Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1594 - Overcome Pirates Easily

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"How dare you destroy someone else's profound ark." Ye Chen was displeased when he saw Ning Xia's profound ark being destroyed by this person.

"You give up right now, otherwise you will lose your heads and your lives" this person said in a hoarse voice filled with great pressure, the threats made by this person were no joke, he showed his abilities in front of Ye Chen and Mu Xueying.

"Are you bragging in front of us?" Ye Chen thought that this man was bragging in front of him.

This man gave off an extremely terrifying aura, he gave off an extremely terrifying black aura, one can't imagine how angry this person would be when he heard Ye Chen's words.

"You really provoked him" Mu Xueying shook her head, Ye Chen actually provoked this man in front of her, the man in front of her must be angry with Ye Chen.

"My name is Cao Pi, you have dared to insult this person, be prepared to accept your death" Cao Pi said in a loud and domineering voice, he showed his strength in front of Ye Chen.

"Boss, kill him!" Everyone shouted, they all shouted and said to Cao Pi to kill Ye Chen, Cao Pi must immediately avenge their comrades who had died at the hands of Ye Chen.

"You really tried to provoke him" Mu Xueying did not expect that Ye Chen would provoke Cao Pi.

"Hahaha, I did that on purpose" Honestly Ye Chen did that on purpose, he wanted to make this person regret that he was looking for trouble with them.

Cao Pi raised his spear, he immediately walked towards Ye Chen, he immediately swung his spear at Ye Chen.

"Be careful" Mu Xueying tried to warn Ye Chen to be careful in Cao Pi's attack.

Mu Xueying's warning was too late. Cao Pi's spear had already swung his spear at Ye Chen, it was very difficult to dodge Cao Pi's imminent attack.

"dieeeee ! ! !" Cao Pi roared, he roared at Ye Chen and said that Ye Chen would soon die in his hands.

"Slash" An extremely powerful slash landed on Ye Chen's body, this slash landed directly on Ye Chen's body.

The impact of this slash was so great that it caused a very strong blow, even some of the boulders floating in the sky split apart when facing this slash.

"Boss is indeed the greatest." Everyone admired Cao Pi's strength, he was able to make a very powerful and terrifying attack.

Ye Chen didn't move from where he was standing, he seemed to stand up after receiving the powerful attack that Cao Pi had just launched.

Ye Chen held Cao Pi's spear he lifted Cao Pi's spear that was on his shoulder.

"Is this all you can do" Ye Chen said to Cao Pi, Ye Chen looked bored with the strength Cao Pi showed, Cao Pi's attack was not as strong as Ye Chen imagined.

Cao Pi and the pirates present were extremely shocked when they saw what happened, they couldn't believe Ye Chen was resisting the attack from the big Boss with just his body, it was an unreasonable and unacceptable thing for all of them.

Mu Xueying was quite surprised when she saw Ye Chen who was able to withstand Cao Pi's extremely powerful attack, Ye Chen's physical strength seemed to be so strong that he was able to do such an extraordinary thing.

"You are very strong, you are able to withstand the strong attacks that I have" Cao Pi Acknowledging Ye Chen's ability, Ye Chen's ability is indeed very strong, Ye Chen was able to withstand his attacks with only his body.

"I am really strong." Ye Chen smashed Cao Pi's spear, he instantly shattered Cao Pi's spear into two pieces.

After that Ye Chen used his feet to kick towards Cao Pi.

"Bam" Ye Chen's punch landed on Cao Pi, Cao Pi was instantly sent flying out of the profound ark.

Cao Pi was flown quite far, he was flown thousands of miles away by Ye Chen's kick.

The group of pirates fell silent when they saw Ye Chen defeat Their Boss with just one kick.

Ye Chen actually used one strike to defeat Cao Pi, Ye Chen's one strike was enough to defeat Cao Pi.

Ye Chen's attack just now was very strong, Ye Chen didn't hold back when he attacked Cao Pi, rather Ye Chen didn't want to hold back against Cao Pi and wanted to end this as soon as possible.

Ye Chen doesn't like what Cao Pi did, he has destroyed Ning Xia's profound ark, Ye Chen will not forgive him.

"Now let's clean up the rest of the annoying people." Ye Chen couldn't wait to clean up the annoying people.

"Wait a minute please forgive us" these people begged Ye Chen for mercy, they knew that they were wrong for looking for trouble with Ye Chen.

"Hahaha, do you think I'll let you go that easily?, that won't happen" Ye Chen said that he wouldn't let go of these people.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly let go of people who tried to do bad things like pirates, they deserved to be eliminated because they themselves often killed others and even looted goods and women they met to sell.

Seeing that Ye Chen didn't want to let them go, the only way for the pirates to leave was to escape, that was the only way they could do it right now.

These people started to scatter, they all tried to outwit Ye Chen by using distraction.

Ye Chen intended to chase after these people, he wouldn't let them off so easily.

"You don't need to chase after them." Mu Xueying told Ye Chen not to chase these people.

" why?" Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, Ye Chen wanted to know the reason Mu Xueying stopped Ye Chen from chasing the criminals who were causing trouble.

"They won't be able to escape their fate, so there's no need to chase after them anymore" Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Their fate was already determined, so they would not be able to escape the punishment they had to endure.

"Oh, I see." Ye Chen finally understood something, he understood what Mu Xueying was doing.

Mu Xueying was one step ahead of Ye Chen, when Ye Chen fought Cao Pi, Mu Xueying had already taken advantage of the opportunity to implant an Ice crystal in the pirates' bodies.

With just a snap of a finger, all the Ice crystals will instantly explode and freeze the bodies of the pirates.

By now the pirates' bodies should have become Ice statues and will be traveling into a very dark and long space.

"Lord Peak Ning didn't come out even after what happened" Ye Chen didn't know what Ning Xia was up to, Ning Xia didn't come out even after such an attack happened.

"Lord Peak won't come out because of a small matter like this." Mu Xueying said that Ning Xia wouldn't leave just because of a small matter like this, Ning Xia could leave this matter to Ye Chen and Mu Xueying.

Ning Xia was much more busy cultivating in her room and couldn't be bothered by simple things like this.

"Forget it, why don't you repair the broken part of the profound ark, you can definitely do it, here it is." Mu Xueying took out the wood and iron, she gave this to Ye Chen.

"You're not going to help me?" Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

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