Queen Era: The Monster I Love

Queen Era: The Monster I Love


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In the time of war and in the land of magic and myth, a desperate need for survival brought forth a truce with the wicked king, a marriage alliance.

Over time, that alliance was thought to have been forgotten until the time of the prophecy, a warring time like no other, kick-started, ushering in the birth of a new age, and the tyrant king, conqueror of the earth and all those who lived in it emerged.

No king who stood in his way survived and no kingdom, no matter how great, was spared. They fell, one by one before his sword. And so it was, till the passing of time when war came knocking once again at the gates of her kingdom. Unlike the last time, she was but a babe but now…

She, Era, was a charming beauty and a daring soul, filled with hatred but broken by the love of the one she hated most.

He, Vidor, was a tyrant, filled with rage, thirst and lust for power for no just cause whatsoever, left to live a cursed life until he met her and light came into his life in the most unimaginable painful way ever but he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Join these two who had been forsaken by fate in their journey to find that one true happiness in a life filled with war, hate, despair, pains, betrayal, revenge and love.


Stay away from me! Era screamed at the top of her lungs as her feet found their lining in retreating backwards till she hit the wall.


A soft chuckle resounded in the poorly lit room followed by a bone-chilling voice that seemed to make one's knees buckle upon hearing it.

And why should I? Or have you forgotten that your parents willingly gave you to me to spare their sorry lives and that of your people?

Sobs! Sniffs! Slowly she lifted her eyes again in the poorly lit room to see the coldness in the eyes of the monster she hated. They may have, but it was a sacrifice I chose to pay.

Great. I love that boldness little rabbit, but you belong to me now and that includes all of you. His dark onyx eyes roamed over her body lustfully as his tongue stylishly slid out of his mouths licking his lower lips before covering the little gap between them. Every inch of you.

Her face suddenly turned gross at the thought of him having her. NEVER! Even her was shocked by the boldness at which she screamed at him. I... HATE... YOU, MONSTER!!

Rather than being angry, he found it more amusing that a small rabbit-like her, could actually use her inner voice.

Hahaha… Until then. I would wait till the day you beg and want me. Until then, my little rabbit.