Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 828: Contract And ‘Justice’

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Early morning, under the sun.

The golden-armored knight with brown hair and blue eyes was watching the river under the valley. The morning sun cast soft light beams through the hazy mist.

Behind the knight, stood a petite but mature woman. The woman’s appearance was only above average, but there was a resolute temperament in her eyes, which made her look heroic.

The knight closed his eyes, opened them slowly, and exhaled, “I should have guessed.”

The woman didn’t make a sound and just stood quietly behind him while staring at the knight who was not burly, but looked tall at least in her eyes.

“His Majesty Lex has bloodline sensing. If His Highness really dies, even if His Majesty keeps it a secret out of some concerns, there will be corresponding adjustments and actions, especially for those royal family inheritors. In the past few months, there has been no movement. Now I can finally confirm.” Although the knight’s face remained solemn, his gaze revealed an incomparably uplifting light. The decadence of the past few months was swept away, and his spirit seemed to have undergone some kind of qualitative change.

“Since that person… has such a distinguished status,” The woman said, “why didn’t he return to the empire?”

“Ina, the great plan of His Highness is not something you or I can guess. It is certain that it is related to the bizarre disappearance back then, and it is likely to involve the secrets of the royal family.” The knight shook his head slightly, “However, with His Highness’ strength now I think it won’t be long before he can appear in front of those enemies in an unimaginable manner and regain everything that was lost.”

Ina nodded, “Indeed, the strength of that person has reached the peak stage of Saint. He fought with the joint forces of the 3 Orc Kings who are the strongest in the Nightmare Wilderness. The 3 Orc Kings even used Beamon forms. Although I didn’t witness the final result, it was almost certain that he won.”

The strength of His Highness… is maybe more than that. Samuel added in his mind.

As a golden knight of the Dragon Bright Empire, 1 of the 2 dragon empires, he was also a ‘quasi’ dragon knight who had passed the primary screening of the Dragon Valley. He had learned much more inside stories in some areas than mercenary like Ina (business travel). For instance, the Holy Light Mountain related news.

In addition, being able to cancel the ‘Blood Oath of Light’ without being injured might have gone beyond the category of Saint and entered the realm of Demi-God.

“He’s probably going on a very difficult and dangerous road.” Ina bit her lip and finally said what was in her mind, “There is something you may not like to hear, but I still want to say that you have now passed the Dragon Valley’s primary screening and are valued by Lex the Great. Furthermore, the Blood Oath of Light has been unlocked, then…”

Ina was a very smart woman. Although Samuel had been reluctant to say anything related to his ‘master’, she had already vaguely guessed something from some of their actions back then, including the subsequent reactions of the church.

“I know what you’re going to say.” Samuel frowned and interrupted Ina, “In any case, His Highness will always be my master. The contract between me and His Highness is deeply embedded in the blood. Even if the blood oath power has faded, the glory and the oath remain the same unless… my blood is drained.”

Ina said with a bitter smile, “I knew you will answer this. In fact, he saved my life, and I came here on the request of his comrade. Although my words just now seemed ungrateful, you can go ahead and tell him that if he wants, I can return my life to him at any time.”

“You know I wouldn’t say that, and…” Samuel turned his head and shook his head, “Anyway, this time, thank you.”

Ina stared into his eyes and smiled reluctantly, “Should I say ‘you’re welcome’?”

For some people, being polite meant being unfamiliar.

Samuel didn’t dare to look her in the eyes and lowered his head, “I’m sorry.”

“It should be me who should say sorry.” Ina sighed lightly, “I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your engagement ceremony last time.”

“What… are your plans for the future?”

“Recently, the Holy Church seems to have a large army dispatched to the Nightmare Wilderness, and they are in a stalemate with the orcs. Even without this matter, the business of the orcs will definitely not be able to continue. It seems that it is not an easy thing to resume my father’s old business. Fortunately, I made some money from the trade with orcs. I plan to go to the Blue Glory Empire to try my luck. If it really can’t work, I can be mercenary again.”

“Forget the risky life of a mercenary.” Samuel clenched his long sword and finally said, “Actually, you can come to the Dragon Bright Empire.”

Ina’s eyes lit up. She stared at him for a long time, and finally shook her head, “Let’s leave this to the future. I’ll go first, say hello to Joanna for me. I’ll see her when I have the time.”

After saying this, Ina strode forward without looking back. She was walking so fast because she was afraid that if she slowed down, she would change her mind. However, compared to the apprehension when she came, she suddenly felt a lot more at ease for some reason.

Watching Ina’s disappearing figure, Samuel took a deep breath, put away his extra thoughts, and slowly pulled out the long sword from the sheath. The light blue sword had a faint texture like fish scales which seemed ancient and mysterious.

Flying Obliteration: A top-grade weapon of legendary grade crafted by His Highness.

Not only weapons, his strength, glory and even life were bestowed by His Highness.

No matter why His Highness ‘Arthur’ canceled the blood oath, I, Samuel. Kemplot, will follow my oath to always follow His Highness, and clear off all the obstacles that block the way even if the road will be full of blood.

It’s just that my sword is not sharp enough and needs to be further sharpened. I must pass the second round of screening in the Dragon Valley and become a real dragon knight!

The White Star City of Starlight Empire.

Following the arrival of a large number of Light Knights 2 days ago, another group of clergy from the church entered the White Star City. Although the size of this group was not large, it was said that they were all elite judges of the Church Tribunal who came to the White Star City. Naturally, it was to investigate the murder case that happened in the White Star City’s Hall of Light.

This murder case caused a great sensation in the White Star City and the surrounding areas. If the Holy Church hadn’t sealed the news in time, it would have spread throughout the Starlight Empire and the entire human world.

3 mornings ago, at the White Star City’s Hall of Light plaza, dozens of dead bodies were found hanging. Among them was Pastor Keraemia, the head of the church.

The most surprising thing wasn’t Keraemia’s death, but a magical blood letter on the plaza.

The blood letter revealed the various crimes of the female pastor during her lifetime. According to the blood letter, Keraemia colluded with a bandit union in the city and arrested and sexually humiliated a large number of young men and women. The most outrageous thing was that Keraemia would drink the blood from the throat of the girl every day. It was said that she could maintain her appearance and youth by means of a secret method.

These bloody words were by no means baseless because the basement of the Hall of Light had been opened by the ‘murderer’ of Keraemia. It was full of bones, and many imprisoned teenagers had been released.

As for the clergies who did not participate in the evil acts, they were not harmed in the slightest.

The unexpected murder case finally revealed the truth about the disappearance that had plagued the White Star Estate for many years. In addition to Keraemia’s body, there were also accomplices, members of the confidants and the bandits union. Coupled with the teenagers who had been released and returned home, the evidence was conclusive. No one would have imagined that this female pastor with a good reputation turned out to be a bloody devil.

This incident had a bad influence. If the city lord hadn’t sent troops to protect the Hall of Light in time, the Hall of Light would have been torn down by the infuriated citizens.

Starlight Empire’s chief bishop responded in a timely manner. He immediately dispatched Light Knights to the White Star City and urgently reported the Holy Light Mountain to control the situation that was about to worsen.

Starlight Empire, in a remote mansion in Venus City.

“The influence of this incident far exceeded expectations.” Belia raised her glass to Shura opposite, “I have to say that your plan is too marvelous.”

Shura raised the wine cup, “To our new bishop Ms. ‘Soranly’.”

‘Soranly’ was Belia’s pseudonym in the mysterious cult. During the recent siege of the Black Death Follower by the Holy Church, Bishop Angelie ‘unfortunately’ died, and Belia, the big deacon, took over as the bishop.

Belia smiled and clinked glasses with him, “To sir guardian.”

Bishops were equivalent to the civil servants of the church while guardians were military positions. Belia had already recommended Shura, so there shouldn’t be much problem in becoming a guardian.

Belia took a sip of wine gracefully, “Why not kill the innocents of the church? Whether they participated in the Keraemia game or not, for us, every Holy Light member’s life sacrificed means more strength for the god. Our contribution will also increase a lot.”

“No, in this case, we have to play the justice side.” Shura raised a finger, “It is the real ‘justice’ to expose the sins of those clergies, not indiscriminately kill the innocent. We can even distribute the money scavenged by the sinners to the poor in need.”

“Don’t you think this kind of thing is meaningless?” Belia frowned, “Our teaching is destruction, not operating a charity…”

“Have you forgotten the conditions to be the chief bishop?”

Shura’s rhetorical question shocked Belia. She seemed to understand something, and a strange fluctuation flickered in her eyes.

“You’re a bishop now. Although you are a new bishop, you are also 1 of the 7 bishops in the East District who is qualified to compete for the chief bishop position. Remember that promotion mission? Which is to greatly weaken the faith power of the entire Starlight Empire. Right now is the best timing.” Shura seemed confident, “As long as we create the same incidents everywhere, the faith in the Holy Church will drop dramatically, but it’s important to note that we need to expose the clerics who actually committed the crime because facts are the most irrefutable and undeniable. Thankfully, for the rotten Holy Church, such people are by no means rare.”

“That’s right!” Belia’s eyes brightened. “We have to hurry, or other bishops may follow our example.”

“What we need to hurry now is our enjoyment time, the future chief bishop…” Shura stood up with a strange smile, “By the way, your lover named Robbie has already been killed by me. I don’t have the habit of sharing woman with another man.”

Belia was stunned for a moment, then she said indifferently, “That kind of disgust… Just kill him. I adore strong men. If you can continue to be strong, I will be your most obedient woman and partner.”

With a coquettish smile on her face, Belia walked up to Shura, knelt down slowly, and put her head toward something.

The courtyard was soon filled with lustful moans.

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