Harem Overlord

Chapter 361 - From A Beginner To A Pro (r 18)

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"Why are you looking at me like that?" Sahara asked in a confused tone before she walked a little forward and bent down in front of Kai.

Her boobs juggled in front of his face as she looked at his face with a confused expression.

"I am just wondering how you honed your skills to this level?" 

"Don't you remember? I used to tease you so much when you were training with me and the other sins in our special realm." Sahara said with a grin before she stood up and turned around.

She put her hands on the side of her panties and slowly started pulling them down. After reaching down to her thighs, Sahara bent down even more as she finally slid the panties down her body.

Except for her shoes and socks, Sahara had no clothes on her body but the challenge was still on.

"Looks like I am starting to feel the cold now." She said with a grin and cupped her breasts with her hands. The nipples had turned erect as Sahara slowly started playing with them.

Her right hand then went down to her completely shaved pussy as she slowly pulled her labia apart. She then moved forward to give Kai a better look before putting her middle finger inside her pussy.

While slowly fingering her pussy with her middle finger, Sahara looked at Kai's face. The latter looked extremely calm so Sahara turned her gaze to his cock.

There was no rising tent and she felt a little disappointed by that.

"Anyways, what are we going to do now?" She asked while keeping her voice stable. "I guess I should proceed with the real thing now."

She then bent down on her knees and with some quick movement, Sahara undid her shoelaces and kicked them off her feet.

Before that day, Kai had never thought that he would see someone removing their socks so slowly. But Sahara's speed could be compared to the movement speed of a snail.

"Done." After a few minutes, she dropped the last remaining piece of cloth on her body down on the ground.

"So I passed the challenge." Kai grinned as he stood up and shook off his clothes. He then looked at the few drops of arousal juices dripping down Sahara's thighs before he decided to take things up a notch.

"Then shall we proceed," Sahara said as she hit her ass once with her right hand. 

But Kai didn't say anything and walked forward. He grabbed Sahara's body and pulled her against his body. While maintaining a steady grip on her waist, he kissed her lips and invaded her mouth.

His tongue entwined with her tongue before he pushed her against a tree. While keeping their tongues intertwined, Kai's hands slowly traveled down her body and grabbed her breasts.

While groping the big melons with his hands. Sahara's hands went near Kai's cock while her tail slowly went behind him.

'She is going to do that again.' Kai thought with a smile as he felt Sahara's tail slowly poking around his asshole.

But he was no longer affected by that as his right hand let go of her breasts and went down to her sacred cave.

But Sahara's legs closed around his hand in an attempt to stop him from entering her cave. He then broke their kiss to see her smiling.

"Not so quick," Sahara said as she released the grip on Kai's hands and controlled her tail to move forward and surround Kai's cock.

The warm tail slowly started rubbing his cock and Kai could feel his yang qi flowing through his hard rod. Sahara then started increasing the speed of her tail job as Kai's cock grew even harder in her embrace.

"Kai, what's the maximum length your cock can grow to?"

"I don't know. I never tested it." He replied and his hands went behind Sahara. He then grabbed her ass and lifted her body up the ground.

The latter giggled a little when she realized what Kai was doing.

"What a unique position," Sahara muttered as her breasts were now in front of Kai's mouth. 

He slowly started licking the erect cherries with his tongue before he put them in his mouth. He then started sucking on the cherries to get their flavor.

"Ahhh~" After that, Sahara finally released a moan as Kai continued to such on her erect red cherries.

Her tail also continued to rub his cock but Sahara soon realized that there was no way that he was going to cum in this way.

"Kai put me down," Sahara said and Kai obliged. He could tell that Sahara had something in her mind and he decided to let her do that.

"Let's see how long you can hold now." She said with a grin before she opened her mouth and swallowed his entire cock in a matter of seconds.

Yet her sharp teeth were chipping at Kai's cock just like when Sahara's had given him her first blow job. 

'Could it be that she is trying to…' Kai immediately realized what Sahara meant. The half-lion girl slowly started moving back and forward like she was giving him a blowjob for the first time.

But slowly, her skills started to rise. It was like an MC who had been hiding his real powers the entire time.

Her tail moved below Kai's cock and wrapped around his jewels. The tail then slowly started massaging his jewels while Sahara sucked his cock.

"Damn…" Kai muttered as he realized why Sahara had made her earlier statements. He could feel his pre-cum dripping inside Sahara's mouth as the half-lion girl slowed down.

She pushed her hand forward and Kai's cock touched the base of her throat. She stayed in this position without gagging and Kai could feel that he was about to come soon.

Sahara also realized this and as quick as a viper, she removed his cock from her mouth and touched the tip with her tongue while her tail whipped back and touched his asshole. The two things combined made Kai release his yang qi directly inside Sahara's mouth as she greedily swallowed the golden white liquid.

"Tasty.." She finished while licking her lips.

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