Chapter 692 - 692: Clash At The Airport

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Tianlong Yun's words startled and shocked everyone in the surroundings, as they were looking at him with some confused and puzzled expression.

Even the twins seemed to be a bit confused by the words of their big brother, but they quickly made the connection.

With Tianlong Yun's training in becoming assassins, and collecting information they already knew a few things, but they hadn't expected the Okamura Clan to make such a move.

At the same time, the young lady on Tianlong Yun's arms seemed to have understood her situation as well, as she tried to escape from his grasp, only to feel like a caged bird.

To be more exact Tianlong Yun's arms seemed like the most impossible prison to break right now, and she had no other choice but to stay trapped in there.

At the same time, Tianlong Da Diushi took the front, looked at the Okamura Clan's Young Master and 'security guards' as he said,

"To think that the famous Okamura Clan would think of such tricks to proclaim fame and try to put us down!

Don't you guys think that you are actually underestimating us quite a bit?"

With that said, he spread out his pressure as a cultivator and his aura and bloodlust as an assassin. Immediately the temperature fell by quite a few degrees in the surroundings.

The twins were top talents in assassinations and coupled with one of the best cultivation manuals they had reached Soul Formation Realm already.

While they were only on the first levels of the Soul Formation Realm and had quite a long way forward, their strength was more than enough to take care of an Okamura Clan.

But acting where they were wasn't a smart move either, as right now they were under the public eyes, and showing too much prowess, or supernatural strength would be quite difficult to control.

Even the Okamura Clan that were inside their own country weren't able to actually show their skills and prowess in public, for that reason they could only scream and shout crap.

"Hahahaha~! Underestimating a Ghajini!? Don't make me laugh!

You guys should feel honored that someone of my stature even appeared here, as not even our servants would want to come and deal with you!"

"Yet here you are! Does this mean that you see yourself even lower than your own servants Young Master Okamura?

That is quite the mentality, and estimation you have right there! I am sure that your servants would be moved to tears!"

Even Tianlong Yun was a bit surprised to hear the normal cold and rigid Tianlong Da Diushi talk like that, or better yet to push his opponent's buttons like that.

The fact that the opponent was an arrogant and cocky idiot just made things easier and better for him, as he was unable to come up with a verbal response, and resorted to acting,

"You damn motherfu*cking Ghajini, I will make you wish you were never born!

Kill that fu*cking Ghajini for me!"

Even when he was angered and pissed off to the extreme he seemed to understand that he wasn't Tianlong Da Diushi's opponent, and he ordered the 'security' around him to act.

"Young Master this is a public place, we can't…"

"You dare to question my orders? I thought I made it clear from the beginning that you have to follow my words to the last!

Now go and kill that mother fu*cking Ghajini, if you don't want to die before him by committing seppuku!"

The guy seemed to have understood that his Young Master had lost his mind, but the fact was that he couldn't object to his Young Master's orders.

Even the Patriarch had told him to follow the Young Master's orders as if they were some heavenly revelation, so he had no other choice but to act.

Thinking like that, he could only hope that they would be able to do this cleanly and quickly, so he immediately passed the orders,

"Make it clean and quick! Like that, we can still defend ourselves in front of the other clans!"

On the other hand, the twins and Tianlong Yun were just standing on their spot like they had nothing to do with whatever was happening around them.

Certainly, the experts of the Okamura Clan weren't pushovers either, as before actually attacking, they threw around 10 smoke and flash grenades in the surroundings.

That was enough to actually cover the whole region of the airport in smoke, and blinding light, that while it wouldn't affect them, it would surely block the sight of normal people around.

The moment that the grenades exploded, and the whole place was covered in blinding light and smoke, the experts of the Okamura Clan took out their knives, and swords, and attacked.

'Clangg…. Clanggg…, clanggg…'

Sounds of metal clashing were heard all over the place, as the normal people felt strong vibrations in the entirety of the surroundings, and they had no choice but to pass out.

The pressure that the fighting experts were released was in the space around them itself, so no one was able to escape from it.

Forget about normal people, even though guys that had surpassed their normal limits, weren't able to keep their clarity if they weren't up to some level.

10 minutes later the sounds stopped, but the smoke around the area disappeared only after another 10 minutes had passed. Which was also the time that the airport security finally intervened.

In fact, they had been ready to intervene much faster, but unfortunately, it was impossible for them to do so, due to the orders they had received.

The higher-ups had ordered for them to just look from afar and not get involved in something that might risk their lives.

No one dared to disobey such an order, but by the time that the smoke had started to disperse they found out that there was no one inside it anymore.

That's right!

There was no sign of the experts, nor the Okamura Clan's Young Master in there, and even less sign of the twins, and Tianlong Yun nor that young lady.

What had happened?

Well, we would have to return time a little a bit when the smoke and flash grenades exploded and covered the whole place in blinding lights and smoke.

From that moment, Tianlong Yun disappeared from the scene with the young lady in his arms and appeared in a restricted area of the airport where an old man was drinking a cup of tea.

The old man had white to grey hair, and a long face which was surprisingly without any wrinkle. Even though he looked old, his face was as smooth as that of a baby.

At that moment there were three guards hiding in the shadows around him to protect him, as he enjoyed his cup of tea, but neither he nor the guards sensed Tianlong Yun before he appeared in front of them.

Still, the old fox managed to hide his surprise quickly, as he looked towards Tianlong Yun with a bit of alert, and curiosity.

On the other hand, Tianlong Yun had the beauty still in his hands, as he sat in front of the old man, and placed the young lady on his lap, while saying,

"Don't you think that it's a bit distasteful to welcome me like that old man? After all, I don't remember ever offending you!"

Saying that his expression hardened and turned ugly for a moment, as he continued,

"I understand your sentiment to protect your Patriarch, and even teach me a lesson, but shouldn't you be strong enough in order to do that?

After all, even your Patriarch hasn't acted against me, do you think that you are worthy and capable?"

'Crracckkkk…, clannkkkk…'

Those words sounded like he was saying them to himself, but the people who needed to receive that message, received it, as a metal sword cracked and got destroyed as if it was made of glass.

In fact, Tianlong Yun could have gone even further, but he stopped there to show that his intentions weren't to cause friction, and problems.

The old man seemed to have realized that, and the guys in the shadows understood their place as well, so they just stood there on standby.

"Very well! Now, where were we? Oh, right, the distasteful welcome! May I know the reason why Patriarch Muto?"

"It seems like your information, and your network are widespread young man! But sometimes spreading too far and wide is bound to create complications don't you think!?"

"Hmm~! You are right, spreading too far and wide, especially in a short time, is bound to attract attention and create trouble.

But what if I am capable of handling those problems? After all, the deciding factor in this world is strength, connections, and power!"

"That is some truly interesting comment young man! You think you possess the strength and power to conquer the world?"

"Hahaha~! Patriarch Muto, I might not be able to conquer the world now, but that is because we both have different ideas on what World represents!

Now, I am going to say this only once so make sure to think about it well. Are you going to enter my camp, or are you going to disappear?"

The moment that Tianlong Yun voiced those words, even space and time seemed to have frozen, and even the old man couldn't keep his calm and composition anymore.

There was arrogance in Tianlong Yun's voice for sure, but more importantly, there was self-confidence and belief.

"Hoho~! Don't you think that you are stretching your legs beyond the cover young man? After all, you should at least show your worth don't you think?"

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