jiang Huifang paused and asked uncertainly. "You ... didn't you say that we won't confront him today?"

"Look at the situation right now! If we didn't stop him, dad would spend all his money on that woman!" Wei Xiaoqing was so angry that her eyes turned red. "His money is ours, why should we let that woman take advantage of us? Mom, this won't work! We can't let dad spend even a penny on her!"

Jiang Huifang naturally felt unwilling as well. As soon as Wei Xiaoqing said that, the word "money" buzzed in her head. She nodded and immediately unbuckled her seatbelt before getting out of the car with Wei Xiaoqing.

The sales manager was someone who liked fawning over people. When he saw Wei Guowei bring a young, pretty girl into the store, he knew they were definitely not here to look around.

Men love their faces the most. Whether the woman was Wei Guowei's daughter or Little San, this manager would straighten his back and fulfill all his customers' wishes.

The manager immediately welcomed them with a smile. "Hello, welcome. What car would you like to take a look at? May I know the budget?"

Wei Guowei wanted to say, 'the cheapest one', but when he saw Yu Lian's bright smile, he couldn't say it out loud. He paused, then said with a touch of heroism. "About two million."

"Alright, this way please." The manager led Wei Guowei and Yu Lian to a white BMW, and just as he was about to introduce the car, Wei Guowei ignored him and turned to Yu Lian. "Lian, it doesn't matter how much this car costs. Just take a look at it. If you like it, I'll buy it for you."

How bad could a BMW be?

To Yu Lian, the car was just for a show, and she didn't know anything about it. As long as the brand and the price were expensive, she didn't care about anything else.

A two million car was a pleasant surprise for her. How could she not be happy about it?

"En!" Yu Lian nodded obediently and pointed at the car in front of them. "I like this car. It's great and valuable, and the girls look good when they drive it."

Wei Guowei nodded with satisfaction. "Since you like this car, then let's buy it."

After saying that, he took out his wallet, took out a card, and generously handed it to the manager. "We'll take this one."

The manager didn't expect Wei Guowei to act so presumptuously. He didn't ask for the price. The girl next to him said she liked it, and he just bought it.

When Wei Guowei said two million, the manager deliberately took him to the BMW. This car was worth two million and eight hundred thousand yuan. It was really an expensive car.

The manager took the card and said with a flattering smile.. "Please wait for a moment, we'll complete the formalities now."

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