Mommy...Can you Win Daddy's Love again?

Chapter 235 - Evil Plan Of Jessica

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When Mr Green was in deep thought, the call was disconnected. He was in no mood to call Jessica back. He resumed back sipping the wine.

After a few seconds, his mobile popped with the message. It was from Jessica.

" I am waiting in the hallway. It's been two weeks since you talk with me... " 

Immediately, Mr Green took his mobile and dialled her number. " Jessica….what are you doing here at this time? "

" I am already at your Mansion. Let me meet you personally.. " she replied over the call.

" Okay. Come to my study room…." He said. He doesn't want to continue the relationship with Jessica as he was scared what if his daughter came to know about his affair with her employee. He wanted to settle the affair with Jessica. Then he informed the housemaid to allow Jessica to enter his study room.

Jessica went to his study room, ascending the stairway. She stepped inside, locked the room and walked towards him seductively moving her hips. She wore a thin strap satin black long dress with a slit at her left thigh. Mr Green stared at her curvy figure and forgot what he planned in his mind. She leaned towards him and pecked his lips then sat on his lap. " I missed you so much…" she whispered in his earlobe.

She adjusted her position on his lap and placed her hands around his neck. " Why were you not attending my calls? Do you know how much I am worried for you? " she said, kissing his jawline.

" Jessica….please….I am not in the mood for all these things. I am very upset…" he said, turning away his face.

" oh...come on….I know how to change your mood…" she giggled and ran her palms on his chest while hanging her legs on both sides. While unbuttoning his night suits, she planted kisses on his chest. She started straddling on his lap while capturing his lips. Slowly he melted in her touch and pulled closer to him. He placed his hands on her shoulders and untied her thin strap. When he noticed her bare skin, his body started burning with a desire for her. The next second, he carried her to the bed to fulfil his lust. 


Once they both enjoyed their time, he pulled her closer to his body and said, " Thanks…. I feel so relaxed. You know how to satisfy a man...". She smiled and replied, " Impressed with your compliments…"

" First tell me, why were you upset? So that I could help you if I can, " Jessica asked.

" It's about Emily. She stopped talking with me as she came to know that I am the one who wanted to humiliate Katherine in the event and tried to threaten the supplier of Adrian's company " he said as he started believing Jessica blindly.

" I did all these things because I love my daughter so much. Instead of seeing my love, she mistook me…" He added.

" She is such a kind and soft-hearted person. Don't worry, she will talk with you soon. Don't worry…" Jessica replied, hearing him. " I am glad at least you understood me…" he said, running his hands on her back. Suddenly she had one idea in her mind.

" I doubt….whether Adrian and Katherine told the truth to Miss. Green to separate her from you to take revenge on you. Who else will tell the truth to Miss? Green? " Jessica planted doubt in his mind. 

" If they try to separate my daughter from me, I will kill them…." He said, gritting his teeth. " No need to kill them, just think of how to separate Adrian and Katherine " she suggested, running her hand on his bare chest.

" How? " He inquired.

" I know one person named Grayson. He also wants to take revenge on Katherine as she broke an engagement with him and married Adrian. He told me that he will ask for help when he needs our help…" Jessica said.

" But my daughter will be sad if they get separated. And my daughter doesn't love him. What is the use, if I separate them? I think it's better to talk with Emily than doing this…" he said.

" You are right. But we should not leave them peacefully as they created a mess between you and Miss Green. You don't know how much I missed you the last few days. You don't know how upset I am for you? " she said with fake tears. As soon as he saw her tears, he agreed with her.

Jessica felt so happy that he agreed with her and said," You are so sweet…". Then she came over to him in top position with a seductive smile. " I never thought that a young woman would be so interested in an old man like me…" he said, placing his hands on the sides of her hips.

" Age doesn't matter, only matters is this…" saying she took it inside and started riding like a cowgirl. When both were engrossed in their activity, his mobile rang. But she was not in the mood to stop the deed, so she snatched the mobile from his hand and threw it aside on the bed.

" Please...Mr. Green. I don't want any disturbance when we are having sex. I want all your concentration on me…" she moaned loudly.

" Sorry…. Jessica. I wanted to disconnect the call as the ringing sound was disturbing us. Please don't get upset.." Mr Green said, kneading her breasts.

" Ahhh…. Your touch is so good, Mr Green…" She moved her hips faster.

" You are so good at riding, Jessica. Faster, faster…." He groaned in ecstasy. " Then come to my flat every night, we can enjoy our time so that Ms Green or any of your maids would not find us ...." She advised him.

" Okay...I will come to you every night, now on…" he agreed to match her pace. A few minutes later, both reach the heights of pleasure. 


Mr Green was obvious that the call was answered. And also Emily heard their conversation and came to know the truth.. She was silently crying knowing about his father's deeds. 

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