I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 290 - Consecutive Breakthroughs

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The dragon's roar kept ringing in Zhou Feng's ears while the blood in his body was burning crazily.

'This is…'

Zhou Feng had never expected such a change to happen.

But judging from the result, this change seemed to help him greatly.

He had been unable to condense more Human Emperor Blood in his body and had to rely on the Malevolent Earth Qi to temper his body continuously.

Only then could he break through the bottleneck and condense a trace of the Human Emperor Blood.

The amount of the Human Emperor Blood also represented the progress of cultivating the Human Emperor Scripture.

It was like a turtle crawling before, but now it was suddenly like riding a rocket.

The most ordinary bloodline in Zhou Feng's body was being removed and replaced by the noble Human Emperor's bloodline.

Under normal circumstances, he would be very happy to see this change because it would only benefit him.

But now, Zhou Feng was in the Southern Sea.

Countless aquatic creatures were watching him, with plenty of Daemon Kings among them.

There was also the Dragon Sovereign, who was a step away from breaking through his realm. 

If this continued, wouldn't Zhou Feng be exposed?

If they found he was a human, he would be in trouble.

'What should I do?'

Zhou Feng didn't show any expression on his face, but he was thinking quickly in his heart.

'How should I deal with this situation now?'

After thinking for a while, he realized that he couldn't fight back, so he might as well be braver.

He would think about what would happen later.

Now, he would take this perfect opportunity to train hard.

Thinking of this, Zhou Feng didn't hesitate anymore.

He gave up resisting and rushed toward the Dragon Gate.


"How is this possible!"

"Who is that?"


Then, all the aquatic creatures present witnessed Zhou Feng rushing toward the Dragon Gate.

His speed didn't decrease at all, and it seemed that there was no resistance at all.

Such a situation was simply unheard of and unheard of.

This had never happened in any of the previous Dragon Gate Festivals.

Zhou Feng instantly leaped through the illusory Dragon Gate under the shocked gazes of the aquatic creatures.

A massive amount of energy was forcefully poured into his Human Emperor Ring, which then returned this energy to Zhou Feng's body.


Boundless Spiritual Qi transformed into boundless power.

Zhou Feng, who had been stuck at the 2nd Level of the Purple Mansion realm for who knew how long, frantically broke through his bottleneck.

In an instant, he stepped into the 3rd Level of the Purple Mansion realm.

The power of his bloodline also began to appear, and golden Blood Qi continuously washed over his body.

Zhou Feng's soul began to recite a mysterious scripture on the Soul Altar.

4th Level of the Purple Mansion realm!

He broke through again!

In just a few short minutes, Zhou Feng had once again broken through.

It was as if all the energy within the Dragon Gate had been supplied to him.

5th Level of the Purple Mansion realm!

6th level!

7th level!

8th level!

9th level!

Zhou Feng was like riding a rocket as he instantly jumped to the 9th level of the Purple Mansion realm.

Next, he only needed to comprehend a Divine Ability Law before he could attempt to break through to the Divine Ability realm.


"His bloodline hasn't changed? He hasn't awakened any other bloodlines?"

"His bloodline is so pure! Even with the power of the Dragon Gate, he couldn't activate any more powerful bloodlines?"


Zhou Feng leaped through the Dragon Gate in a flash and broke through like a rocket.

This wasn't the most shocking part.

The most shocking part was that the bloodline aura on Zhou Feng's body hadn't changed since the beginning.

It was still an ordinary Angelfish bloodline.

Normally, after leaping over the Dragon Gate, one would be able to use the power of the Dragon Gate to activate the deepest part of the bloodline in their body.

The aquatic creatures in the world, even the most ordinary ones, would have a trace of a powerful bloodline.

It was as if all aquatic creatures had the true dragon bloodline.

Under normal circumstances, Zhou Feng should have used the power of the Dragon Gate to activate the true dragon bloodline.

This would change his own bloodline.

However, Zhou Feng didn't have it. It was still the extremely pure Angelfish bloodline.

This was very strange. Could there be such a pure bloodline in the world?

In reality, Zhou Feng's Angelfish bloodline was passively simulated.

Even if he jumped over the Dragon Gate, his bloodline wouldn't change under the passive Bloodline Simulation.

'Fortunately, my human bloodline has not been exposed!'

Zhou Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Fortunately, the passive Bloodline Simulation was powerful enough to prevent him from being exposed.

However, even if he had not been exposed, it would be difficult for him to escape in this situation.

He could already feel that several divine ability realm experts were eyeing him.

"I really didn't expect such a fortuitous encounter!"

The aura on Zhou Feng's body gradually stabilized.

Although this unforeseen event made it difficult, it was simply not worth mentioning compared to the benefits he had obtained.

He broke through to the 9th Level of the Purple Mansion realm!

Too fast! This was truly too fast!

If he had continued to cultivate at his original speed, Zhou Feng would have slowly cultivated to the 9th level of the Purple Mansion realm.

He would probably have to waste several decades of time.

Without the help of external forces, this was Zhou Feng's most pessimistic estimation.

But now, he had directly saved several decades of effort.

Half of the bloodline in his body had been replaced with the Human Emperor's bloodline.

He didn't know how much his physical body had improved.

"Haha! Not bad! Not bad! Little angelfish, come here!"

Seeing that Zhou Feng's aura had stabilized, Ao Lie immediately laughed out loud and waved his hand.

It seemed like he was asking Zhou Feng to go over.

Zhou Feng looked at Ao Lie, who had an amiable expression on his face, and approached after a pause.

Compared to Zhou Feng, who had a calm expression, the rest of the aquatic creatures were still trying their best to leap over the Dragon Gate.

"Greetings, Dragon Sovereign!"

Zhou Feng walked up to Ao Lie and greeted him simply.

Then, he could feel a few scrutinizing gazes on him, one of them belonging to Ao Shan.

"Not bad! Are you interested in becoming my son-in-law?"

Ao Lie went straight to the point. He did not try to hide his intention to win him over.

When Zhou Feng heard this, he glanced at Ao Shan.

"I'm interested!" he answered without hesitation, but his tone was rather calm.

Zhou Feng had learned his lesson. If he continued to do as he had done in the past under such circumstances, he would attract all kinds of trouble.

It would be better to agree to it and wait until later to plot against it slowly.

Anyway, Zhou Feng was still using another identity. It did not matter if he agreed to this kind of thing casually.

"Good! You stand beside me. You can be close to Little Shan!"

Ao Lie nodded in satisfaction when he saw Zhou Feng agree to it.

He asked Zhou Feng to stand beside him and also to be close to Ao Shan.

'What a pity!"

"It's hard to refuse when the Dragon Sovereign says it himself!"

"That's right! With such talent, it's a pity that you can't join our tribe!"


Seeing that Zhou Feng directly agreed, a few voices expressing this regret echoed from the side.

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