Back For My Daughter

Chapter 490 - Jia's Friend!

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"Wow, this is the first time I am seeing him behaving so decisive and careful."

Su Ren thought as he wondered.

'Did he really want to have a sister to take care of?'

But he shook his head and then turned to Ye Qian and Little Jia who was giggling while holding her tiny hand on her lips.

Ye Qian glanced at the little girl who was giggling and felt that there was something quite amusing since the girl was really giggling hard and he had rarely seen her giggle so much.

It could be said that the little girl knew of a joke.

"Jia is everything fine?"

Seeing the little girl's giggle had not stopped till now, Ye Qian asked in worry.

"Yes, yes Papa."

The little girl nodded and then turned to Su Ren who was looking at the two of them.

"Now you don't have to worry of any bad brat bullying you, that boy is pretty tough, if anyone bullies you just ask him to help you out."

"Thank you, Uncle Ren."

The little girl nodded with a bright smile and then turned to Ye Qian.

"Papa, I will go now, the class will start soon."


Ye Qian patted her head lightly before saying.

"Take your friend with you."



Both Little Jia and Su Ren were confused. 

The little girl since she didn't really have someone her as a friend as for Su Ren because there was no girl or boy in front of the entrance most of them were just parents who were also leaving after dropping their children at the entrance.


Su Ren was about to say something when he felt a child on top of his head.

The surrounding was already cold enough and he was quickly able to feel the wind blowing on top of his head but after taking a side glance at the surrounding, he didn't see any movement in the leaves of the plants and felt weird.



That was when he heard a sweet chirping above them.

"What is that?"

The chirping was clearly loud enough that he was sure that it was not a sparrow.

But the moment he looked above, Su Ren's eyes were wide open.

As for the little girl, she was full of smiles as she saw the figure flying high above in the air and waved her tiny hand.

"Wow, what is that?"

"It looked like an Eagle with the powerful cry that it just made!"

"Is it really possible, there are rarely any eagles in this area?"

The people around also looked above and stared to discuss.

"Well who knows, it might just be going back?"

A few shrugged and then walked away.

But the next moment they had disbelief on their faces.

It was because the flying bird whom they had thought of as Eagle was clearly dropping down towards them with a  great speed.

"What is it doing, does it want to die?"

A few people gasped after pondering about how foolish this stunt was.

Even if it was an Eagle who was known as the kind of sky, there was little chance for it to change the direction of its wings when falling at such great speed.

But there was a beaming smile on Little Jia's lips as she saw the EAGLE falling down the sky.

She knew that the bird was not falling down but was flying towards her.

She looked up and stretched her hands high in the air while making a way for the little thing to land.

The people in the surrounding had their eyes on the falling EAGLE so none of them saw the little girl's actions.


A few of them sighed and walked away.

It was of no use for them to feel sad, maybe the Eagle was pretty old and was close to death and due to its age, it would have died while still being in the air and was now falling down the sky.

Some of the parents were also relieved because the gruesome scene which would happen right in front of them would be too gory and it was good that most of the children had already gone into the school.

Many of them thought that this was a natural thing and there was no way that the Eagle would know that it would have died all of a sudden and would fall while flying.

Thinking of this only one thought appeared in their minds.

"No one knows when they will die, not even the King of its kind would succumb to death all of a sudden."

But there were still some who stood at their places while fearing that the bird would suddenly fall on them due to movement in the air and would get harmed for no apparent reason.

It would be easy for them to dodge if they stood still, even if the bird fall upon them.

As for Su Ren, he was also staring at the falling bird with a bit of pity in his eyes.

But all of a sudden he saw that the little girl was smiling at the falling Eagle and had her hands extended as a landing area for the falling bird.

"My little niece, you shouldn't do this."

He said lightly while thinking that the scene was too bad for a little girl as innocent as Little Jia to see it.


The little girl looked at him with confusion and wondered as to what he was talking about.

Meanwhile, Ye Qian who was right beside her smiled wryly and shook his head.

Here almost all of them were thinking that the bird had died which seemed like it was falling and would soon smash into the ground.

But he knew that even if it did, there was no way that it would die.

Was there any way for a Mythical creature like Phoenix to die due to falling down the sky?

If that happened wouldn't the name of the whole species would be smeared and would be laughed upon?


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