Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 548 - Ch 548: Infinity Edge Blade 2

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"Profound Meaning of Destruction... What is this now?" Ye Xiao again caught some words that he could not understand and asked.

Queen replied in a soft tone: "You have already comprehended a few Laws so you should know what Law is, right?"

Seeing Ye Xiao nodding his head, Queen once again said, "Profound Meaning is the next and also final stage of Laws. For example, you have already comprehended the Devouring Law, right?"

Ye Xiao again nodded his head. Queen continued to say, "Now that you have comprehended the Devouring Law, you could devour many things that were impossible for you to devour previously. You also now no longer have to touch someone to devour something from them because of the Devouring Law. But, it is impossible for you to devour the sun and moon, a planet or a planet's core!"

"But if you were to comprehend the Profound Meaning of Devouring, devouring all these things is possible. you could even devour other Laws to comprehend them instantly. You can devour anything you wish for, other than Four Supreme Laws, which are Space and Time Laws, Creation and Destruction Laws!"

"Why do you think the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon has "Heaven Devouring" in its name?

"It is because it capable of devouring almost 95% of the entire Heavens. If the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon were to really devour 95% of the entire Heavens, what do you think the Heavens will be left with? Only four supreme Laws and Profound Meaning as well as some other things!"

"But... it's still not easy to devour the Heavens, after all, even before the birth of any world or any single thing, when the Heavens was just formed and was filled with nothing but darkness, it gave birth to me and the Nine Ancestor Dragons! We are like the proof of Heavens' existence. We have a mark of the Heavens' itself, restricting us from causing any major damage to the Heavens!"

Ye Xiao nodded his head, understanding everything that the Queen said. He pondered over and a question appeared in his mind. Ye Xiao again asked, "If you or other ancestor dragons' could not do any major damage to the Heavens, then why does the Heavens feel threatened from all of you and gave the order to First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement? After all, you all were restricted from causing any harm to the Heavens!"

"It was because of the birth of Second Universe, the Universe of Heavenly Pearl. Now is not the time for you to do some things in detail. Just know... although the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon was capable of devouring the 95% of the Heavens, it was unable to do so because of the restriction on us!"

"And the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon is capable of doing such unimaginable things thanks to the fact that it was born with the element of devouring as well as the 100% understanding of the Profound Meaning of Devouring!"

Ye Xiao nodded and muttered: "So that's how it is! Who knows how long it'll take me to understand and comprehend the Profound Meaning of my comprehend Laws!"

All the things that he came to know through the Queen were something that he had never heard of and never thought of.


The reason behind this conversation between Queen and Ye Xiao was the Ancient Blade called Infinity Edge Blade, but up till now, Queen never mentioned its name in her story. Ye Xiao was waiting for Queen to complete her story so that he could know about the Origin of this Infinity Edge Blade and its understand how powerful it is!

He first thought that the second weapon that the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement refined would be this Infinity Edge Sword, but his thinking was too simple. What he was thinking was not the reality.

Queen again took a deep breath, looked at the Infinity Edge Blade that was still devouring blood and energy from the Evil Eye and was becoming more and more stronger with each passing second.

At first, the Evil Eye was letting out painful shrieks. It doesn't have a mouth, even so, strange painful noises were coming out from it. But now, as if it was on the verge of collapsing, the Evil Eye became silent. The evil energy around its body had also almost completely disappeared.

Queen shifted her beautiful hazel eyes to see Ye Xiao and looking at his hopeful gaze that was looking forward to knowing more, she said, "The First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement was injured by the 100% Profound Meaning of Destruction and one who attacked was the Heavens itself. Because of this, healing him became impossible. He was destined to die. But at that time, World Exterminating Demon Dragon, who was also born with the element of Destruction as well as 100% understanding of the Profound Meaning of Destruction, managed to control the destructive energy within the body of the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement that was wreaking havoc. This delayed his death time!"

"After he delayed the death of First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement, I used my healing and regenerative ability to continuously delay his death. We wanted to save him but it had become impossible."

"The First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement didn't expect the Heavens to attack him. He was enraged so, he thought of something and told the Nine Ancestor Dragons that he could still refine another weapon that could not only counter the God Slaying Sword, if given enough time, it alone could even shatter down the Heavens itself!"

"It was a crazy idea to even think of refining something like this. Even the Second Universe, the Universe of Heavenly Pearl was unable to destroy the Heavens, how could it be possible for a mere weapon to do so. No matter how powerful a weapon could be, it is not possible for it to surpass the limit of Heavens and shatter it down!"

"But, the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement firmly believed in himself. He also told us that he had saved around 30% of Heavens' Source, so it could use the Heavebs' Source to refine the weapon. But... he didn't want to use the Heavens' Source as the main material. He asked the Nine Ancestral Dragons for a part of their bodies."

"Heavens Devouring Divine Dragon gave his blood, Divine Soul Emperor Dragon gave a tiny part of the Source of his Soul, Celestial Poison Imperial Dragon gave the ten drops of poison that was mixed with all the poison under the heavens. It has to know that there are hundreds of thousands or even million types of poison under the heavens. The Celestial Poison imperial Dragon actually mixed all of its poison before giving ten drops to the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement."

"The World Exterminating Demon Dragon gave one of his teeth that was filled with the energy of destruction, Blood Slaughter Abyssal Dragon gave his heart blood, Nine Hell Serenity Dragon took out his spine and gave it to the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement."

"Other three ancient dragons also gave the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement one of the things from their bodies that was related to their utmost existence!"

"The First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement used all these things as the main materials to create another weapon. It was a blade. The First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement named the blade "Infinity Edge Blade". But, when the Infinity Edge Blade was created, it was only at the level of Worldly Divine Rank. It was far weaker than the God Slaying Sword and the second sword that was destroyed. Let alone shattering the Heavens and countering the God Slaying Sword, it could not even be compared to a weapon that was three or four ranks below the God Slaying Sword!"

"The First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement knew what we were thinking. He was on the verge of dying. He told us the reason why the Infinity Edge Blade was so weak. It was because the First Ancient God of Weapon Refinement was heavily injured and could not give his all to refine the weapon. But he also told us that the Infinity Edge Sword not only has all the qualities of Nine Ancestral Dragons, it could also endlessly grow. It could devour other existence and grow infinitely. If it can grow strong enough, it'll not be impossible for the Infinity Edge Blade to shatter the Heavens with a single slash!"

Ye Xiao was shocked beyond belief when he come to about this.

He looked at the Infinite Edge Blade that had completed its devouring and destroyed the Evil Eye of Demon Monarch and was resting on the destroyed Evil Altar. It was also humming as if showing its satisfaction!

Ye Xiao could not imagine that this Infinity Edge Blade, which looked to be on the verge of crumbling, have the ability to endlessly grow stronger by devouring and have qualities of all Nine Ancestral Dragons.

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