Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 331 - Journey Together

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Nan Luo passed a look at Nan Hua then at Xiao Yan behind him. For some reason, he felt that he was really lacking behind Nan Hua a lot!

The distance to the frontline was quite far, so they would take several days on the journey.

Riding the horse really made Nan Luo's butt hurt. He felt like asking them to stop but seeing that Nan Hua was still fine, he endured. How could he possibly complain when he was in front of his twin sister?

Feng Ao Kuai was in relatively better situation compared to Nan Luo. After all, this was not the first time he followed the march.

"Is it possible for us to just walk?" Nan Luo asked when they stopped for the night. The soldiers were fast as they built the tent while he also helped to build two tents. One for him and Nan Hua while the other one for Feng Ao Kuai and Feng Ao Si.

"Your stamina wouldn't last that long."


"Also, your legs are shorter."

Nan Luo: "…"

For the nth time, Nan Luo wished that he was already an adult. He didn't want to spend so much time to grow up like this. It felt as if he was taking so much time to grow up and let others protected him when he wanted to be the one at the forefront.

It took some time before the tent was ready.

Their servants were staying in different tents, sharing with other children. It was only because of these four's special status that they could only share with one person. Normally, it would be 5 people in one tent.

"Nan, you stay with me."

"Yes, Young Master."

Nan Luo looked at Nan Hua and felt a bit uncomfortable. The person who stood before him was clearly his twin sister, but she exuded a different kind of aura.

In fact, he felt that the image he had for Nan Hua always changed from time to time.

When they were training, she was the obedient little sister and also a very valiant and resilient girl.

When they were meeting with others, she was the docile little girl who looked so harmless as if she could be bullied at will. Well, of course, it would be impossible to easily bully her.

Now, she looked like a young man who was hard tempered at war.

In his heart, Nan Luo was utterly confused of the ever changing images that his twin sister showed to him. However, he chose to accept his sister. No matter which side she showed, she would always be his twin little sister whom he had to protect!

"You can relax more when you're inside."

"It's better if I don't do that, Young Master." Nan Hua prepared their bedding. She looked at her twin brother and leaned closer. "There will be time when we'll exchange places too, so it's better to keep the image."

Nan Luo blinked his eyes and seeing the mischievous light in his twin sister's eyes, he felt a bit amused. If she wanted to exchange place with him, sure. He didn't really care what she wanted to do with his identity.

Besides, he would be able to follow her with his identity as Nan.

Indeed, it was very convenient.

Unbeknownst to Old Master Nan, his two grandchildren were already plotting with each other to make good use of their advantage to switch places in accordance to the situation. Since they were twins, it wouldn't be that hard for them to do so.

As for the difference in their height…

That was a future problem. Their current height was exceedingly similar. There was no need for them to bother with it for the time being.

The journey was relatively slow but nerve wracking. Nan Luo had to admit that the atmosphere was extremely tense and it was very hard for him to stay calm. The closer they were to the battlefield, the tenser the air.

"Are you nervous?" Feng Ao Kuai asked as he asked his men to slow down the horse a bit. If only he was not so short, he wouldn't have a problem with riding a horse on his own. Unfortunately, his wish couldn't be granted.

"A bit."

"I feel the same at first."

Nan Luo arched his eyebrows. If he was not wrong, Feng Ao Kuai started going to the battlefield last year. It meant that Feng Ao Kuai was around the same age as him when he first departed to the battlefield.

Some people might think that they were sent too early.

However, since they were only placed at the back and not participating directly, no one could exactly complain. Besides, looking at how Feng Ao Si had been running around since he was around 13 years old along with many others, not many people could really see them as children.

"Upon crossing that hill, we'll be able to see the field."



Nan Luo was eager but he tried to keep his patience. The horse was moving while the other soldiers who followed them were walking. Only a few of them rode horse since they were part of the cavalry unit.

The atmosphere was tense.

Nan Luo's eyes landed on the large field in front of him as he drew a cold breath. Thousands of people… no tens of thousands people were there. They were all donned in armor and looked like they were ready for battle. All of them were looking in their direction.

No, it was not their direction.

They were all looking towards Old Master Nan, who was leading them at the front.

Even though he still saw his grandfather as he usually was, there was a faint oppression from him. It was as if his grandfather had transformed completely. He was no longer the easy going and kindhearted elder.

Even General Feng no longer looked the same and the commanders behind him all wore solemn expression. Yet, they seemed to have endless energy in their body.

Seeing the soldiers' eagerness, Old Master Nan smiled. He then raised his hand, "I'm back and now, it's time for us to depart."


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