From Dusk Till Dawn!

Chapter 446 - The End

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At a distance from the old people, Mark and Ethan were standing, looking at the beautifully decorated place. ''When are we getting married officially?" Ethan raised an eyebrow at Mark as he leaned closer to him. 

Mark winked, his unruly silver hair fell over his forehead as a gentle breeze passed by, ''Next year, promise.''

Ethan's eyes brightened, ''Are you serious?" They have been in a relationship since a long time but Mark never agreed to take the next step, as in marriage. 

''Of course. My best friend is getting married. I can't lag behind. We will have to catch up to friendship goals,'' Mark laughed, not quite admitting that he was also eager to marry this man whom he really loved.

Ethan chuckled, ''I should thank her then. As long as you are mine, officially and,'' His eyes roamed over the man's body as he glanced at him meaningfully. 

Mark coughed. This shameless man!

On another round table...

''Close your damned iPad. Your wife is here. And looking at her expressions, she is going to beat you up. You should never underestimate the strength of the heiress of a military family,'' Ye Jie spoke beside Qin Jingze's ear. 

Qin Jingze quickly stood up as he watched Lin Shi making her way towards him, ''Wifey~" He glanced at her with starry eyes. 

Lin Shi narrowed her eyes, ''Don't touch that thing for a week,'' As if working on command, their daughter, Qin Luo picked up her father's iPad before going to sit on Ye Jie's lap. 

''Of course, love. As you wish. Let's go check over if the reporters are well organized,'' Qin Jingze flashed his wife a coy smile, coaxing her immediately.

Ye Jie's lips twitched. This stoic man has become a whipped husband for sure. He shook his head and glanced at the little girl on his lap, ''Baby Luoluo is so pretty today.'' 

Qin Luo glanced at him, ''Uncle Qin is alsooo reallly handsome~'' She slid off his lap, ''My friends are there. Can I go to them?" 

Ye Jie glanced at the distance where all the kids were playing, ''Go.'' 

As he watched her little legs making their way towards her friends, he laughed. His gaze landed on Mo Zihan who was kissing Ying Yue behind a pillar, taking advantage of a little absence of crowd at the place. The corner of his lips twitched. This man must be growing in reverse to be acting like a teenager. 

On the other corner, he saw Mo Jia being flirted with by Tang Yichen.

A soft sigh escaped his mouth as he leaned back on the chair before looking at the sky.

Just as he closed his eyes, he palm a softness on his face. He opened his eyes only to be greeted by the face he...could never forget even though their paths never crossed after that incident in the yacht where they had an one night stand. 

It did cross once after that when he confessed to her but she rejected him saying that she did not want relationships or anything.

Si Xiu stood behind his chair with both her palms on his cheeks, ''I quite do not seem to be getting over that night. I don't think I will ever find myself a husband if I see you in all men,'' She pressed a kiss on his forehead, ''Let's give it a try. Let's date.''

Ye Jie stood up, quite dumbstruck by the confession that came out of nowhere, ''Y-Y-You...are you sure? Don't tell me you were just joking later.''

Si Xiu shrugged, ''What do you think?"

Ye Jie cupped her face and glanced at her lips. Just as he leaned closer to her, a hand appeared between them and he ended up kissing the palm. 

''Did you get my approval before trying such things on my daughter?" He stiffened, hearing his mafia 'father-in-law's' voice. 

Song Tianyi was dangerous everytime but when he regained his vision after his surgery, the man was more intimidating. 

Ye Jie glanced at Si Xiu before looking at the man, ''I...I love your daughter. Can we please date?"

Si Xiu smiled looking at both of them. After a long period of investigation, it turned out that she was the product of an accident where her mother was just one of her father's women. The woman knew her identity as a Song Family member because she was also an accomplice of Mo Yi but her conscience hurt aborting her child. So, she ran away and gave birth to a pair of twins but only one of the child survived which was her and she left her at Song Family mansion before she was killed by Mo Yi and her mother.

But her father never let her feel like she was unwanted. 

''Humph! Better don't break her heart. Cherish her like your friend cherishes my niece,'' Song Tianyi glanced at Tang Li who was walking towards the alter before looking at Mo Yuhan who couldn't wait for his wife as he stepped down the alter before making his way towards her.

The weather was just like the first time they met, a soft breeze passed by as Tang Li tilted her head watching Mo Yuhan making his way towards her through her transparent veil. He was 36 this year but he looked nothing more than a man in his late 20s. Tall, fit and handsome. But it was that pair of blue eyes that made her heart flip. It always did.

''I am young, hot and I earn a lot. You can even quit your job and be a house-husband,'' She whispered as she stepped closer to him, ''So, marry me, Mr. Mo?" She felt like a teenager all over again as he stood in front of her.

The rims of his eyes turned red. 

No matter what happened, she has never seen tears in his eyes.

Mo Yuhan glanced at the woman in the white wedding gown. She resembled an angel, like an angel that she has always been to his dull life, brightening it with her presence, ''I will live the bleak 28 years of my life infinite times if it means to meet the girl in black dress, sitting beside the sea, talking to her Grandpa,'' He lifted her veil, going against the norms, surprising the guests and the bride. Mo Yuhan tilted her chin as he leaned closer to her, ''I will marry you over and over again, Mrs. Mo. No matter how many times I am given the chance, I will honor it.''

Tang Li snapped out of her daze as she blinked away her tears, ''I love you.''

''I love you too,'' The corner of his lips tugged up, ''More than I will ever say,'' And with that said, the groom kissed the bride.

The end. 

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