I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.

Chapter 100 - General Judas' Suspicion

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"Second Lieutenant Keiko! What should we do? I can't contact them, they... did something happen to them?!" 

Keiko was taken aback with a sinking feeling in her heart. 

"Don't worry, calm down first. Try if you can contact the people in the shelter and ask them to move out of their hiding places immediately. In addition, the few members of your team who are still outside should hurry up and follow them, making sure to catch up with the car. If you can catch up with them, tell them to not go to the shelter and find another place to hide for a while." 

"Okay, I get it." 

The call was hung up, and Sarah's questioning voice came from the toilet. 

"Second Lieutenant Keiko, what should we do now?" 

"Hurry up and get dressed; I will take you to the hiding place," Keiko said. 

When it comes to hiding places, Keiko could only think of the radiation room.

Keiko took the mother and daughter, who were almost naked, out of the bathroom, went into a storage room, took two sets of work clothes, and asked the mother and daughter to put them on.

She told them to pull the zipper as high as possible, covering the restraint choker around their necks, and led them into the radiology room. 

There was a table in the radiation room, and there was a row of lockers under the table.

Keiko opened the locker, let the mother and daughter hide inside, and told them not to come out unless they heard her voice. Then she returned along the way, and as she passed by, she cleaned up the traces of when she came. 

When she returned to the first floor, she saw an armored vehicle speeding into the hospital from afar. The car stopped at the door of the building, the door opened, and Jeanne and Frode jumped out. 

Keiko breathed a sigh of relief. The eldest miss had finally arrived. 

She hurried to the door, and the eldest lady noticed her quickly. After the two met, Jeanne's first words were, "You're not hurt, are you?" 

"No." Keiko replied briefly, "The people in the car couldn't be contacted. I've asked Donna's people to intercept the car as soon as possible, and I also asked them to contact the shelter to move the hiding place as soon as possible. But until now, I have gotten no response. I don't know what their exact situation is." 

"Okay." Jeanne breathed a sigh of relief. Now that they had done everything they could, even if it was unavoidable, they could only think of other ways. 

"What about the mother and daughter?" Jeanne asked. 


"How did they fall behind?" 

"The two slipped into the toilet of the building to wash their bodies, so they didn't know that everyone was evacuated." 

Jeanne nodded, indicating that she knew. Then she raised her eyebrows and asked. 

"Did you see it?" 

"Hmm? What did I see?" Keiko was puzzled. 

"Did you see them washing their bodies?" Jeanne said, with a hint of vinegar.

"Well, I did," Keiko replied expressionlessly. 

Jeanne looked at her silently for three seconds, then changed the subject. 

"You should hurry back to the room to rest. Let me handle it from here." 

"I think I should act with you from the start until the finish. Besides, only I know where the mother and daughter are. I have to protect them. In case they are found, I can help them in time." 

Jeanne frowned, lowered her voice, approached Keiko, and said, "You have to know your situation. The fact that you treated the deviants this afternoon has been seen by many people, most likely including Judas's people. Furthermore, you also beat several soldiers under Judas. Do you think he will let you go when he comes over later? So, get back to your room and try to avoid him as long as possible." 

Just as Keiko was about to answer, Little Nine's trembling voice suddenly came from the intercom headset. 

"Second Lieutenant Lee... The mission failed, all the deviants were arrested, and only the few of us who followed Donna Casperia were still outside..." Before the words were finished, the call was interrupted. 

Keiko looked at Jeanne, opened his mouth, and finally said nothing. Jeanne saw her cheek muscles trembling, and she could hear the call just now, so she already understood what was going on. 

The rescue mission failed, and they fell into Judas's trap, allowing him to nearly wipe out the entire city of deviants. 

As if reflecting their inner thoughts, at the entrance of the hospital, a large number of military jeeps and armored vehicles entered.

Many heavily armed soldiers jumped out of the vehicles, rushing into the hospital, blocking the entrance, and surrounding Jeanne, Frode, and Keiko.

At the same time, Judas stepped out of the armored vehicle, paced leisurely, and walked in front of the three of them. 

"Why are Young Master Frode and Miss Armstrong here?" Judas asked with a smile, reeking of mockery. 

"That's also my question, why is Lieutenant General here?" Jeanne asked coldly. 

"Several of my soldiers came to the hospital to see a doctor, and they were beaten by someone for no reason. One of them ran out and asked me for help. I'll bring someone to see if there are any dangerous elements in this hospital. I have to catch them quickly. It's good to get up." 

"Really? The elite warriors under your Judas can be beaten so easily?" Jeanne sneered. 

"The soldiers under my command are still far behind. They couldn't compare to the elite soldiers under General Armstrong," Judas curved his lips, and after saying this, he glanced at Keiko, to which Keiko responded with a cold glare, without saying a word. 

Judas smiled and suddenly said seriously, "Let's not talk about this for now. Arresting dangerous elements comes first and is more important. General Heisenberg ordered me to take over the security of Trudheim, and I couldn't sit idly by and ignore the dangers under my eyes." 

"So, what are you going to do? Search all over this hospital? I'm sorry, there are many wounded soldiers here. Please don't disturb their rest," Frode said. 

"Oh, it turns out that you are here to offer condolences to the wounded. In the middle of the night, everyone is sleeping, and no one knows about the condolences. Also, Frode, why didn't you bring troops to protect the eldest lady? This hospital is not safe. I think you should rest in my armored vehicle. After I have ruled out the potential safety hazards, I will let you in to offer condolences. When everyone wakes up, the condolences will be effective," Judas laughed boisterously. 

Jeanne gritted her teeth secretly and glanced at a large number of heavily armed soldiers that Judas had brought, it would be too unfavorable to conflict with him. Out of desperation, she could only say, "Major General Frode, Second Lieutenant Lee, let's listen to Lieutenant General Judas's words and wait in the car." 

Keiko clenched his fists and was about to speak when Jeanne grabbed her wrist. Jeanne shook her head indistinctly and stopped her with a look. Keiko clenched his back teeth and finally held back.

Frode's handsome face was also turning ugly right now. He was the dignified major general, the master of Trudheim, but now he was helplessly being bullied by his mortal enemy, and he couldn't retaliate.

He was extremely aggrieved. If it weren't for his father's intervention this time, leaving him with no choice, he would have had to fight Judas to the end. 

Keiko, Jeanne, and Frode sat in the armored vehicle and watched helplessly as these heavily armed soldiers rushed into the hospital and searched. Time passed by minute by minute, and Keiko was in a cold sweat. It seemed like every second was like a year. 

Jeanne had been holding her wrist tightly, and Keiko knew that she was warning herself that if the mother and daughter were discovered, she would never rush to save them. They had done everything they could, and there was no need to trap themselves in it anymore. 

But Keiko was full of unwillingness and anger. The other deviants had no way out; only Sarah and Diana were left. She wondered whether she would be able to endure if the mother and daughter were also discovered.

Could she pretend that it really had nothing to do with her? Keiko's expression turned cold, her silence deafening, seemingly having made up her mind.

Twenty minutes later, when the soldiers completed their search of the hospital, an officer trotted to Judas and stood at attention, "Reporting to the Lieutenant General, we have searched everywhere, nothing can be found." 

Judas raised his eyebrows, hesitated for a moment, and asked again, "Are you sure you didn't find anything?" 

"Yes, Lieutenant General, We've searched every corner but found nothing." 

Judas was silent for a moment before saying, "Stop the search!"

Keiko was finally relieved, but her sorrow remained.

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