I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.

I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.


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Keiko Lee, a female Special Assault Team (SAT) officer, suddenly wakes up as a Mech Soldier of the Earth Federation more than 100 years in the future. The Earth had gone through devastating change after a round of nuclear war, natural disaster, and alien invasion and the threat is still haunting humanity. Now, she has to adapt to her new world, a world where mecha exist, the fate of humanity is being controlled by the same system that had granted them survival, and the hidden undercurrent involving the future of humanity.

Meanwhile, Jeanne Armstrong, a prodigious black-bellied female major who is also a senior technical officer, a military research expert, and a female instructor in the highest military academy in the Federation, keeps teasing and seducing her to her heart's content.

Keiko who only wants to spend her day living peacefully meets Jeanne who will do anything for her freedom. What will happen to them when their fate entangled with each other?

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