Queen Of Hearts Is The CEO's, Mysterious Love.

Queen Of Hearts Is The CEO's, Mysterious Love.


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Some people love with passion like a blazing fire in their hearts whereas some keep the ocean of compassion inside theirs. The loss or defeat of one leads to another's destruction.

And they had the best and worst of each other.


A top-notch and former data scientist resigned from an intelligence agency. Her identity was kept secret but after a few months, she was deceived and shot dead.

Anyways they didn't know her real family background. She was a capable heir of the world's richest corporation.

She died and restored but lost everything... a loving family, her identity and most importantly an unusual love.

It's her new adventure loaded with love and lots of fun with her friends and mysterious love, she raised herself from the ashes.

With all ups and downs, Li Na/Mei-Xing craves to avenge her grave.

Whatever the reason and whoever the backstabber is?


Meanwhile, Lu Corporation's King Lu Jianjun was puzzled. Is she for real?

The bundle of a burden he owned was not the same. It's was as if her internal color and form were completely changed.

Whenever he saw her she seemed different!

Like a mystery for brain and an answer from the heart.

This is a tale is about their path from ending to the beginning.