Queen Of Hearts Is The CEO's, Mysterious Love.

Chapter 107 - Reassuring Smile

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The car stopped in front of the main entrance of the West Wing and the standing chauffeur quickly stepped in to open the door by Li Na's side. When the door opened, still blindfolded, Li Na turned toward the thick sound, she was about to raise her hand when she felt the knot behind her head tugged and the fold slipped down. 

She blinked several times and saw the familiar interiors of the house she sighed in affixed relief as if she was honoured with the view of the place where resides the sole person she began to cherish as he also loved her unconditionally.

  'Little Tiger,' she thought momentarily gazing at the hall, and while travelling in back to home she had mused over if Little Tiger had his dinner or it was late, and he might sleep all ready for her to spend some time with him.

Just as she placed a foot down to descend she turned back slightly and murmured a subdued thank you and fled into the house. Climbing the stairs quickly towards Little Tiger's room.  Lu Jianjun watched her for a moment before stepping down and tossing the car keys to the standing man.

When Li Na neared the bedroom door, she heard it. A baby's loud wail. No, was it Little Tiger? It was him crying...she ran towards the room at once. Another load of bewailing came soaring from behind the door, almost causing her to lose her balance on the stair steps in a bustled rush.  She was remembered of his morning crying when he went haywire shutting her out thinking of that her fear rose to new heights.

Midway through the door from the stairs, Li Na glimpsed Butler Wu's back strolling around in the room while carrying the weeping Little Tiger, his chubby face was soaked in tears as he expresses in his own broken language, asking the same question again and again.

Butler Wu soothed the boy gently in one arm and he held a cellphone on another one, seemingly struggling to handle both while dialling for a certain number. A maid stood rooted in the corner of the room, standing helpless in the situation.

Merely while Butler Wu turned after around cradling him, and the weeping Little Tiger came to see the cornered maid, he wailed loudly at her presence complaining profusely and neglecting everything aside Butler Wu immediately dismissed the maid for the first thing.

Hurrying out of the room, the maid stopped for a moment when she came face to face with anxious Li Na walking up almost busting into her. Without inquiring for any reason about the situation from the maid, with one hand raised Li Na signalled the maid to continue her steps and leave quickly. Then she entered the room and saw the almost dead tired Butler Wu sighed in relief on seeing her.

"Little Tiger?" Her subdued voice asked uneasily. At her anxious calling, Little Tiger's eyes instantly became aware of her presence and he abruptly stopped crying. 

With a racing heartbeat and tangled anxiousness of mild fear, Li Na stood there for a few seconds to catch her uneven breathing. 

Gazing at her with a timid look, it was not long before Little Tiger could hold back his cries anymore. He pursed his lips tightly but soon, his eyes became teary again in agony ready to shatter in the next moment. And before he could burst out in wailing, Li Na rushed forward and held out her arms to the baby.

With worn bawling and weak apprehension, Little Tiger dipped towards her and drowsily sank into her embrace and burst into cries.

Died of worry, Li Na's breath hitched at the sound of his pained wail. And the moment he leaned in her arms she felt the soaring temperature of the body from his wearing clothes.

She looked up at the old man as Butler Wu asked for permission to attend the connecting call. She gave a mindless nod and he excused himself, hurrying out of the room.

Holding him dearly and simultaneously cradling the boy in a gentle motion, Li Na kissed his downy head which scorched her lips with its seared temperature and felt the wailing boy settling against the curve of her neck longingly while clinging to her close as he adheres to the consolation while battling the extreme fatigue and giddiness.

He had almost suffocated his strengths in crying, she considerately noted from his weakened form.  'Why do you cry so much to be exhausted!?'

Seeing the comfort and little ease returned to his damped chubby face as Little Tiger rests in her cuddle with a weary look, Li Na restrain herself from asking anything to the boy. He had just stopped crying she doesn't want to rouse him up again with her inquiry when he looked this utterly tired out. She continued to swing him softly and his eyelid appeared droopy and heavy with a trance look.

"He just won't stop crying...I did the tests. And called the Doctor, as Little Tiger was repeatedly saying his head is aching and also running on fever." She heard Butler Wu's voice coming outside the door as if describing to someone. And not long before she swung to walk back a forth and saw the man appear. 

"How long has he's been crying like this?" Lu Jianjun asked a deep frown etched on his forehead as he walked into the room.

"Since, he woke up from the nap, a while ago," Butler Wu answered and stood astonished to see the little one settled silently in the caress of Li Na's embrace as she swings the boy mildly from side to side and stroked the back of his head.

Shocked yet mesmerized by the sight, Butler Wu stared at them, felt utterly speechless.

"Get the Doctor immediately," Lu Jianjun spoke and Butler Wu bowed his head before walking out quickly.

Lu Jianjun's awareness wholly narrowed onto the woman and his kid. She was cradling the weary boy in her arms, pacing around the room, he also observed Little Tiger clinging to her almost asleep and doesn't appear to be wailing as severely he was told by the concerned Butler. But the exhaustion was evident in his damped face.

Filled with newfangled apprehension, Lu Jianjun strolled towards them. Li Na gazed down at the sleepy boy when Lu Jianjun placed his hand lightly on Little Tiger's forehead to feel the temperature.

"It's too high," she mumbled, nearly choking in tension.

Little Tiger was fighting to keep his eyelids open but when he sensed his father's touch, his eyes fluttered and opened. Tears gathered in his brownish eyes again, as he looked up, meeting Lu Jianjun's concerned gaze. 

Before Lu Jianjun could speak, in the next instant, the pale Little Tiger raised his hand,  pointing the index finger towards his throbbing temples, "Dad, it's h-hurting here..." he said in a meek hoarse voice, meshed with pain telling on what he is going through.

Hot tears flowed silently as he then pointed to the coarse feeling throat and said in a hoarse cry, "H-here too," his tone of speaking was too flabby and immature still it seemed like a strain melody to Li Na's ear which was laced with pain. She couldn't help but cradle him more comfortingly.

Even Lu Jianjun lost a little of the colour in his face as he looked down at Little Tiger. He took his hands and said, "Does it hurt too much? Don't cry...it'll get better after treatment." And he lightly strokes his damped cheeks and said gently, "You will be alright!" assuring the boy.

Little Tiger nodded his head tearfully believing his father's words without any struggle and Li Na felt the boy relax against her astonishing her.

Lu Jianjun wiped the tears away and picked up Little Tiger from her arms, 

and the boy didn't protest but then his eyes moved and get fixed on Li Na intently as if she was unreal and he was dreaming of her. His dreamy look gave her major concern.

He stared at her all the while when Lu Jianjun was laying him down on the bed, and then adjusted the pillow before covering him up with the soft blanket. 

"I'll be right back," Lu Jianjun said stroking his forehead where he said to feel pain, Little Tiger gave him a weak nod. 

Li Na saw the bowl of water and stripped clothes dipped into it and some placed beside the bed. It seems like Butler Wu had tried to aid his temperature. She went to the table and picked up the bowl and clothes just as Lu Jianjun was to get up. She placed a light hand on his shoulder abstaining him from getting up and he looked up at her.


"I'll get this to replace with fresh ones," Lu Jianjun seems to oppose the idea and she sensed it with his grim frown before he could voice out his advice, she squeezed her finger on his shoulder as her eyes uneasily shifted to Little Tiger and then back to him, requesting him to listen for once.

Lu Jianjun looked down attentively at the little one with prying eyes, the little one implies to be lost as he increasingly stares at Li Na's face in a trance, it was then Lu Jianjun noticed Little Tiger had unknowingly held his sleeves in a strong clutch. He seems to be alarmingly vulnerable about her presence as if she had seen him in a very sorry state.

Lu Jianjun worryingly turned to Li Na as she gave him a reassuring faint smile. "You stay with him," she said softly.

Little Tiger watched Li Na turn around and his gaze followed her when she walked out of the door.    Lu Jianjun hoped he'll instantly be dropped off to sleep but Little Tiger's heavy eyes stick to the door and slowly a frown etched when she didn't return quick instead of Li Na's face he saw a maid entered with renewed cloth and bowl and Little Tiger's tongue twitched with frustration. Where is she when he needs her the most? He yanked his hand free and kicked off the blanket from his frame and turned away.

Inside, the kitchen where all the working maids stopped preparing the meal on Li Na's solemn command had troubled faces in the beginning, yet now they stood watching the young woman carry out the cooking efficiently. Occasionally the house lady would ask them for ingredients she could not locate and their job was to point out the direction from distance, and Li Na fetches the item to proceed with her task. 

As Li Na prepared the soup she had learned from her mother, Li Jiazhi, the workers watched her in growing wonder and admiration, she put out the deliciously aromatic dishes which can even arouse the appetite of the dying person.  The sound grew in the kitchen as they murmured praises in low voices amongst each other while Li Na garnished them beautifully. One of the maids quietly clicked Li Na's picture and hid her phone which was banned to use during manor working hours.. It was rare to see a low profile celebrity to watch cooking at home. 

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