Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World

Chapter 220 - Incoming Ambassador [1]

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Pearl had visited Lucas's room again. For the 6th month of Lucas's coma, she was still diligently taking care of him. And as she sat beside Lucas's bed, she let out a sigh.

"Things have been complicated, Lucas. A war has broken, but fortunately, the Eastern Continent survived its first hours. However, the Dynasty's military was preparing for a full-scale invasion of a piece of land in the Northern Continent. I just don't know when this will stop..."

Pearl had fought in wars and knew firsthand how devastating they could be to ordinary people's lives. They were innocent of it, and only their leaders were the ones who would benefit from it, not them.

Speaking in a humane way, leaders would just have the power, and anyone who was left without a watcher would be tyrannic towards the subjects. Pearl had lost her consciousness of war, and her vision was only to have people safe.

'It is not enough that my city survived. I want everyone to live peacefully, just like what I wanted most in my life. I wanted to have peace, but fate was not on my side.'

Pearl had recalled the events that happened in her life, just after she recovered from being paralyzed, and thinking about them deeply was painful for her. It was complex and tiring.

'That is why, Lucas, you should wake up.'

Just when Pearl thought about Lucas waking up, she dozed off, falling asleep with her head leaning on the bed just at the side of Lucas. And just after a few seconds, Lucas's eyes moved, slowly opening.

For about a few seconds, Lucas was clueless, blankly staring at the ceiling of his white room. Just when his senses came back, he felt someone laying on his side, and he saw Pearl, sleeping.

A smile curled up from his lips, but then, remembering the situation, he panicked. His heartbeat became fast, but after recalling the decision he had made, he let out a sigh.

'I literally came back to zero. But, it is not bad as I have saved myself as well as others. At least that's what I learned from my millennium mistake, even though it dropped me back into my weakest state.'

Lucas knew that his systems had collapsed, leaving only his dantian-core, which had a more conventional side to spiritual energy. Hence, anything he would do in the future would be more about cultivation and less about magic. However, he did not regret the decision he made. How could he be called a descendant of the Genius Bloodline if he just let his mistakes take over his future?

'Coming back into my previous state was not hard. Probably, I can even achieve a higher state in a short time. Even I collapsed into this state, my progression rate had raised as the impurities of mana that were affecting spiritual energy disappeared. There were no hostile passive abilities in my body that would threaten spiritual energy.'

He clenched his fist and then tried to sit on his own without waking Pearl up. He successfully did it, but Pearl's hair was brushed to the side, exposing her calm, resting face.

Lucas took a pause and stared at Pearl. He felt as if a throbbing sensation was sent into him while looking at her, but he just ignored it and tried to move his muscles.

'I have no time for this. I should commence my plans for the legacy.'

Even though Lucas fell into a coma, his consciousness wandered around his mind, thinking about what he should do. And it was during those six long months that he devised his plans for the legacy.

Lucas tried to force himself to stand up, putting his feet onto the cold floor. But, unfortunately for him, he failed to do it as his muscles were still weak at the moment. He then continued to assess his body, despite being devastated by the result of his action.

Lucas then saw an image of his body, showing different meridian points that were blocked at the current moment. He lifted his finger, then pressed onto the meridian points and continued to feel the flow of his Magique Qi.

He sighed in relief and shook his head. 'This isn't enough. My body deteriorated after the coma. But, surprisingly, it didn't affect my progress for some reason.'

'Let's go.'


"Are we done with the Fort Sun? Right? Brother Lukros had helped with the creation of the walls, right? It is incredible that he has some kind of ability to do that. I am intrigued by his techniques, but we should focus on one thing for now." Yuna Xiao stated as she walked down a path to Lucas's room with Jeric and Thomas by her side. Wilford also promised to come along, but for some important task, he couldn't.

"Yes, Brother Lucas finally woke up. I couldn't be happier to feel his presence again. Even though the control of his presence was odd, I am sure that this is him." Jeris said in a joyful tone.

Yuna then shook her head in tease and tapped his shoulder. "You don't have to worry. I also felt the same way. Even though it seemed to be mediocre, it is understandable since he just woke up. He might be confused by now."

"I just hope that there was nothing wrong with his brain. He was about to damage his brain when he drained his energy. And because of our shortcomings, we couldn't find any useful solution to learn about his current condition." Thomas commented, showing an obviously worried expression.

Without a doubt, Yuna was more distressed by the fact that Lucas had woken up. Not just because she wanted to thank him, but she also missed him.

And just as they rushed to Lucas's room, they slowly slid the door open.

"Brother Lucas!" 

Lucas sat quietly in his room, watching Pearl. As he was inundated by Jeric and Thomas's calls, he flinched in surprise. He gazed at them, trying to keep them quiet because Pearl was still asleep. But, too late for him, Pearl woke up from her short slumber.

Pearl was perplexed at first when she noticed a fuzzy image of Lucas sitting next to her. Scratching her eyes, she hoped to see through it. But, as the fuzzy vision of Lucas became clearer, tears welled up in both of her eyes.


Lucas awkwardly smiled and then greeted them. "Good morning."


Everyone was taken aback when Lucas awoke. They all went to his room and reunited with him. Lucas's familiars appeared in human form as well. Also, Lucas's companions had gathered to visit him and speak with him once more.

And, as if he, too, was overwhelmed, Lucas lifted his hand and attempted to calm them down.

"Easy... I won't be going anywhere. I am just in front of you, happy as well since it has been months since I was in a coma."

"What do you mean, Master?" Wilford asked.

"Well, I was aware that I was in a coma, and I know that I have been lacking as your master. But since I woke up, I can continue helping you guys. Especially with the war with other continents."

"How did you know about it?" Yuna suddenly asked, dumbfounded for the first few seconds as soon as she heard it.

'From what I could remember, I didn't mention it to him. Even about the legacy that was connected to the war.'

"I know it well, Yuna. Even the legacy of becoming the ambassador of the Mortal Heaven. I know it well. And I know that you are aiming to become the ambassador for the purpose of not giving the position to a tyrannic person. Am I right?"

Yuna was silent after those words, Lucas said. They were precise and accurate. She could just ponder how Lucas learned about it when he was supposed to be away from them and Yuna purposefully froze the information from going out. She knew it well.

Lucas smiled awkwardly and faced his familiars. "I didn't know that you were here guys."

"Master, for some reason, a person approached us, saying that he was a king from our world. And it seemed that he was well aware of your condition. I just don't know if he was lying or not since he suddenly disappeared when he finally found you."

Lucas was about to scoff after hearing it. He had an idea of that person's identity, and it was Xiulong, the current ambassador of the Mortal Heaven.

"Don't worry about it. It was probably a lie or something from heaven's will."

His familiars were frozen in shock as they heard Lucas say that notion. They were in disbelief that Lucas would even say those concepts in front of them or even try to entertain the idea since Lucas didn't believe in fate for some reason.

"What do you mean, Master?" Ellisa hesitantly asked.

"Well, I know who that person was, but I won't be telling you who it was. But instead, I will tell you one thing," Lucas then gave Yuna an eye and continued what he was about to say.

"Yuna, I will continue the legacy instead of you. I will become the ambassador, and you don't have to worry about anything, right?"

Lucas considered things carefully, and he reasoned that Yuna would agree with him because she was still undecided.. In fact, it was as if she had inherited her ancestor's decision.

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