Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door

Chapter 168 - Not His Type

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''I know…'' Lauren's phone started ringing and she took it out.

Amanda could see the contact ID which was, ''don't answer' clearly on the screen before she ended the call.

''I will tell you about it later, right now, I will be putting you in danger if I tell you''

''Is it that serious?''

''Mm, it is very serious and involves the wellbeing of many people. I can't risk it''

''Alright, I understand''

''I have to go now. Thank you for the things, I will use them well'' Lauren stood up and picked the bag.

''You are welcome, I will send you out'' Amanda stood up with her and they walked out of her room.

Amanda followed Lauren outside the door and they walked towards the garden leading to the other hostels. As they walked, Amanda noticed that Lauren was looking around. She was acting mysterious but she didn't want to ask her since she made it clear it was dangerous.

''Amanda, you can leave me here and go back''

''Alright, be careful on your way. See you tomorrow''

''Mm, see you tomorrow too'' Lauren smiled and walked away.

Amanda looked at her and smiled. She turned to go and saw Venus and Alex walking away.

''Oh, Amanda'' Alex saw Amanda first and called.

''Senior, hi, Senior Venus, hi'' Amanda greeted them.

''Hi, Amanda. How are you?'' Alex asked as they walked towards their apartments.

''I'm doing well, thanks to you''

''I hope Venus isn't giving you a hard time?''

''No, he is taking care of me very well'' Amanda said and Venus turned to look at her.

''That's great. Where did you go?''

''I came out to see my friend off. Senior, my mum sent me some things from our hometown, I want to give you and senior Rita some''

''Really? You are from Xuimin, right?''

''Yes, senior''

''I can't wait to see what it is'' Alex said.

Watching them bond, Venus became a little unhappy and walked away fast, leaving them behind.

''Senior, give one to Senior Rita'' Amanda said as she handed two bags of the things to Alex.

''Thank you, she will be very happy to receive them''

''You are welcome''

''Then, I will leave you. I'm going''

''Oo, bye bye'' Amanda waved at Alex as he turned and walked away. When Alex closed the door, she turned and saw Venus staring at her from his door.

''Where is mine?'' He asked.

''Well… you don't accept things from ladies so I didn't prepare one for you'' Amanda said.


''I saw how you treated that lady earlier on. I didn't want to face such rejection because it would hurt so I didn't prepare anything for you''

''Hey! How is that the same? She was basically confessing her feelings and if I had taken it, won't that mean I accept her confession?''

''But she said she just wanted to give you the gift and…''

''Hey! Give me mine and stop giving me excuses. I rejected her because she is a girl, why would I reject you?'' Venus said a little loud.

''I am also a girl'' Amanda said.

''You are not a girl to me, you are my roommate''

''What? Whoa, why do I feel offended by your words? I am not a girl, then what am I? A man?''

''In any case, you are different. Our relationship is different so you should give me what you gave everyone''

''How different is our relationship? You just said I am not a girl''

''Do you want to leave right now? I can help you pack your things''

''No. I was just joking with you. Did you have to be so serious?''


''Of course, I prepared a special one for you. Go and check in your room'' Amanda said and smiled.

''My room?'' Venus opened the door and saw a package on the bed.

''Goodnight'' Amanda said and ran to her room.

Venus closed the door and went to his bed. He opened the bag and saw the things inside and smiled. He picked the note and read it aloud.

''This is a special tea made by my parent's Research Lab in Blue Town. It will help in giving you a peaceful rest. There are only two so I gave one to you and kept one for myself. They rest are delicacies from Xuimin''

Venus chuckled after reading the note. He picked the things out and murmured, ''why does she have to be so cute?''


Next day…

Amanda came out of her room and heard the aroma of food. She rushed to the kitchen and saw Venus making sandwich.

''Senior, what are you doing?'' Amanda asked.

'Making sandwich, sit down and have some''

'No, I am going to be late. I didn't wake up early''

''Wait, I will put it in a lunchbox. You need to eat breakfast before leaving''


''Wait, I won't keep long'' Venus said to her as he picked a pair of cylindrical bowls and started putting the sandwich inside. He finished and opened the fridge and removed two paper milk and added it, putting them in a bag before giving it to Amanda.

''Senior, isn't this a little too much for one person?''

''You can share it with your friend. Take it as a thank you for the gifts last night?''

''Senior, did you like them?''

''Yes, I made the tea and drunk. I was able to get a lot of sleep. Thank you''

''Then, make sure you tell me when it's used up. I will let my mum send more. This will be a special delivery for only you''

''Okay, hurry on''

''Okay, bye Senior''

"Bye'' Venus chuckled as he watched Amanda run out of the apartment. He turned and looked at the rest of the sandwich and murmured, ''let me clean this up and get ready''

''Mmmm, this is so good Amanda'' Lauren said as she bit into the sandwich.

'It is, right? I don't know where he learnt how to cook'' Amanda said as she also ate.

''So, senior Venus really made this breakfast for you?''

''Yes, I was also surprised''

''See, I told you he treats you differently''

''Hey, stop! Don't put ideas into my head''

''I am only saying the factual thing. He is cold to other girls but he seems to be gentle with you''

''Gentle? Hey, you should hear his words. He doesn't have a filter at all''

''Amanda, the way you are talking doesn't seem like someone who is always hurt by his words?''

''Well… he is blunt but he is a nice person so it's okay''

''Oh my god!'' Lauren suddenly reacted when she saw a group of three girls standing behind Amanda.

''What is it?'' Amanda asked and turned.

''Amanda, right?'' Eunice asked.

''Yes, can I help you?'' Amanda asked back.

''So, you are the wench that poured soup on senior Fred and is always flirting with Senior Venus, right? You are so shameless. Why can't you just pick one of them to toil with and keep messing with the two Princes of the school like that? Both Venus and Fred are always fighting over you'' Nika added.

All that while, Joy was standing elegantly as she watched.

''Hey! What do you mean by that?'' Lauren stood up and asked.

''It's okay, Lauren'' Amanda said and stood up. She looked at the girls and asked, 'one, I am not a wench. Two, I am not flirting with them and lastly, why would they fight over me? It's not like I have something special''

''You are always talking back'' Nika said.

'Did you come here thinking that you could bully me?'' Amanda asked, cocking her brows at them arrogantly.


''That's enough, Nika'' Joy finally spoke, shutting Nika up. She looked at Amanda and smiled saying, 'forgive my friends. Hi, I am Joy from the Plant Department''

''What do you people want?'' Amanda asked.

''You are the girl staying with Venus, right?''

''Yes, what is it?''

''I like Venus and I am going to keep pursuing him until he accepts me''

''So, what does that have to with me?''

''I am just informing you so you don't develop any ideas. I will be watching you'' Joy said and turned to go.

''Didn't Venus reject you yesterday? If you keep pursuing him after he rejected you… won't that make you desperate? Don't you have any self-esteem?''

''Watch your words!'' Eunice yelled.

''What is going on here?'' A familiar voice asked and they all turned.

Amanda became alert and a little scared when she saw Fred walking towards them.

''Sen… senior, hi'' Joy stuttered.

''Are you not leaving?'' Fred asked.

''We… we are'' Joy said.

''Wait!'' Fred looked at Joy and said to her, ''don't get your hopes high. You are not Venus' type. Anyone who gets close to him becomes my enemy. You can ask her'' he pointed at Amanda.

Joy looked at Fred before hurriedly pulling her friends along as she walked.

After they were gone, Amanda packed the bowls and said to Lauren.

''Lauren, let's go''

''You can leave with her. I have something to talk about with Amanda'' Fred said to Lauren.

''Don't go anywhere, Lauren.. Say what you want to say. I have classes to attend to''

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