After Divorcing, She Shocked the World

Chapter 329 - Cover Your Retreat

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Wu Mei and Li Nanchen were trapped.

They tried to break out of the encirclement several times, but in the end, they were pushed back to the front of the car.

These strong men were doing it on purpose.

Wu Mei finally understood. She quickly leaned against the car door and caught her breath.

Her strength was gradually depleting. Even though they had called the police, these people had no intention of leaving and the police had not rushed over yet.

Li Nanchen stood in front of Wu Mei and turned to look at her. He asked worriedly, "How's your condition?"

Wu Mei raised her eyes and smiled contemptuously. "These people can't beat me."

However, they had no chance of winning.

The bodyguards quickly retreated to stand in front of them and said in a hoarse voice, "Sir, they have backup again."

These people were not capable, but they had the advantage in that they had more people.

Li Nanchen also did not understand. He said coldly, "They all know that we called the police. Why aren't they afraid?"

"Because even if we investigate, we won't be able to find any criminal records. They can say that they provoked the wrong person." Wu Mei naturally found a reason for these people.

An uneasy thought occurred to her. Even if Mother Wu stayed at home, under the protection of her bodyguards, there was no danger. Additionally, she and Li Nanchen were just trapped, but were not physically harmed.

So, who is their real target?

They started fighting again.

Wu Mei braced herself and attacked without hesitation.

The new wave of people were still useless at fighting, but they could stall for time.

Wu Mei's mind finally cleared up and she suddenly blocked Li Nanchen in front of the car. "Nanchen, get in the car first and return to the Li family."

Li Nanchen looked at her in surprise and blurted out, "How can I leave you here alone?"

"You must go back," said Wu Mei urgently.

"I suspect they're going after Grandpa."


Li Nanchen had not figured it out yet, but he also became nervous because of Wu Mei's guess.

In order to ensure Mother Wu's safety, he had deployed a few bodyguards from home. Old Master Li might really be in a dangerous situation.

Li Nanchen did not think further and quickly jumped into the driver's seat.

Wu Mei slammed the car door behind her and waved the wooden stick she had snatched from Li Nanchen's hand. She turned to Li Nanchen and said, "I'll cover your retreat. Hurry up and go back."

Her cold gaze landed on these people, and she mocked rudely, "You can't even defeat a woman. You're really useless men."

These people were enraged and wanted to take Wu Mei as their target.

However, most of the people still remembered their bankroller's instructions. They can't let this couple leave. Hence, they went to block Li Nanchen's car.

Li Nanchen stepped on the accelerator and sped off.

His gaze landed on the rear-view mirror. He immediately saw Wu Mei take down the brawny man who was about to get into the car. After dislocating his arm, she punctured the tires of the car.

Li Nanchen slammed the steering wheel hard, his eyes red.

He will definitely make these people pay the price for their actions.

He rushed back to the Li family's house as fast as he could. However, he was not the only one who arrived at the door. A group of people had arrived.

Li Dongjue stood in front of the villa's main door and tried his best to remain calm. He said to Li Nanchen, "What are you doing? You'll scare Grandpa…"

Li Nanchen grabbed Li Dongjue's collar with one hand and lifted him up.

Li Dongjue's feet left the ground. In shock, he kicked and flailed with all his might. His face gradually turned ashen. "Are you crazy? Li Nanchen, what are you doing?"

"I'm going home, but you're blocking my door. Of course I have to teach you a lesson." Li Nanchen lifted Li Dongjue and strode into the house.

There were a few bodyguards inside, but they were all brought over by Li Zhuo.

When they saw Li Nanchen's actions, they were so shocked that their mouths were agape. They were even more shocked by Li Nanchen's formidable strength.

This is too scary.

"Put my son down." When Sheng Hongfei heard noises, she rushed out and glared at Li Nanchen.

Li Nanchen raised his brows and sneered. "Second Aunt, please make way and let me go home first."

"You! You!" Sheng Hongfei remembered Li Zhuo's reminder to never let Li Nanchen enter the house.

Even if Old Master Li was already dead, as long as Li Nanchen entered the house, the matter would be exposed.

She had to keep Li Nanchen outside.

Li Nanchen exerted more force and Li Dongjue's eyes rolled to the back of his head. He tried his best to turn his head to look at Sheng Hongfei and said with much difficulty, "Mom, save me. Hurry up and save me."

Needless to say, Li Dongjue still wanted to compete with Li Nanchen, but he didn't dare to think about it now.

He was afraid that before Li Zhuo's plan could succeed, he would be strangled to death by Li Nanchen.

Sheng Hongfei braced herself and made way for Li Nanchen.

"Guard this place. Break the legs of anyone who doesn't listen," Li Nanchen said coldly.

"The Li family will pay the medical fees."

The bodyguards that Li Zhuo had brought with him were far inferior to the ones that Li Nanchen had brought back. After hearing Li Nanchen's words, they did not dare to block him with all their might. After pretending to block his way a few times, they then made way for him.

When Li Nanchen strode in, he saw Li Zhuo in the living room.

Li Zhuo was in a bad mood.

He did not expect that although Li Nanchen and Wu Mei seemed to be on good terms, he still left his woman behind and ran back alone.

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