Martial Peak

Chapter 2739 - You Dare Snatch A True Dragon’s Treasure

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Chapter 2739, You Dare Snatch a True Dragon’s Treasure

Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“Dragon Blood Pill…” Yang Kai muttered, an interested expression on his face.

According to Ji Ying, this Dragon Blood Flower could be refined into a furnace of Dragon Blood Pills, and not only could the Dragon Blood Pill enhance the purity of a dragon bloodline, it also had a significant effect on the tempering of a physique, not to mention a variety of other positive effects.

The quality of his own physical body was extremely strong to begin with, so if he could refine this Dragon Blood Flower into Dragon Blood Pills, then it would be like adding wings to a tiger.

Yang Kai’s thoughts couldn’t help but spin as he turned to Ji Ying and asked, “Brother Ji, do you have the pill recipe for the Dragon Blood Pill?”

Ji Ying scratched his cheek and coughed dryly, “Yes I do, but…” He glanced at Zhu Qing.

There was a real dragon girl here so he didn’t dare to discuss with Yang Kai about the matter of refining the Dragon Blood Pill; after all, the significance of the Dragon Blood Flower to Dragon Island was simply too big. If he were to provoke this dragon girl, then even his identity as one of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s Legacy Disciples may not necessarily be able to save him.

“You want Dragon Blood Flowers?” Zhu Qing looked at Yang Kai.

“You have more?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, but he soon reckoned this was an obvious fact; after all, Zhu Qing was a Dragon, so it made sense for her to have a lot of Dragon Blood Flowers on her. If he could get her to part with those Dragon Blood Flowers, then he could refine a large batch of Dragon Blood Pills and greatly enhance his strength!

“I do.” Zhu Qing nodded.

Yang Kai was overjoyed, but before he could say anything more, Zhu Qing continued, “But I left them all on Dragon Island. It’s taboo to take Dragon Blood Flowers out of Dragon Island.”

His excitement was instantly doused with cold water, causing Yang Kai to shout in an aggrieved tone, “Then why did you bother saying that in the first place!”

However, this too made sense as he had checked Zhu Qing’s Space Ring before. If she really did have Dragon Blood Flowers, then he would have found them already.

Ji Ying’s forehead was covered in cold sweat again. How could this Yang Kai have such a casual attitude towards a dragon girl, not even showing a trace of politeness? Ji Ying’s heart was simply drumming with worry.

Zhu Qing smiled, a cunning light flashing across her eyes, “If you come with me to Dragon Island, I can give you all of those Dragon Blood Flowers. I still have around ten in my possession!”

Ji Ying’s eyes went wide as he was shocked beyond words.

This dragon girl… actually invited Yang Kai to Dragon Island? Did he hear her right?

Dragon Island was the most mysterious place in all of the Star Boundary. Don’t even mention going there, ordinary people couldn’t even figure out where it was located. On top of that, as they considered themselves the kings of the myriad spirits, the Dragon Clan never invited others into Dragon Island. Only the Great Emperors had the right to step foot there, but it was still impossible for them to go often, much less obtain Dragon Blood Flowers from the Dragon Clan.

But now, not only did this dragon girl invite Yang Kai to Dragon Island, she even said she would give him ten Dragon Blood Flowers…

Ji Ying was dumbfounded. Even though this was none of his business, he still quickly shot a meaningful glance at Yang Kai.

This was a very rare opportunity, so how could he hesitate? Naturally, he should agree as quickly as possible. If it were him, he would definitely get up and go immediately.

“If you mention this again, we’ll no longer be friends!” Yang Kai glared at Zhu Qing with a stern face.

Zhu Qing pouted and extended a hand towards Yang Kai, “Then give the box back to me.”

With a flip of his hand, the box disappeared and Yang Kai swiftly turned his head away, “What box? I don’t see anything!”

Zhu Qing fumed, “The Dragon Blood Flower belongs to Dragon Island. Aren’t you worried you’re going to attract trouble if you keep it?”

Yang Kai continued, “What Dragon Blood Flower? I don’t know anything!”

Zhu Qing was furious and unamused. Yang Kai clearly wasn’t planning to spit it out. If someone else had snatched away that Dragon Blood Flower, Zhu Qing would undoubtedly have taken action immediately, but even though Yang Kai was not part of the Dragon Clan, he carried the Ancestral Dragon Source with him, so he was entitled to the Dragon Blood Flowers.

Frowning, Zhu Qing decided to not dwell on this matter with him.

Ji Ying was stunned. Someone actually dared to… snatch something from the Dragon Clan in this world?

He hadn’t been shocked so greatly and so often at any other point in his entire life as he had been today, and he felt like he was slowly losing his sense of reality.

“Qing’er, it’s a nice day today so why don’t you go out and get some sun? It’s not good for your skin if you stay inside all the time,” Yang Kai suddenly smiled at Zhu Qing again.

Zhu Qing coldly snorted. She knew that he was just trying to drive her away, so she left with a stomp of her feet.

Yang Kai then shot a look at Hua Qing Si and the three Monster Kings, after which they all retired in unison.

In just an instant, the only ones left in the hall were Yang Kai and Ji Ying, as well as Ji Ying’s First Disciple who was sitting in meditation.

With a toss of his hand, Yang Kai gave the wooden box back to Ji Ying and commented, “I’ll have to trouble Brother Ji to refine a furnace of Dragon Blood Pills for me.”

“Ah?” Ji Ying was dumbfounded and caught the wooden box stiffly.

Yang Kai laughed, “Brother Ji hasn’t forgotten, right? You’re now my High Heaven Palace’s Chief Alchemist!”

Ji Ying was stunned before he laughed bitterly, “This Ji is willing to accept his loss and will naturally not renege on his debt, but I must first return to Medicine Pill Valley in order to inform my Honoured Master…”

Yang Kai nodded, “No problem. Brother Ji can go back and take care of his own matters first, then you can return to my High Heaven Palace whenever you are free.”

“Many thanks, Brother Yang,” Ji Ying politely acknowledged, feeling somewhat conflicted inside. He was still a free and unrestrained man before coming to High Heaven Palace, but he actually became this place’s Chief Alchemist after coming here once.

This was not the ending he hoped to see.

But on second thought, Yang Kai’s own Alchemy skills were quite amazing, and he even managed to touch the true essence of the Alchemic Dao, so if Ji Ying had more opportunities to compare notes with him, it would be of great benefit to his advancement.

Once such an idea came to mind, he wasn’t so opposed to the idea of becoming High Heaven Palace’s Chief Alchemist anymore. Instead, he was even vaguely looking forward to it.

“Brother Yang, there is one matter which I need to confirm with you,” Ji Ying suddenly looked serious.

Yang Kai smiled and understood, “Is it about my Alchemy techniques?”

Ji Ying’s body trembled in surprise, “Could it be…”

Yang Kai nodded, “Brother Ji’s guess is correct!”

“As expected!” Ji Ying’s face changed. He had his doubts when he first saw Yang Kai’s pill recipe as it was identical to the one he used.

Quite obviously, there was only one possibility…

“The only one who could have known that recipe and who had left Medicine Pill Valley would be my Third Senior Brother. This Ji entered too late and never met Third Senior Brother, but I have heard about him before. Since this pill recipe is now in Brother Yang’s hands, dare I ask where Third Senior Brother Gong Sun Mu is now?”

Gong Sun Mu committed a terrible mistake in his early years and was expelled by Wondrous Pill Great Emperor. Many years had passed since that event, and there had been no news of Gong Sun Mu in the Star Boundary since then. Now that Ji Ying saw this familiar pill recipe, he naturally wanted to ask about Gong Sun Mu as his Junior Brother.

He knew that even though his Honoured Master had already expelled Gong Sun Mu from Medicine Pill Valley, they still shared some fond memories of those years and no matter what may have transpired, they were still once Master and Disciple. Ji Ying’s Third Senior Brother was said to be a natural genius with unmatched skills in the Alchemic Dao, skills that neither his Eldest Senior Brother or Second Senior Brother could compare to. Unfortunately, Gong Sung Mu went down the wrong path, otherwise, his achievements would have only been more outstanding than his Senior Brothers now.

Yang Kai sighed with dismay, “Senior Gong Sun Mu had long ago passed away.”

Ji Ying was shaken but still revealed a bitter smile, “As expected.”

It seemed that he too had some suspicions in his mind, but Ji Ying still felt sad when Yang Kai confirmed the fact, sad that such an Alchemy genius had fallen before his time.

Yang Kai explained, “It was in a secluded cave mansion left behind by Senior Gong Sun Mu that I found his inheritance.”

Ji Ying could only laugh bitterly, now understanding why Yang Kai’s refining process for the Emperor Yuan Pill was the same as his. As Yang Kai inherited Gong Sun Mu’s inheritance, he naturally received his pill recipes as well. That was exactly the pill recipe that Gong Sun Mu received from the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, as had Ji Ying.

Having explained, Yang Kai took out a jade slip and passed it to Ji Ying, “These are the final words Senior Gong Sun Mu left. I will now pass them to Brother Ji to bring back to Medicine Pill Valley. As for the matter of Senior Gong Sun Mu’s inheritance, I will have to trouble Brother Ji to ask the Great Emperor for his opinion on the matter.”

Ji Ying accepted it and nodded, “Brother Yang is righteous. I will report this matter to my Honoured Master and I believe he will not have any objections. Honoured Master should be happy that there is someone to take up Third Senior Brother’s mantle.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I hope that is the case.”

After a pause, Yang Kai asked curiously, “In Senior’s final words, he mentioned being expelled by the Great Emperor because he committed a taboo by studying the Human Pill Technique. Dare I ask Brother Ji what this Human Pill Technique is?”

Ji Ying’s face changed, “Could it be that Brother Yang is interested in the Human Pill Technique?”

Yang Kai waved his hands, “It was just a casual question. Since it has been deemed taboo by the Great Emperor, it must not be anything good. How could I be interested in studying it?”

Ji Ying’s expression cleared a little and he thought for a moment, “Actually, there is no harm in telling Brother Yang. I believe in Brother Yang’s character. I’m sure you wouldn’t pursue the Human Pill Technique.”

Yang Kai looked at him curiously.

Ji Ying continued, “The Human Pill Technique that Third Senior Brother was studying was a way to refine Spirit Pills by taking human lives as kindling. The higher the cultivator’s cultivation, the better the Spirit Pill that could be refined.”

“What?” Yang Kai’s face changed, “Using humans as ingredients?”

Ji Ying sighed, “That’s right. Honoured Master was furious when he learned of this, and if Eldest Senior Brother had not pleaded for his mercy back then, then Third Senior Brother would probably have been killed by Honoured Master on the spot. After this Ji entered the Sect, Eldest Senior Brother told me about Third Senior Brother, as a cautionary tale of sorts.”

Yang Kai nodded and commented, “Even though Senior Gong Sun Mu went down the wrong path, he repented in his final years. It’s just a pity he was unable to face the Great Emperor personally and ended up dying while meditating in seclusion.”

Ji Ying smiled bitterly, “No one is without fault.”

While they talked, Ji Ying’s Disciple suddenly opened his eyes and exhaled lightly, a look of joy on his face.

“Did you gain anything?” Ji Ying smiled at him.

His First Disciple quickly nodded his head, got up, and bowed to Yang Kai, saying respectfully, “Many thanks, Grandmaster Yang!”

Ji Ying laughed, “If you are able to ascend to the ranks of Emperor Alchemist someday, then it would all be thanks to your Martial Uncle Yang. You’d best not forget his gracious gifts.”

His First Disciple answered promptly, “This disciple will never forget!”

Yang Kai laughed, “It was all thanks to his own luck, there’s no need to thank me!” With a twinkle in his eye, he proposed, “Now that your Honoured Master has become the Chief Alchemist of my High Heaven Palace, why don’t you stay at High Heaven Palace too?”

“This…” The First Disciple looked a little hesitant, seemingly unable to make a quick decision.

Ji Ying scolded in a light-hearted manner, “Brother Yang, you’re insatiable! Why don’t you pull my Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, and Fourth Senior Sister over as well?”

“That would be wonderful!”

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