I’ll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

Chapter 102 - Kyle's Shock!

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When he heard that a servant had reported the arrival of the First Prince, Kyle was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly finished the meeting with the people in the room.

"Do as I say.

"After the other things are almost ready, go to the tavern in Silk Street and move the procedures required for the middle step to the manor.

"Remember, you must not reveal my identity!"

When the servants heard this, they quickly bowed and left.

Weiss did not take this servant to heart when they abruptly left. He just walked in with a smile on his face.

When Kyle saw his precious son's happy look, he could not help but feel happy. However, he saw that there were a few stains on Weiss's clothes, and his hair was also a little messy… He could not help but frown slightly. "Weiss, why do you look like that?"

Weiss smiled embarrassedly, and then said in a daze.

"Today, the teacher brought me to practice and taught me some great truths, so I can't help but look like this.

When he heard this, Kyle's interest was immediately piqued.

"What kind of truths did your teacher teach you? Tell me all of them, so I can learn more."

Weiss immediately sat down beside Kyle and said with some excitement, "He taught me many things.

"Today, he taught me some profound and unfathomable things. I listened so intently I felt intoxicated. It was the greatest enlightenment of my life!

"Not only that, he even praised me. He said that I had a very high comprehension ability and could understand the truth he shared, and immediately grasped it.

"And he even said that I'll definitely become a great person in the future."

Kyle was shocked.

When did Lorne know how to praise people?

Why had he never been praised before? Even when he occasionally said a few words about Kyle, there was always a hint of ridicule in his tone.

It seemed that this kid of his was right to seek guidance from Lorne.

It was not easy to get such a high evaluation from the vicious mouth of Lorne.

It seemed that his son was destined to become a great man!

Of course, Kyle had a strange look on his face because he had no idea what his son had gone through for Lorne to reach this conclusion.

If he had known the inside story, he would not have such an expression on his face. Then, Kyle asked curiously, "What great principles did your teacher teach you that allowed you to comprehend everything this quickly?"

When Weiss said this, his expression became serious.

"Father, he told me three important principles.

"The first is that everything starts from the tiniest detail. You must tend to the little saplings in order to grow into a towering tree.

"That is what he said. If you do not tend to the little things, you will not be able to reach thousands of miles up. If you do not accumulate little streams, you will not be able to become a river."

Kyle could not help but nod and then said approvingly, "He is right. Whether it's the royal family, the civil and military officials of the imperial court, or the most ordinary people in the world, it's very useful to remember this principle.

"To aim high and reach for the skies without laying a solid foundation would only lead you to fall on your face.

"It's even more so when it comes to governing a country. Take one step at a time and only then can it be peaceful for a long time!"

Weiss could not help but clasp his hands in salute, indicating that he had remembered this principle.

"The second point he mentioned was that no matter if you are in business or politics, you must not be high and mighty. You need to understand the hardships of the people and the thoughts of the people below you.

"You need to put yourself in the midst of the general public at all times so that you can better understand the needs of the people.

"In this way, people who do business will always be able to empathize with others and do their business well.

"And the edicts issued by politicians will always benefit the people of the world. This way, we will not be the result of blindly formulating ideas and randomly speaking."

As soon as Weiss finished speaking, Kyle immediately slapped his thigh.

"Well said, well said on this point. In fact, I often say and do this in my everyday life.

"In the past, if I didn't get out of the palace to observe the situation of the people, I wouldn't have found your teacher."

Weiss's interest was immediately piqued, and he looked as if he was listening to a story.

"Father, tell me about it. How did you meet such a man?"

Kyle waved his hand helplessly.

"What's there to tell? The first time your teacher displayed his amazing talent, it was truly shocking! If you want to hear about it, go look for your uncle. He is much a better storyteller than me."

Weiss nodded silently and made a mental note in his heart. He was going to visit Rosen later.

After pulling his thoughts back, Weiss continued to organize his words.

"The last principle that he taught was to resist temptation. Because a person's life is short and there will always be all kinds of temptations. If you don't cultivate the ability to resist these temptations, then it is very likely that you will stumble in life.

"Therefore, my teacher told me to remember that whether it is money, beauty, or power, we should restrain ourselves. We should only accept it if we let nature take its course."

As soon as Weiss finished speaking, Kyle was suddenly shocked.

This rule was not only useful to his son, but it also had a rather profound warning meaning for Kyle himself.

As the King of an Empire, he needed to constantly remind himself that he could not lose his grit due to all kinds of temptations. It seemed that apart from helping the First Prince grow up healthily, the principles taught by Lorne could also regulate his words and actions as a king.

He immediately took a deep breath and said to Weiss with a solemn face,

"Weiss, these are the principles of life. These are good warnings that would be enough for you to use for your whole life.

"Ordinary people won't think about these principles at all. Only a person of talent like your teacher can speak of it eloquently.

"You must remember these principles in your heart dearly. In the future, you will take over my position, but what you're learning from your teacher now is the foundation for you to become a good king in the future."

They discussed these issues for a while more before Weiss left Kyle's study. However, he did not immediately return to his own eastern palace. Instead, he ordered his subordinates to take a detour to Rosen's mansion. He wanted to understand the many miraculous deeds of his teacher.

After Weiss left, Kyle lay on the chair alone and closed his eyes to rest for a while.. The great principles he had just recalled were in his mind.

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