I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2298 - Lost To A Bowl Of Tomato Omelet Noodles

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Jiang Luoli thought that Mo Shixiu would be able to do it.

But she was wrong.

Her almost omnipotent husband had lost to a bowl of tomato omelet noodles for the first time.

Mo Shixiu learned seriously, and the chef taught him very well.

But when the product was out, she had to admit that humans weren't omnipotent.

No matter how powerful a person was, he could do things that ordinary people found difficult, but he was actually embarrassed by a simple bowl of tomato omelet noodles.

The eggs in the bowl were black.

The noodles had been cooked for too long. It didn't take long before they were all over the bowl.

He looked at the bowl and picked up his chopsticks.

Then, the man frowned and looked unhappy.

Mo Shixiu swallowed the noodles with difficulty.

A few seconds later, he threw down his chopsticks and turned around. His cold and dark eyes narrowed, and his voice sounded unhappy. "What's going on? Why are the noodles I made like this? Which step was wrong?"

"This…" The chef, who had won many international awards, broke out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly said, "Mister, the steps were indeed correct. It's possible that you didn't grasp the timing and fire well."

To be honest, it was a waste of talent for an international chef to teach him how to cook tomato omelet noodles.

The chef could naturally make it.

Of course, he was confident that he could teach Mo Shixiu.

After all, it was just a bowl of noodles. It couldn't be considered cooking.

The chef didn't expect Mo Shixiu to fail to cook the noodles.

It looked terrible.

It was as if everything was in a mess. The noodles were mushy, and the tomatoes were rotten. In any case, it looked terrible.

Mo Shixiu stared at the bowl of noodles he just cooked and frowned. "I didn't grasp the time and fire well?"

"Yes." The chef said respectfully, "As long as you master these two points, there won't be a problem. Actually, Mister's bowl of noodles isn't that bad. It's already rare to be able to cook like this for the first time."

The chef went against his conscience and flattered him. "Moreover, Mister cooked for Young Madam. I think appearance and taste are secondary. It's very rare for Mister to have such intentions. No matter what you make, Young Madam will like it."

"Since we're doing it, we have to do it well." Mo Shixiu poured the bowl of noodles into the trash can. "I'll do it again."

Mo Shixiu stayed in the kitchen for a long time.

Jiang Luoli couldn't sit still anymore.

Mo Shixiu had been in the kitchen for more than an hour.

She came downstairs and saw a few housemaids whispering to each other.

Everyone looked envious.

"Mister is so nice. Since he's cooking for Young Madam, this must be your first time, right? Only Young Madam ever received such treatment."

"That's nothing. Didn't Madam say that Mister dropped out of the election for Young Madam?"

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