I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 754 - "last But Not Least"

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Maybe the mafia council made this year's coronation even grander than ever for certain reasons, but no one could guess what they're planning. 

Anyway, right now, Ainsley and her group already entered the hall, but they immediately gathered with the rest of the tournament's participants. 

After re-registering their participation, only then they could roam around the huge, football-sized hall to mingle with other powerhouses. 

Because this is a formal auction where only those in power or those super-rich could attend, one couldn't see many kids or children. 

The powerhouses knew that bringing their young children here wouldn't be too good, considering how the mafia council limited the number of people who could attend the auction. 

Thus, Ainsley, who was only three years old dressed in a dark purple mermaid dress, was so eye-catching that everyone couldn't help but glance at her from time to time. 

It couldn't be helped. The youngest here would mostly be those in their eighteenth or twenty. There are no other teenagers, not to mention brats below fifteen. 

Now...there's someone even younger than the brats. She's only three! A toddler! 

Those from the mafia society were already used to seeing Ainsley around grown-up men and women, but other forces except the big guilds weren't used to this sight. 

One of the family heads of the country's nobles couldn't resist asking one of the high-ranking mafia families' big boss. 

"Hey, Bob. That kid...ummm...do you know who she is? I mean, it's unusual to have a kid here." 

The middle-aged man laughed, but Bob, one of the high-ranking family bosses affiliated with the seven great families, couldn't laugh. 

"...that kid is the head of the Sloan Family, candidate for the next new high-ranking mafia families." 

Before the middle-aged man could react, Bob had already warned him. 

"Don't look down on her young age." Bob toned down his voice but he still sounded stern and serious. 

"If you search for her achievements on the mafia council's website, you won't ever look down on her. She's not a puppet head or anything. She's a genuine mafia boss." 

Bob's warning made the middle-aged man so stunned that he almost bit his tongue. 

The Sloan Family Head? He had heard about the rare potion auction months ago, and it was said to be held by the Sloan Family from the mafia society. 

This kid...is the family head? 

Many other powerhouses also had the same conversation, and one by one, they investigated Ainsley's past and achievements. 

When they had a thorough understanding of this anomaly called Ainsley Sloan, all the people at the hall almost got a stroke. 

Are you kidding me? What's with her dazzling achievements? 

She's even more competent than some of them when they first ascend their family's throne! 

Fck. She's only three, okay? When they inherited their family's business or power or whatever, they were at least twenty years old or older. 

...this baby is only three! 

She's no longer a genius. She's a monster! Maybe she's possessed by a powerful ancestor or something. 

Else, how could she be a multiple ability user when she's only three? 

That's unscientific! 

Many powerhouses asked the mafia bosses about Ainsley, wanting to know more about her life experience. 

Many didn't believe that such a young baby had already awakened her ability, but when one of the bosses showed Ainsley's battle video, they were instantly stunned. 

This...how come we don't know such a baby exists? 

However, when one of the mafia bosses told the others that Ainsley was also the famous Godtoddler of the capital, only then did the others believed the bosses. 

So this is that famous Godtoddler! The one who climbed the Billios Casino Tower in just a few days and became a legendary 'ranker'. 

Since she's already that amazing, it's not too shocking that she also had awakened her abilities. 

Many of the guests started to talk to Ainsley, and Ainsley welcomed her future shareholders with a wide smile on her face. 

Yes, yes, come here. This connection will be very beneficial when creating Sloan Family's branches all around the Godlif country. 

At long last, after 30 minutes of socialising, the auction finally started. The guests moved to the building's second floor while the participants went backstage. 

Of course, the participants' family head had to be the one personally introducing their item to the potential buyers. 

This way, the mafia council could assure the item's authenticity. 

After all, if the bosses lied in order to win the tournament, they would be the one offending these forces and not the mafia council. 

The auction started and the items sent to the stage were random. The mafia council decided everyone's turn simply by letting everyone take a piece of paper from a box. 

The number written on the paper would be their turn to come to the stage. 

There were 35 families, so there were 35 pieces of paper and coincidentally or not, Ainsley got the last turn. 

It seemed that even fate knew that Ainsley's item would be the most valuable out of other items, and so, she was put at the back. 

After all, good things should come last in an auction. 

Time passed by, and half of the tournament's participants had already appeared on the stage to introduce their items and start the bidding war. 

So far, the result was good. These families, although not yet high-ranking mafia families, managed to bring out valuable and rare items one by one. 

These rare items weren't something you can see on a daily basis. Maybe these families offered their heirlooms or something…

Anyway, the guests were all satisfied with the items auctioned off that night. 

An hour passed by, and it was finally the last item to be introduced that night. 

It's Ainsley's turn! 

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