Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door

Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door


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Comedy, Romance




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Being at the right place at the wrong time! That was the exact situation Ozge found herself in when she witnessed a gory accident.


I know you


You can keep hiding but I will find you, I will break through your defenses and make you mine again

Lunatic! Ozge muttered and turned, walking away. Her lips curved into a subtle smile.

Ozge is a final year medical student working part time to make ends meet while still juggling school. With her final medical exams closing in, Ozge has to pay the reminder of her school fees before she could be allowed to write her final exams or risk deferring her course which she had done once already.

When Ozge is offered a job by the powerful Almendez family, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.


On the first day of his accident, before he went into coma, he saw the face of a girl and held her hand while being transported to the surgery room. From then, onwards, he felt like he could hear her always close by his side.

Ozge went to stay in the Ferit household after accepting the job. She took care of Ferit Almendez while going to her school but on the day that Ferit finally woke up, the first person he saw wasn’t Ozge but his family friend who told him that she was the one by his side through it all.

Now, Ferit thinks the person who stayed with him has always being his family friend, Demit Suwait.

Five years later, Ozge and Ferit meet again at the same ER where Ozge was now an Emergency room doctor while Ferit was to become the director of the hospital, taking after his grandfather.

But, how long can lies stay and how long will the truth remain hidden?

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