Cool CEO And His Model Wife

Chapter 420 - The Baby (part 2) The Last .

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Lee Xuiye was feeling uncomfortable but she didn't know that her discomfort turned into an unbearable pain in the next moment and she couldn't help but cry out.

Everyone jolted hearing her painful cries. Mo Lingtan's attention snapped back to her. "Xuiye…"

She was about to fall down but Mo Lingtan sprinted towards her and held her.

"Honey...It hurts…"

Lee Xuiye held her belly in a protective manner as she didn't know why it was hurting so much. She didn't feel like it before.

"Ohhh My God...Look blood!"

"I think her delivery time has arrived."

The guests crowded around the couple and exclaimed. The person was Mo Lingtan's wife so no one dared to go near her to help her. If something bad happened to her because of them, no one knew what Mo Lingtan would do to them.

Thus, it would be better for them to stay away from her.


Delivery time has arrived.

Didn't the doctor give the date for next week?

So how could the baby be arriving now?

While seeing her blood and hearing that his baby was going to arrive, Mo Lingtan's mind turned blank.

A question was constantly repeating in his mind.

'What to do?'

'What to do?'

And his hands were shaking.

"Ahhh…" The pain was becoming unbearable for her.

"Lee Xuiye…"

Luckily, her friends and Mother Li came towards them. "Ohh...My God...Mo Lingtan, we need to rush to the hospital. Now!"

"I will go get the car!" Li Yan said and ran.

"Let me help you to carry her." Yang Rong said.

Hearing Mother Li's words, Mo Lingtan nodded as he got some guidelines and he held Lee Xuiye in his arms and ran outside.

Li Yan was already in the car. Being experienced in this situation, he knew what to do. His other friends also followed suit after them towards the hospital.



"Chang….Chang…" Zhang Wei called out to his wife at the top of his lungs.

"I am here...Why are you shouting so loudly?" Lee Chang-You was concentrating on making her dishes but suddenly jumped upon hearing her husband's call.

"Lingtan has called. Xuiye has been sent to the hospital. I think our grandchild is going to arrive today but isn't it so soon? Didn't the doctor give the date for next week?" Zhang Wei was taking the orders from the customers and at that moment, he got a call about Lee Xuiye's situation. Immediately, he rejected all the orders of the customers by saying that their restaurant was closed today and ran to find his wife.

"Chang...Is some kind of complication going to happen to her?" Zhang Wei was completely freaked out. He had lost his first wife and now he didn't want to lose any close ones, especially when everything was good in his life.

"No! It's common for a baby to arrive early in the first pregnancy. We should go to the hospital!" Compared to him, Lee Chang-You was calm. 

Soon, the couple left for the hospital leaving the work behind to the staff.


Old Mo's Mansion.

"What? Alright, I understand. We will reach there soon!" Mo Mushan put down the phone with a terrific thud and like Zhang Wei, he also called out to his family members at the top of his lungs. "Mother, Qiaolian...Where are you?"

Seeing his grandfather in a freaked-out state, Mo Reng was also scared. "Grandfather, what happened?"

"Your mother has been sent to the hospital!"

"What happened to Mother and the little brother? Grandmother and Grand-Grandmother, Mother has hurt herself!" Mo Reng immediately threw his homework aside and sprinted to call Song Zhilian while Mo Mushan ran towards the kitchen to call his wife.

With that, the Mo Family also rushed to the hospital with Sing Zhilan constantly trying to calm down Mo Reng who seemed to be scared and at the same time, angry at his father. "Xiao Reng, calm down. Your little brother is going to arrive soon. There is nothing to be worried about."

"But, Mother said that little brother is going to arrive next week. How could he arrive so early? It must be Father's fault for not taking care of Mother. I shouldn't have sent Mother alone with Father." Mo Reng frustratingly exclaimed. He knew his Father was jealous of him and his little brother. He swore that if anything would happen to his Mother, he would turn his Father's life into a living hell!

Hearing his words, Song Zhilian and Su Qiaolian couldn't help but want to laugh out loud. However, thinking about the situation, they controlled their laughter.


Hospital T.


The car's tires made a long 'screech' sound, making the bypassers look towards it as a dozen more cars came after it.

"Ahhh…" Lee Xuiye's face had lost all its color in agonizing pain. She never thought it would be so painful.

Looking at Lee Xuiye's face and the amount of blood pooling beneath her, Mo Lingtan's face turned pale. He roared "Doctor! Doctor!"

He was clearly shaken; he had never seen Lee Xuiye in this situation nor was he ever in this situation before.

"Calm down please!" The head nurse said to him and turned to the other nurse "Send her to the delivery room for an exam."

"How could I calm down? Don't you see all the blood? Aren't you going to give her a blood transfusion soon? If something happens to my wife, I'll shut down your hospital and make your life hell!" Mo Lingtan roared at the head nurse.

The head nurse had seen such types of men who were completely in a state of panic, anxiety, especially when their wives were about to give birth, so she remained calm "Mr. Mo, let me assure you that this isn't all blood. It looks terrible when a woman's water breaks and mixes with blood, but it's actually normal."


How could it look normal?

Hearing this, Mo Lingtan frowned doubtfully as he really doubted that this nurse would be capable enough to treat his wife.

He was about to explode at her again but luckily, Dr. Si had arrived and they immediately took Lee Xuiye inside the delivery room.

"I want to come inside as well…." Mo Lingtan also walked towards the delivery room as he had seen in some television dramas where the husband accompanied their wife at the time of delivery.

Although he was scared, he still wanted to be with her.

"Mother!!! Mother!!!" 

At that moment, Mo Reng immediately dashed towards them and was ready to run inside the delivery room but the head nurse stopped him promptly.

"Little boy, you can't go inside!"

"But my mother is inside, let me go!"

"Yes, my wife is inside, let us go!"

"Please! The patient is already scared and you two will scare her off more. Please stay here and don't waste our time!" The head nurse was now having a headache dealing with this pair of father and son.

"Lingtan and Reng, stop right there!" Song Zhilian pulled the father and son away from the door so that the head nurse could go inside the room.


"Enough! Stay here!"

Under the strict supervision of Song Zhilian, they stayed outside but couldn't sit calmly and paced back and forth outside the delivery room.

After 10 minutes.

"Ahhh…." A crying voice came from inside which immediately raised all the hair of the father and son duo.



Again they wanted to dash inside. Mo Reng even began pounding on the door hard. "Mother...let me go inside...."

"Xuiye...Dr.Si, please let me in."

Both the father and son screamed to get inside leaving everyone behind speechless. It was the first time that Mo Lingtan's friends were seeing him in this depressing state that one could say that if he wouldn't be allowed inside the room, he would cry in the next moment.

Well, that would be a billion dollar scene to watch.

"You can't go inside. It is because of you that Mother is inside. You didn't take care of her." Mo Reng accused his father as the head nurse was ignoring his pleas, he would divert his anger to his father.

"How is it my fault? It is your rascal brother who plans to come out earlier than the decided date. Can't he wait for one more week?" Mo Lingtan argued back.

"Ahh…" Another cry came out making the father and son bath in a cold sweat and before they could again run to the door, Song Zhilian threatened them "Enough both of you! If I hear one more word from your mouth then I will throw you out of this hospital. Come here and sit down quietly!"

Sit down quietly?

When they wanted to sprint inside right this instant!

However, looking at Song Zhilian's strict demeanor, the father and son duo did as they were being told.

The clock's needle was clicking as seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours.

However, there was no sign of Lee Xuiye or the baby.

Everyone was patiently waiting for the news but Mo Lingtan and Mo Reng, with the passage of time, were becoming restless.

On the side, Li Yan was constantly giving assurance to Mo Lingtan. "Don't worry, she will be out at any moment."

Mo Lingtan couldn't take it anymore as his patience limit had reached up.

Thus, he immediately stood up to pound on the door. 

"I want to go inside now! Why are they taking so much time? I think there must be something wrong with Xuiye. She needs me."

Seeing his father, Mo Reng also followed suit.

"Yes, Mother needs me. I also want to go inside."

Song Zhilan was really having a headache now. She was already worried about Lee Xuiye and her baby but in addition to that, these two rascals were continuously making a ruckus, making her wish to beat them to death.

"They are giving birth to a new life. Do you think it would be an easy task which would be complete in a matter of an hour?" Su Qiaolian couldn't help but scold her son.

"Still, I want to go inside. What if Xuiye needs me?" Mo Lingtan insisted on going inside.

"You are already shaking, how would you support her? Stay here and stop causing trouble."



Mo Lingtan's gaze sprang towards the door where the head nurse came out in surgical clothes holding a very little baby.

"How is my wife?" Mo Lingtan asked instantly. He didn't care about this little rascal who had caused so much pain to the love of his life.

The head nurse was surprised to hear that the man, even seeing that his baby was here and rather than being happy about the baby, he was asking for his wife.

What a love!

However, the head nurse didn't know that Mo Lingtan didn't ask about the baby because he thought that the new rascal came only to be a hindrance between him and his wife.

So what was there to be happy?

However, when Mo Lingtan heard the nurse's next words, he was dumbstruck as if he was hit by a thunderstorm.

"Your wife is absolutely alright. Congratulations, Mr. Mo, it is a baby girl."

Not only Mo Lingtan was shocked but also everyone was shocked.

The Mo family wanted a baby granddaughter but based on past experience, God always blessed them with the baby boy. So they thought this time would be no different. But who knew that God had planned something different, something big for them.

Here, Li Yan and Yang Rong's faces sullied, hearing that Mo Lingtan was blessed with a baby girl.


Why would Mo Lingtan always be blessed with the things which they wanted?

The world is being unfair to them!

Seeing that no one had moved forward to look at the baby, the head nurse frowned.She hated the families who looked down on girls.

But then…

"Hahahaha... It's a baby girl….Hahaha…. It's really a baby girl…" All of a sudden, Mo Lingtan started laughing like a mad man.

The Mo Family followed suit and laughed happily. Whereas, Mo Lingtan's friends regretted coming here. They came here to hope to give support to Mo Lingtan but reality had changed things to the point where they needed support to overcome from the shock that they were having a monster son while Mo Lingtan was having a sweet cute baby girl.

Their eyes were filled with unshed tears in injustice.

Looking at the happy faces of the family members, the head nurse sighed in relief as it wasn't that Mo Family didn't want a baby girl, it was just that they were too shocked to finally bless the baby girl!

"Mr. Mo…" The head nurse passed the little baby girl to Mo Lingtan.

Instantly, Mo Lingtan's body turned rigid when the nurse put the baby girl into his arms.

The baby girl was very small. Her face was pink with her lips pouted. Her fists were closed tightly.

She was looking just like him.

Immediately, Mo Lingtan's heart melted seeing his daughter.

Yes! She was his daughter.

Now there was nothing more that he could ask from God.

"Let me see her." Mo Reng jumped to show his excitement to see his little sister.

But then the baby girl moved her fists and her body, making Mo Lingtan panic that he forgot to take a breath.

"Wait, she is moving." He was completely freaked out.

"Hahaha...Look at you! Who would say that you are the CEO of Shaan Industries? Give her to me. darling great-granddaughter." Song Zhilan carefully took the baby girl from Mo Lingtan as everyone from Mo and Lee Family surrounded the baby girl. 

Soon after, Lee Xuiye was sent to the ward where she woke up later.

"Xuiye…" Mo Lingtan immediately walked towards her.

"Honey, it hurt a lot. You must treat me better now that I finally give you a daughter." Lee Xuiye cried out when she recalled the pain she suffered and in the end, the doctor had told her that it was a girl.

Then what happened to her son?

Subconsciously, Lee Xuiye was feeling insecure seeing that another girl came in their life who might take away all the affection of her husband.

And now, Lee Xuiye realized how Mo Lingtan had been feeling all this while when she had been giving her affection to Mo Reng.

"Yes. Honey, you have suffered. I will definitely treat you very much better. Thank you honey. I love you a lot." Mo Lingtan held her hands, his black eyes twinkling with joy which brought happiness in her heart as she finally fulfilled her promise to give him a daughter.

Besides, the little girl was her daughter as well.

"Where is she?" Lee Xuiye asked. As what was there to be insecure? When their daughter would marry off with another man one day then her husband's affection would be back to her and only her.

"Here she is." Lee Chang-You entered the room holding her granddaughter in her arms while Mo Reng was following behind her like her tail.

"Honey, help me." Lee Xuiye sat up and Lee Chang-You put the baby girl in her arms. 

Unknowingly, Lee Xuiye's eyes welled up as the tears rolled down. Realizing that her mother was crying, the girl also started to cry.


"Shu...Shu...What happened to my baby, huh? Shu...Shu." Lee Xuiye tenderly murmured and kissed her daughter. "I promise...I will give you the best life."

"Urgh...We will give her the best life." Mo Lingtan corrected her sentence and wiped her tears away as he understood why she was saying this to her daughter.

"Mother, let me hold her for a moment." Mo Reng also wanted to hold his little sister but no one had given her to him. Nevertheless, he knew his mother would let him hold his sister.

And just like he expected. "Come."

Mo Reng immediately zoomed up and sat between Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye while he carefully held his sister in his little arms with the support of his father and mother.

"Mo Luxi." Mo Reng called her name softly and the little girl smiled as if she liked her name.

 ****** The End******

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