Invicinble Colorless Butler

Chapter 211 - 4

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Back when Fornius was begging Azalia for help, outside the floating castle, a figure of two people suddenly appeared out of thin air. They were Ziel and Lilith. The first thing Ziel did after arriving there was to look at the area around the castle, whereas Lilith was still confused at being suddenly brought to that place.

"What castle is this? Does the old acquaintance you mentioned before live in this place?" Lilith was amazed by the splendor of the floating castle in front of her. Then she looked at Ziel and waited for him to answer her question.

"You'll find out later." Ziel didn't answer Lilith's question and was still focused on the area around the castle. Lilith pouted because Ziel seemed to be playing riddles with her. The expression Lilith showed right now she had never revealed to anyone else.

For some reason, Lilith sometimes spontaneously showed her emotions on her face recently. She thought it was due to the master and servant contract between her and Ziel. Even though Lilith could control her feelings in front of other people, she couldn't hide anything in front of Ziel. But Lilith didn't think much of it.

Lilith realized that Ziel was currently inspecting the barrier covering the castle area. Therefore he kept quiet and did not want to disturb his concentration.

"Hmm…as expected, the barrier in this place is powerful. Pada awalnya saya ingin memasuki kastil secara diam-diam, tetapi itu tampaknya tidak mungkin. Pada tingkat ini, bukankah lebih baik jika saya membuat keributan besar?" Ziel muttered and suddenly raised one of his hands.

"What are you doing...?" Lilith was confused by Ziel's actions, but she quickly understood after seeing a colossal portal forming in the sky above them. Ziel wanted to destroy the barrier that enveloped the castle forcefully. Then Ziel's cold voice rang in Lilith's ears.

[Sky of Apocalypse]

A large asteroid emerged from the portal and covered the sky. The gigantic rock the size of a small island fell with astonishing speed right above the floating castle.


Smoke and dust covered the entire area from the asteroid impact but quickly dissipated in the wind. Ziel saw that the floating Castle was intact, and the giant rock he had dropped shattered into pieces due to the clash with the barrier protecting the castle. Even so, that doesn't mean Ziel's attack was in vain. Many small cracks formed in the barrier area that collided directly with the asteroid.

"Maybe I should drop several asteroids at once to be able to destroy the barrier." Ziel said indifferently. He dropped an asteroid to test the barrier's strength around the floating castle and estimated how many asteroids he would need to drop to destroy it.

Lilith widened her eyes after hearing Ziel's words. She knows very well how powerful the impact of an asteroid is because she has experienced it herself. Lilith was also surprised that the barrier in the castle could withstand the collision of the giant rock. But it would be a different story if several asteroids were dropped at once. An asteroid that fell to land already looks like a minor apocalypse. Lilith couldn't imagine how significant the impact would be if the several giant stones were dropped together at high speed. She felt a little worried about the damage that might occur on the land below them.

Then three asteroids with a size larger than before emerged from the portal.






There was a sound like glass breaking from within the dust and smoke that rolled over the castle. It was the sound of the barrier being shattered. Lilith froze from the moment she saw three asteroids emerge from the portal. However, it wasn't the highest number she'd ever seen since Ziel had dropped a dozen against the Nine-headed Imperial Dragon. But still, she felt shocked and amazed at the same time when she saw the giant object appear.

Lilith thought that Ziel was overdoing it by dropping three asteroids because she felt the castle's defenses would be destroyed with just two giant stones. The result was just as she expected, the barrier was destroyed, and the floating castle within also suffered damage from being hit by the third asteroid.

But then Lilith remembered Ziel's words that he wanted to make a big fuss because he couldn't enter the castle secretly. She smiled bitterly and looked at Ziel next to her. Lilith subconsciously kept staring at Ziel's face until an angry scream from inside the castle brought her to her senses.

"Who dares to make a fuss in this place!?" The voice came from the white-haired man who fought Ziel a week ago. That person is Aghares. He was furious when he saw the floating castle where Azalia lived destroyed like that. Not long after, Fornius and Azalia appeared behind him. As usual, Azalia covered part of her beautiful face with a veil.

Lilith trembled when she saw the appearance of Aghares and Fornius from within the castle. She didn't know that the castle was the actual headquarters of the divine race. Lilith had a bad feeling and thought that Ziel had come to that place to make calculations with them. She looked at Ziel with a worried face.

Ziel had promised Lilith that he would not kill anyone from the divine race unless they first made trouble with him. But this time, it was Ziel who went to them. Lilith couldn't do anything if Ziel wanted to break his promise because she realized she was only a servant to him.

"You don't have to worry about that. I didn't come here to kill them. Didn't I promise you?" Ziel looked at Lilith after noticing her gaze. He knew what she was thinking right now.

"Thank You." Lilith sighed in relief. She felt delighted in her heart that Ziel was willing to keep his promise to her. Lilith felt that Ziel still thought about her feelings even though their relationship was only a master and servant.

"Who are you!? Why are you making such a fuss at our place!? You even damaged our castle!" Aghares shouted angrily at Ziel. Even though he was in an angry state, he didn't act recklessly because the person in front of him could break the strong barrier that had protected the floating castle up until now.

Aghares didn't recognize Ziel because he was in his true form with gray hair and crimson eyes when he and Fornius fought him a week ago. On the other hand, Fornius was frowning because he felt he had met Ziel somewhere. Even though Fornius had seen Ziel in black hair, Fornius didn't pay much attention to him at the time. That's why Fornius didn't remember him.

"I didn't come here to make a fuss. Besides, will you allow a human to pass through the barrier and into the castle if I speak nicely?" Ziel asked back, but his eyes were on Azalia behind Aghares.

"You!" Aghares couldn't reply to Ziel's words because everything he said was true. Then he accidentally saw the girl next to Ziel and opened his eyes wide.

"Aren't you Lilith?" Aghares asked doubtfully. Although they have never met in person, they often meet through statue intermediaries at the temple. Aghares recognized the atmosphere emitted by every member of the God's Domain organization, and the atmosphere from the purple statue was the same as the girl in front of him right now.

"Long time no see." Lilith smiled and lowered her head slightly to Aghares.

"You...aren't you dead? What are you doing coming to this place with a human? Did you betray us?" Aghares was shocked after hearing Lilith's answer. But then he narrowed his eyes and asked Lilith coldly.

Fornius' face darkened after hearing Aghares' words. He also had the same thoughts as him. He was already preparing to attack Lilith at any moment. On the other hand, Azalia ignored their conversation. She kept looking at Ziel because she felt familiar with him.

"I have not died, and I have never betrayed my race." Lilith answered Aghares' question in a sad tone. She felt a pain in her chest when she was accused of betraying her race.

"Then why don't you return to the organization and instead be here making a fuss together with a human?" Aghares didn't believe Lilith's words.

"I have certain situations that require me to be with him." Lilith couldn't answer that she already had a master and servant contract with Ziel. If she told the truth, they would be angry with Ziel and attack him first. If that happened, Ziel couldn't help but fight them, and the promise he made to Lilith didn't work.

"That's just your excuse, you b*tch!" Fornius roared angrily and charged toward Lilith. He was distraught that he couldn't find Oillet even though he had borrowed Azalia's Cardinal Mirror. But he couldn't blame Azalia for that. Coincidentally, Lilith came along with the humans, and Fornius was able to vent his frustrations on her.

Azalia returned to her senses after hearing Fornius scream. She intended to stop him, but it was too late. Fornius had already disappeared from her sight.

Aghares also didn't expect Fornius to attack Lilith in such an angry state suddenly. Even though what Fornius did was careless, he understood how he was feeling now. Aghares could only sigh at Fornius' actions.

Fornius moved at an astonishing speed as golden lightning shrouded his body. He appeared in front of Lilith and had already swung his fist at her. He used his full strength in that blow, and Lilith would surely die or be seriously injured if hit by the attack directly.

Lilith was surprised that Fornius had suddenly attacked her in a rage, and she had no time to dodge or create shields to protect herself. Just as she was preparing to take Fornius's direct blow, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked Fornius' attack.

"Don't expect you to touch her hair or hurt her feelings when I'm here with her." Ziel blocked Fornius' punch with his left hand and struck him with his right hand, shrouded in red lightning. Fornius was blown away until he crashed into the castle wall.


Lilith froze and could only glimpse the extremely fast exchange between Fornius and Ziel. But she could clearly hear what Ziel had said, and her face slowly turned red.

"Thank you, Ziel." Lilith said shyly. She felt strange with her heart right now, but she didn't think it was bad. Lilith was showing an expression of happiness that she had never shown in her life.

"It might sound weird if I say something like this, but it's my duty to protect you." Ziel looked back, and his eyes met directly with Lilith's beautiful eyes.

Lilith's face grew redder, and she couldn't help but lower her head in shame after hearing Ziel's words. Ziel's words meant it was his duty as a master to protect his servant, but Lilith interpreted it differently. Even though Ziel realized that Lilith had misunderstood what he said, he didn't have time to explain. It was because he felt a great killing intent directed at him at this moment.

"What do you want to do?" Ziel asked Azalia indifferently and ignored Aghares.

"How dare you hurt my people before my eyes!" Azalia said coldly to Ziel. She felt angry in her heart because just when she wanted to rest to ease the pain in her hand, someone made a commotion in her castle, and she had to deal with it. Not to mention that Ziel dared to injure Fornius right before her eyes. That made her even angrier.

"If I hadn't made a promise to Lilith, I would have killed that person for attacking me first." Ziel said coldly to Azalia.

"Is that so?" Azalia could no longer suppress her anger. She took out a silver sword from her space storage and intended to attack Ziel.

"Are you sure you will fight me in your condition? Didn't the wound on your hand from being hit by my attack still not heal up until now?" Ziel said calmly even though he saw that Azalia had already pulled out her sword.

"Miss! Is what he said true?" Aghares was shocked after hearing Ziel's words. Then he looked at Azalia with a worried face.

"You are the one who fought Aghares and Fornius a week ago in the territory of the Cirlus Kingdom?" Azalia ignored Aghares' question. She gripped her sword tighter because she realized how dangerous the enemy she would be fighting right now was.

"So we will fight again like before?" Ziel asked Azalia with a nostalgic face.

"What do you mean...?" Before Azalia could continue her words, she saw that Ziel had already made a move and what he was doing reminded her of someone from the past.







Azalia trembled after seeing four mythological creatures appear above Ziel's head. The four beasts were similar to the skills used by the boy she had fought 900 years ago. The difference was that the four creatures on Ziel's head were gray while the boy in the past had seven colors.

"You are…Ken?" Azalia asked in disbelief.

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