Reincarnated as an Energy with a System

Chapter 359 - Transformation

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Night, Blue, and Aegis had all transformed to a human form unintentionally after reaching the Spirit Transformation realm. 

Night had silk-like black hair that flowed down to his shoulders and turned to feathers at some point along the way. He had an oval face on his tall body that kept a stoic expression despite the surprise he was in. His eyes were fully black, with no whites, as if they were doorways to the eternal abyss.

He had also made a cloth for himself that was a black robe with a few hints of white in it. 

Aegis has a short build with a wide, naive-looking face. His hair was fully golden and he even had yellow on his pupils. He was the shortest of the 3 and looked the youngest amongst them as well. 

He had made himself a white and gold robe that covered every part of his body. The only thing weird about Aegis was the small protrusion on his head that looked like something was growing out of it.

Finally, Blue had short blue hair on a tall body. He had made himself a partially blue and partially white robe. He had an elongated face with blue eyes and two dragon horns popping out of his head. 

He also had slightly scaled skins that fully turned into scales the more it went below the neck. Of the 3, his transformation was the most incomplete. 

"Congratulations on entering the Spirit Transformation realm," Ning said. "You seem to have unintentionally transformed to a human, that happens. You can just turn back to your usual self if you want to. Or, you can even turn fully human if that is what you want."

"It's better if you don't stay like this. Half and a half probably won't help you anywhere," Ning said.

"Master, is this what it feels to be you?" Blue asked as he started touching his face and body with his hands and fingers. "I've never touched my face before. I can't believe I'm doing it right now."

"Oh wow, these muscles are so soft," Aegis said as he pinched his own cheeks. "Ouch, it even hurts a bit. How do you live like this master? Everything feels so fragile."

Night started to check his own body too. "My balance is… weird," he said. "I'm used to having something behind me that helps balance my body that usually in the front. But… this is so different, I have no weight in front of me or behind me. Can I even walk in this?" 

Night tried walking and had to take baby steps as he wasn't using how else he could balance a human body. 

Blue and Aegis did the same. They had flown all the way here, so they didn't realize that a new body could feel so different when moving around. 

"Master, look! I can touch my toes," Blue said from the side as he bent down to touch his legs. Aegis was hitting himself from the front and the back, trying to figure out if he was still as strong in this current form or if he needed to transform back if he needed to. 

Ning and Ely just stood there, smiling, letting them get accustomed to their new body. They were like little kids who had gotten a new toy to play with. 

After a while, Ning said, "Try transforming back. You won't always have the luxury of being in the human form."

"Oh, why not?" Blue asked. 

"The place outside is lacking in Qi, so I do not know if you can keep the human body or not. My understanding of cultivation says you can, but it's still very lacking so anything can happen," Ning said.

"Okay," Aegis said and tried turning back to his beast form. Night and Blue nodded as well and tried to turn back as well. 

"Are they strong in the human form?" Ely asked. 

"I don't think so. They can show maybe 60 to 80 percent of their original strength in their human form," Ning said. "It's mostly because some of their techniques and skills can only be used in beast form, otherwise, physically it should be the same."

"Then why did they even gain the ability to transform if they can't use all of their skill?" Ely asked. "Or thinking about it in the other direction, why didn't we get something like that when we entered the Spirit Transformation realm?" 

"We can't help it," Ning said. "It's what the world wills. The planet wishes for the most dominant creatures to be humans, so humans are good from the start. Beasts on the other hand are adapting to the will of the world."

"If this were a world where beasts are the ones that have the planet's grace, then we would have likely gained a skill to transform to a beast," Ning said.

"I see," Ely said. "Sometimes I'm jealous of how much you know about cultivation and the rest."

"Umm… I can let you learn it too," Ning said. "System, create a book with knowledge of cultivation at…. Advanced level."

<That will cost you 300 Billion, are you sure?>

Ning paused for a bit to deliberate, but when he saw Ely's expectant face, he didn't have to.

"Do it," he said. He had already spent 947 Trillion today, so another 300 Billion was nothing to him if it meant the others would gain valuable knowledge regarding cultivation.

White light shined in front of him and a massive book appeared in his hand.

The 3 of them struggled for a bit to find the way to turn themselves back to their original beast form, but they did it in the end. 

"Woah, you guys got so big after breaking through," Ely said. The 3 of them were much larger than last time so they changed their sizes once more and turned back how they were normally. 

The 3 talked for a little longer, and Ning decided to teach them some crucial information regarding cultivation through the book he had just created.. If they decided to stay with their newfound family and friends, then Ning wanted them to have knowledge of a couple of things that may help them down the line when he wasn't around.

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