Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Chapter 1168 - Sister Xinyi Won't Choose Anything Wrong For Me.

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Although revealing things to Li Xue wasn't the orders Xiao Meng got from Lin Xinyi, hearing the strictness in her tone, she could no longer hold herself back as well. Stuttering, she revealed, "S-Sister Xue, you are sued." And as she said, Li Xue heard the commotion getting intense on the other side. 

Her brows furrowed deeper as she asked. "I got sued. What do you mean? Who sued me?" 

From the side, Shin You Jun was even triggered, "Huh? Someone sued you? Who dared to do that?" he shot up from his seat. His expression was a mix of that of worry and anger. 

Li Xue looked at him but didn't respond. Instead, she turned her attention to the call. "Meng Meng, who sued me?" 

"Sister Xue, that – that … it's a woman. She said that she has used LS products after seeing you endorsing it and got her face ruined. And now, she is blaming everything on you. She has sent a legal notice in your name and LS cosmetics. And since it's something followed by youngsters, many people have gathered here creating a ruckus." 

Xiao Meng informed worriedly but Li Xue no longer cared for it. Instead, her brows tugged in worry as she asked, "Is that girl alright? How is her face?" 

"Sister Xue, we don't know. We have just received the notice early in the morning. We have yet to find things properly. But Sister Xinyi doubts it since she has personally confirmed their process of making the products. The LS products are chemical-free. It's very unlikely to cause any damage to face to an extent of ruining it. But given to the photos, the girl has shared online says another story."

Xiao Meng said when suddenly heard someone calling her out from behind. Suddenly getting in haste she added to end the call, "Sister Xue, I have to go. I will call you back after some time. Maybe after the things get settled in here." She said and Li Xue hummed to her. 

"Fine. Keep me updated, Meng Meng, and also let me know if there comes something in which I could help." She said before disconnecting the call. 

Once the call ended, Shin You Jun was the first to ask, "Did you clarify the things? What has exactly happened?" 

Li Xue shrugged her shoulders. "It's exactly what you have heard. I have been sued by a girl."

"In the offense of what?" 

"Ah, we aren't sure of it yet. But it's for being an endorser of LS cometic I guess." She said as her fingers worked on the phone screen to log in to one of her alternate social accounts to check things. 

Shin You Jun heard her and then seeing her working on the phone, he went to take a peek at it as well. "Eww … who is she? And what happened to her face?" He asked, looking at the face of a girl on the screen whose skin had turned all red and ugly with a few blisters in some portions. 

Li Xue was feeling sympathetic looking at her like that. "She is the same girl who sued me for endorsing LS cosmetics." 

Shin You Jun looked more deeply at the picture and felt pity. "Ahh, too bad happened to her. Why do you even have to endorse such a brand? See what happened to her face. What if your face had also suffered the damage? Come on, let me take you to the dermatologist. We need to confirm that you are fine." He said, already pulling her in the direction of the exit. 

But even at his pull, Li Xue stood still at her place. And feeling her stiffness, he turned to look at her. "What? Come, let's go fast and ask the dermatologist to check on you. Delay must be avoided after all your career is based on your beauty. We can't risk it." 

Li Xue pursed her lips before pulling back her hands. "There is no need. I know I am fine and no dermatologist would say it otherwise. So don't waste your time and efforts." She said before checking the picture in more detail. To people, it might be looking just at the ruined face, but she knew there must be something more into it that was simply not coming to her eyes.

"You are fine how can it be? This girl almost got her face burned, using the same products you used days ago. How can you be okay? Don't worry about my efforts getting wasted. I have my today's schedule free. We can visit the doctor." 

He said but Li Xue didn't bother with her. She just stared at the picture, zooming in for details. 

"Elder Sister, let's go otherwise, I will call and tell Ma about everything." Using the last retort, Shin You Jun said and it at once took all of Li Xue's attention. 

Pressing her lips together in a thin line, she looked at him and asked, "Are you younger than WeiWei? Because even WeiWei doesn't come to complain about everything to me. How can you threaten me that childishly?" 

Shin You Jun shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know and neither I care. I just want you to follow me. If complaining to Ma can help then I would do it. Tell me are you going to take a check with the dermatologist or not?" 

"Didn't I say that I am fine? Then why do I have to visit the doctor?" 

"You are just saying it for say. If it was really that simple then how would you explain the ruined face on that picture?" 

Li Xue shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. She must be allergic because before I took the project to endorse their brand, Sister Xinyi has gone to check their processes all personally. And it's paraben and cruelty-free. There is no way those products would have caused any harm to this extent." 

"You sound so confident always. Your confidence often wavers my stance. I don't understand. If I believe you then do you mean that this girl is saying false to everyone?" 

Li Xue looked back at the picture as her eyes turned sharp. "I don't know that yet. But I am sure that Sister Xinyi would never choose anything wrong for me. The brand might not be as popular as others, but it has a high scope in the coming future. Maybe this was something related to rivalry. We would only find it later." 

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