I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2303 - But Did She Think About You?

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Mo Shixiu hugged Jiang Luoli and turned around.

"Wait," Madam Mo suddenly said.

Mo Shixiu frowned and turned to look at her coldly.

But Madam Mo didn't look at him. Instead, she said coldly to Old Madam, "Mom, Shixiu withdrew from the election because of Jiang Luoli. She was the one who bewitched him to do this. It's impossible for her to pretend that nothing happened."

Mo Shixiu didn't expect Madam Mo to still be unwilling to let Jiang Luoli off.

His eyes turned cold. "Mom, I've already told you that this has nothing to do with Luoli. She never asked me to withdraw from the election. I made this decision alone."

"Ha." Madam Mo sneered. "You've made so many preparations for this election. If it wasn't for her, would you have left so easily? Shixiu, you're my son. I know what kind of person you are. Can you swear that if it wasn't for Jiang Luoli, would you still have dropped out of this election?

"You're very protective of her, but did she think for you?"

Madam Mo looked at the Old Madam agitatedly. "Mom, do you know that Shixiu actually wants to cut ties with me because of her? Such a woman is a source of trouble. She'll only cause chaos in the family.

"I can't tolerate her staying by Shixiu's side."

Old Madam frowned.

She wouldn't believe Madam Mo completely, but she wasn't completely unconvinced.

She knew her grandson very well.

His sudden withdrawal from the election was indeed surprising.

If it wasn't because he valued her so much, he wouldn't have done this.

This happened after Jiang Luoli got pregnant, so it wasn't entirely impossible for Madam Mo to say that it had something to do with Jiang Luoli.

Old Madam liked Jiang Luoli.

But this liking was built on the premise that Jiang Luoli was obedient and sensible.

If her grandson's future was really ruined because of her, Old Madam wouldn't think that she was sensible anymore.

Moreover, if a man broke ties with his mother because of a woman, that woman wasn't innocent.

At this thought, Old Madam's eyes turned sharper. "Shixiu, what's with what your mother said? You want to cut ties with her?"

Mo Shixiu kept quiet for a while.

A moment later, he looked at Madam Mo coldly and said, "Grandma, there's a reason for this. Since Mom told you that I want to cut ties with her, why didn't she tell you what she did at my house today?"

Old Madam also glanced at Madam Mo. "What did she do?"

Mo Shixiu pursed his lips and his eyes were cold. "She brought her bodyguards over and wanted to take Luoli away forcefully.

"She even slapped Luoli.

"Grandma, Luoli is my wife, and she's carrying my child. If anything happens to her child because of the shock, do you know how serious the consequences will be?"

Old Madam frowned.

Madam Mo cried and complained to her for a long time.

She cried about Mo Shixiu's withdrawal from the election and that Mo Shixiu wanted to cut ties with her because of Jiang Luoli. She didn't tell her what she'd done.

Hence, Old Madam was still on her side.

This was also why Jiang Luoli felt that Old Madam didn't treat her as well as before.

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