MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 521 - New Times Same Old Elites

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In the months that followed this incident to get the pages , Rudra spent most of his time in the elites HQ trying to make new bombs and stock up arsenal of old ones .

There was a cultivator rush ongoing following the cuber corps's announcement , however Rudra had chosen to not reveal his identity as one at the moment as he wanted to observe how things develop before exposing this secret. 

Rudra felt something amiss with what the cuber corp had told and hence he wanted to wait till he knew the bigger picture to show his hand to the general masses.

Currently , The internet was filled with junk that guided newbie players who had no chances to breakthrough in a million years to gather ridiculous items and make cultivation pills that would instantly break them through the rank of cultivators .

Rumors about how cultivators could split mountains with their bare fists and fly in the sky misled the common masses about the true nature of the cultivators on earth , who were only healthier and stronger than most average humans at the moment and nothing more.

However , all the hype about cultivation did make Rudra dilligently perform the technique of moving qi through his mana pathway as he cultivated seriously everyday for 8 hours a day. 

The results were shown a month later as one session as he was cultivating he found as if the universal energy was removing the impurities from every square cm of his blood , as he felt pleasure and joy as he underwent a breakthrough.

Rudra's breakthrough made his coffin shaped new gaming pod again littered with all kinds of impurities. However this one provided by the cuber corp was equipped well to handle such situations as it could clean the internals and collect the sceptic waste aside 

Even so it ejected Rudra out of Omega as he was forced to take a shower by the AI before continuing again. 

Rudra's family started Omega , as his mother bought the VR helmets for 1 dollars as she , father Rajput and Max started playing the child friendly version of the game. 

For the couple , they only wanted to roam new cities and try new cuisines as every night was a date night as they thoroughly enjoyed the change . The scene of them laughing heartily in the streets of Purplehaze city as they were treated better than the king himself , guarded by Rudra's Duke's guard NPC , Rudra could finally be satisfied at the life he gave his parents. 

Naomi would often tag along , as family outings every other day was a common routine. 

Max however wanted to do everything he was not allowed to do , as he had started to become a problem child as he grew up out of his adorable phase. 

The safe mode of the game was too boring for him , as after a while of running around in the new world and doing some of the events made for the kids , he wanted to play with Rudra and slay monsters and fight wars , however as he was not allowed too he sulked all day and cursed the heavens for making him soo small. 

Max was Rudra's soft spot , and seeing his brother upset Rudra could feel his heart break , as after a lot of thinking and fatty doing some careful tinkering , Rudra gave Max a blunt wooden sword that he could carry around inside Purplehaze city. 

With the sword max soon became the most popular kid on the streets as he would mock play his brother as the other kids became the other elites as they played their little games in the streets. 

The sword meant everything to the little runt as soon he forgot about his desires to join Rudra in battle once he got his new toy to play with. 

However other than that Rudra did not have it easy at all , as he underwent one of the most stressful times to be an elite leader. 

Alongside the Russians , the elites kept pushing for territory in both Aquahose and Nineclouds kingdom , as one village after the other fell into the hands of the elites. 

According to Rudra's estimates , he only needed to capture 2 medium sized towns now inside Nineclouds kingdom before he would control more territory than the king as he could declare his independence as the sovereign of Nineclouds , an act that would plunge his organisation in a full scale conflict against the royal army.

The subsidary act of the sixth system updats made it very easy for rudra to just install puppet guilds under his banner as he could expand his sphere of influence considerably. However his eyes were on the Grey international main guild for this expansion at the moment. 

Many small and first rate guilds wanted to become a subsidiary of the true Elites inside Hazelgroove , however the problem was that the Elites did not want any of the domestic powers as their subsidiaries , as according to Rudra the elites had consolidated their power within the Hazelgroove region and had no use in tying alliances in that area. 

Rudra wanted to focus on globalisation and have bases all across the continent to someday use them as a means for rapid expansion. 

Also for Rudra his long-term goal to become a king and marry Ruby was coming close to becoming a reality as once he did win the war against Nineclouds kingdom he could merge his dukedom with that kingdom to make his Elite Kingdom , an subsidiary of the Hazelgroove Empire! 

Rudra was never going to let the fold of Cervantez go from over his head . Not untill he was not tier 5 himself , as he knew that currently the entire reason for the stability of the Hazelgroove region was because that man sat at the throne and nobody in the continent had the guts to challenge him to a fight. 

Tier 5 existances were overlords of the continent and the supreme existences under the gods . Hence even though he would be a vassal of the Hazelgroove Empire , unless he was not opressed which he highly doubted he would be , he would prefer being under Cervantez for the time period.

However Rudra's most pressing issue currently was the blood merchant organization and Lucifer. He had 5 pages of the demons diary out of the seven that were needed for the complete book , and even with 5 pages there was not much that he could do. 

However having a strong feeling that the pages were something even more valuable than his entire kingdom combined , Rudra wanted to find the other two pages as soon as possible , and before they fell into the hands of Lucifer. 

For this very task , and the fear of an inevitable clash with Lucifer , Rudra had spent his days lost in the development of new weapons of mass destruction as he came up with 3 new bomb designs. 

1) Triple Poison Bomb : It released green toxic sleeping gas first followed by a yellow paralytic gas and finally a red poison gas to kill his enemies. 

The area of effect was 20 meters. And it dissipated into the atmosphere quickly , having no lingering effects once the area was visibly clear. 

2) Pressure bombs ( mines ) : Rudra finally invented the all important mines , a bomb that was potent for laying defence of a city or a army establishment 

With this under his belt he could strategically reinforce many areas of the dukedom making significant progress in terms of internal security. 

3)Mana bombs : Rudra made compressed Mana bombs as he created the advanced water bombs using them , with 10x the power of the waterbombs by using compressed mana as the power reactor instead of the chemical reaction between watersbane metal and water . 

This was a very powerful bomb that could shell out entire buildings at once , and extremely costly to produce one too. Costing a whopping 15,000 gold coins. 

Even so , Rudra went ahead and created an arsenal of 10,000 of such bombs while creating 30,000 of the other two and 50,000 of the spike bomb , frost bomb and water bombs . Which were soon going to be dispatched to the front lines in the fighting in Nineclouds kingdom and Aquahose Kingdom. 

Rudra assumed that with the bombs entering the battlefields again , it would be a gamechanger as although the spike and Frost bombs were no longer as potent as they were once upon a time on tier 0 players . The sheer numbers of them at the elites disposal would make a massive impact on the battlefield. 

With them , it was only a matter of time before the clash for the Nineclouds kingdom came. However Rudra wanted that conflict to be held off till his debuff period was over. Which was the only reason why the elites were progressing slower in their campaign than necessary and focusing more on Aquahose Kingdom at the moment. 

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