Harry Potter: A Certain Hogwarts Professor Of Magic

Chapter 224 - 224 Aragog

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Felix rarely used his flying broom, but this is the most appropriate method now, he is not interested in spending hours exploring the location of the Acromantula colony.

He took the glass bottle out of his pocket and asked the Acromantula inside, "Can you determine the location?"

"You're going to visit our colony?" The Acromantula asked in surprise.

"Yes, to gain insight." Felix's answer is very perfunctory.

Acromantula has long recognized the temperament of this wizard, if there is no benefit, he would certainly throw him at the edge of the forest, turn around, and walk away. Now, this attitude could only mean that he planned to do something to the Acromantula colony.

Although there are more than three hundred Acromantula in the nest, there is still a little uncertainty in his heart, so he simply kept his mouth shut. Felix stuffed it into his pocket and flew for a little more than half an hour in the direction pointed out to him by the centaur, then he jumped off his broom.

"Next," Felix waved his wand, "I remember marking three Acromantula earlier. Let me see where you are."

A few weeks ago, Felix had gone deep into the Forbidden Forest to practice his zooming spell and strayed into the hunting zone of the Acromantula and was attacked by a swarm of them, which unsurprisingly got knocked off by him, and several of them even had his tracking magic imposed on them discreetly ...

Felix quickly sensed the direction of the marked Acromantula, and travelled along a twisted path, with more and more gravel on the ground, tree roots, and scattered spider webs to be seen.

"The spider silk of the Acromantula is non-venomous." Felix picked a spider silk with his fingertips, the slime on it had dried, and it felt like a flexible rope.

"Maybe it can be incorporated into the Vine of Binding, I wonder what effect it may bring," Felix muttered, collecting part of the white spider web by hand.

Soon, he heard a rattling sound in his ears, " Ta Ta Ta Ta " sound connected closely, Felix looked back, 30 to 40 Acromantula at the size of a small wagon surrounded him.

A minute later.

Felix took out a goblet from his ring and stuffed more than thirty shrunken Acromantula in it.

After thinking about it, he took a glass bottle out of his pocket and released the initial Acromantula 'prisoner'. After a burst of blue light, it finally returned to its original state.

"Here, your companion, hold it steady, so you wouldn't shatter it." Felix placed the goblet in the gap between its large claws on the left side, and the eight black eyes of the Acromantula stared rigidly at the small spiders huddled together in the goblet.

"You, you put them ..." the Acromantula in agitation caused a dent in the goblet, the small spiders inside scrambled in panic, but the mouth of the goblet is a translucent film, there is no way they could escape.

"It's too much trouble to explain one by one, it's better to save some effort." Felix played with the ebony wand in his hand, "By the way, I haven't asked your name, do you have a name?"

The Acromantula froze for a few seconds and said gruffly, "Gork, my name is Gork."

Felix said, "Gork? I remember the guy Hagrid originally kept one in his cupboard with the name Aragog... Are you guys related?"

Gork, the Acromantula, said reluctantly, "I'm his child."

It seems that even magical creatures have family discord, Felix did not bother to ask " What is your birth order?, or " How is your relationship with Aragog?" These kinds of questions.

They went deeper and deeper into the forbidden forest, even in the daytime, the light here is still very dim, and the trees seem everywhere like layers and layers of hoods, completely separating the sunlight from the sky.

Felix waved his wand and made a ring of ghostly blue flames hover around him, providing him with ample illumination. Spiders of varying sizes began to appear on the ground littered with fallen leaves, spiders densely packed and crawling everywhere from between the exposed roots and leaf piles.

"I remember a very out-of-the-box spell, a spider expulsion charm?" Most of his consciousness went into the thinking room, and a moment later he waved his hand and released a red light, and the spiders moved far away from him with no control, even the Acromantula Gork backed off quickly. (spell name *Arania Exumai* if you don't know)

Felix scratched his head, "I almost forgot about you, okay." He cancelled the charm, applied a Levitation Charm on himself, and stood lightly on top of the Acromantula Gork.

"Let's go."

He pulled off one of the hairs from the back of the Acromantula and transformed it into a soft cushion and sat on it.

The Acromantula Gork had objections, but he knew it's pointless mentioning it, so he grunted twice, and his other free claw made a "click-clack-clack" sound, as if venting his anger.

They were back on the path, the leaves on the ground are getting less and less, with more white spider webs, in the process, Acromantula finds them constantly, but by Felix's zooming spell they turned into small spiders, and stuffed into the goblet.

When they arrived at the edge of a wide hollow clearing, illuminated by blue flames, Felix saw hundreds of giant spiders, hidden in the shadows, each as big as a small wagon, so he jumped off Gork.

The center of the concave area is foggy and covered with dense hemispherical spider webs. Then a few Acromantula crawled forward, and one with white fur on its head said, " Gork, you've brought a wizard, you betrayed Aragog?"

In the darkness, more "click-clack-clack" sounded, which seemed eerie in the dense forest where no light could be seen.

The Acromantula called "Gork" yelled angrily, "I didn't betray Aragog, I never did!" He raised his claw towards the middle of the concave, and shouted, "Aragog, Aragog!"

From the middle of the foggy, dense, hemispherical web, a spider the size of an African elephant emerged very slowly. Its body and legs were black tinged with gray, and each eye on its ugly head covered with a white cataract. It could be blind.

"What's going on?" It asked, clicking and clacking, its two large claws moving rapidly.

"It's Gork coming back," said the big spider with the white fur on its head, "and with someone."

"Who is it, Hagrid?" Aragog came closer, eight milky white eyes peering blankly.

"No, it's the strange wizard."

"Get rid of him, I'm sleepy ..." said Aragog, annoyed.

"Oh, I don't think so, I have a hostage on my hand." Felix said breezily.

"Hostage ..." Aragog looked a little confused as it looked blankly in Felix's direction, its large gray and black claws scratched around, "Gork, what happened to you?"

Acromantula Gork said gruffly, "Old man, are you completely confused? This wizard said he has hostages in his hand!" He said grumpily, "Right there in the goblet, shrunken ... all our clansmen, hundreds of them!"

Aragog remained silent for a while, and just as Felix wondered if it had fallen asleep, it finally spoke, its words much more cautious: "Which powerful wizard has come to my land? I, Aragog, the originator of the colony of Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest, and I do not trespass the outer forest around Hogwarts."

Felix laughed softly, "That's funny, I've always wondered where the root of Gork's disregard for human life stems from, and I think I may have found it."

"You've come to the wrong place, Mr. Wizard, we have never harmed a single young wizard.." Aragog said, its large gray and black claws thumping the ground as more and more large spiders appeared and stood behind it.

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