My Evil Genius Wife

Chapter 362 - Workout Session Iii**

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Xu Nuan jolted her head back at the tickly sensation when Han Zihao's cold hands moved from her back to her thighs, grazing against her bare skin. 

Since her legs were raised up on the couch, the white-pencil skirt that she was wearing has also raised, exposing more skin of hers. 

Her earlobes were flushed to crimson when he gazed into her eyes with his captivating-seductive gaze while caressing her thighs and teasing her, slowly making his way under her raised-up skirt. 

Seeing her backing away from the kiss and feeling the sensation of his touches, Han Zihao's lips curved in a mischievous smirk. Rather than allowing her to enjoy the butterfly sensation that he was causing due to his teasing caresses, he decided to take things to the next level. 

He didn't allow her to catch up on her breath and moved from her lips to her ears, sucking on her crimson and scorching red earlobes. 

Xu Nuan shuddered when he sucked on her earlobes and stroked her bare skin under the skirt at the same time. 

Things were getting too chaotic for her to think clearly. The things he was doing to her were making her lose her senses and she was already sweating when the office was cool enough because of the air conditioner. 

However, it wasn't enough to extinguish the fire that was burning inside her, making her face turn red. 

The pleasing ministrations of his lips and his touches were too overwhelming for her to think straightly. Her grasp around his neck loosened as she couldn't feel the strength in her hands. 

Her hands loosely hung on his shoulders as he continued to make her feel good with his lips and hands. 

From her ears to her neck and then to her sharp collarbone, his lips were marking its territory. 

After showering her with butterfly kisses and sucking on her bare skin to purple, Han Zihao moved downwards, stopping in front of her breasts. 

He raised his head to look up at Xu Nuan, who had her eyes closed and was looking like a temptress with her head held back and her silky hair were now slightly sweaty and messy, making her look even more seductive than before. 

The sexy expression on her face when she enjoys herself is to die for. 

He gritted his teeth seeing her biting her lower lip to control her loud moans which made her look even more sensual and tantalizing. 

Seeing this sight of hers in front of him, he let out a low grunt before taking one of her breasts in his mouth, sucking her perky nipple over the blouse. 

Meanwhile, his other free hand was busy kneading and massaging the other one - sometimes flicking over the nipple, earning a low cry from her. 

Even though she was still wearing her blouse, the thin material of it couldn't contain the excitement that she was feeling. 

Her body was feeling as if it's on fire. 

Before Xu Nuan could figure out what's going on, he has already tear-off the blouse that she was wearing and tossed away her bra on the floor along with the blouse - removing the remaining barrier between their bodies. 

Xu Nuan gasped, feeling the cold air from the air conditioner but before she could react to this situation, she was already sitting naked in front of him - with her bare upper body.

Han Zihao's eyes lit up to see her soft-fluffy mounds and those perky ni*ples. He didn't waste any other moment and lunged at her once again, this time taking her breasts in his mouth, without any barrier between them. 

He sucked on her hard ni*ples and massaged and flicked over the other one with his hand, giving equal attention to both of them. 

" Ahh...Zihao…" Xu Nuan grabbed a fistful of his black-thick hair and pulled them in response when he sucked on her nipples and played with her breasts, using his mouth. 

She panted heavily while holding onto him for her dear life. The position that they were in was extremely uncomfortable for her as her body kept leaning back due to his teasing-seductive actions, but she couldn't care less. 

If not for her grasp on him, she would have fallen badly and would have made fun of herself in front of him. 

While Xu Nuan was trying to hold back her loud moans to resonate in the spacious office room, she jolted when he touched her down there, over her panty. " Ah…not there…." she whimpered while running her hands over his nape, sometimes pulling on his hair. 

Han Zihao grunted against her mounds when he felt how wet she was down there. As he rubbed her with his fingers, her breath became heavier and she started to run her up and down, caressing the back of his neck. 

This was an unconscious reaction of Xu Nuan, but this action of hers was making him lose his remaining self-control. 

He cursed under his breath and raised up his head to look at her face. He stared at her flushed cheeks and slightly swollen lips and leaned in for a deep kiss once again. While kissing her soft-smooth lips, he breathed against her lips, " Yue Yue….I can't take it anymore." 

Xu Nuan gulped in nervousness and opened her eyes to look at him. Her heart stopped beating for a minute when she saw him staring back at her - as if begging her to give him permission. 

Her hands trembled slightly as she tried to fight between the angel and the devil who was sitting at her shoulders, telling her what to do. 

Should she stop here and go back to work or should she give in to these emotions and let him continue? 

She parted away from the kiss and looked at him in puzzlement, "But…we're still in the office. We can't do it here. There are people outside." she said while looking towards the closed door of the office. 

She didn't check it earlier but she didn't even know if the door was locked or not. They didn't do all of this without locking the door, or did they? A sudden thought came over her mind, making her shudder in fear. 

She doesn't want to turn their intimate moment into a public entertainment show. 

Seeing her worried expressions, Han Zihao let out a low sigh before pinching her chin and making her look at him, " Don't worry. No one will dare to come inside."

"Everyone has gone out for lunch. The whole floor is empty." He answered monotonously, trying to avoid her suspicion. 

However, she was too fast to catch on to the situation. She stared at with furrowed brows and asked in a stern voice, " Tell me honestly, did you tell them to go away? There is no way that everyone will leave at once. It's the Presidential office, afterall."

As much as she knows Feng Sheng, he never leaves Han Zihao's side. Even during lunchtime, he eats outside at his desk and Han Zihao eats in his room if they don't have any lunch meetings or appointments.

Han Zihao bit his lower lip and stared at her naked body and swollen lips. " Don't you think it's not the right time to go over such things? Huh?" He asked, reminding her sensitive state. 

Xu Nuan frowned and looked down at her. Her face instantly became crimson upon remembering the state she was in and gulped wondering if she should let him go this time or not. 

Seeing her contemplating what to do, Han Zihao saw his golden opportunity and wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her closer. With their lips almost touching, he asked her again in a low-seductive voice, " Yue Yue, these things can wait for a while. However, as you can see, I am not in no condition to wait anymore." He urged her, reminding his sensitive condition. 

She swallowed her saliva nervously, feeling something hard poking her from the bottom. All the questions and doubts vanished in an instant as she could feel something hot pooling in her lower abdomen. 

" But the people will come soon." She cried out against his lips. Even if they have gone out, they will soon come back and it will be too embarrassing if they get caught like this. 

" They won't. There will be no disturbance, I promise." He added and waited for her to show her green flag. 

While Xu Nuan was busy pondering his offer, he pursed his lips seeing her taking her sweet time to think about this matter. The next moment, before Xu Nuan could think about it any further, he held her by the waist and threw her on his shoulder, and carried her.

" Ahhh, what are you doing? Are you crazy?" She shouted in stupefaction when he suddenly carried her and threw her on his shoulder like a sack of rice bag.

" Thinking time is over. It's action time now."

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