I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2277 - There Are Some Things I Have To Do

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"If she isn't a vixen, would she have bewitched Shixiu to drop out of this election? With what she did, I can't possibly let her stay by Shixiu's side anymore. So what if they got their marriage certificate? She has to divorce Shixiu now.

"Our Mo family can't tolerate such a vixen!

"Sister Lin, if you're sensible, don't go against me. Don't think that I won't dare to do anything to you just because you've worked for the Mo family for a long time. Don't forget, I'm the master and you're the servant. If I want to punish a servant, no one can protect you!

"Get out of my way now!"

Madam Mo had just finished speaking when she heard footsteps.

A group of tall bodyguards in black uniforms entered the scene.

Sister Lin's expression changed when she saw them.

She grabbed Jiang Luoli's hand tightly.

"Young Madam." Sister Lin turned around and said nervously, "Go to Young Master's study and lock the door. Don't come out no matter what happens. Young Master is already on his way back. He'll be home soon.

"You just have to hold on until Young Master comes back."

Jiang Luoli looked up at the bodyguards and asked, "Sister Lin, who are they?"

"Madam's bodyguards. They must be up to no good. Young Madam, don't say anymore. Hurry up and go upstairs!"

Those people were Madam Mo's bodyguards?

Jiang Luoli quickly guessed what Madam Mo wanted to do.

Her expression changed instantly. Seeing the group of bodyguards walk over, she turned and ran upstairs.

Madam Mo's expression changed when she saw that. She ordered the bodyguards, "Catch her!"

"Madam, what are you doing? You can't do this." Sister Lin spread her arms and tried to stop them, but the bodyguard pushed her away.

They saw that Jiang Luoli had already gone upstairs and quickly chased after her.

"Madam." Sister Lin walked towards Madam Mo and said in a trembling voice, "Madam, you can't do this. Have you thought about how you're going to face Young Master if you do this? If Madam doesn't approve of Young Master's withdrawal, you can have a good talk with him. You can't treat Young Madam like this.

"It'll affect your relationship with Young Master."

Madam Mo looked up with a cold expression. "Even if Shixiu blames me for this, I still have to do it. Jiang Luoli can't stay by Shixiu's side anymore. Since you've been by his side for so long, you should know that I'm doing this for his own good.

"This woman will ruin Shixiu."

"But she's someone Young Master cares about. Madam, Young Master has only liked this woman since he was young. Can't you be more tolerant of her on account of your relationship with Young Master?

"Moreover, Young Master didn't ask Young Madam to do this. Young Master did it on his own account. I swear Young Madam never persuaded him to do it."

"So what." Madam Mo was determined to get Jiang Luoli away. She was unmoved. "Even if she didn't persuade him, he still did it because of her. Just based on this, she's a disaster.

"If Shixiu can't bear to deal with her, then let me be the villain.. Whether he hates me or not, there are things I have to do."

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